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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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Obviously it's not going to be 'Potter-like' busy, but I'd guess it'll be pretty swamped the first few months at least. (Unless the reviews/word-of-mouth is really negative.)


Not only will it be the newest attraction at USF, there's a nostalgia factor with Kong from the iconic first film and awareness of the IP from the sequels, plus the original ride that was at the Studios.


I don't see people flying in from around the world to ride it, but I think it will do as well or better than the Jurassic Park ride next door.

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So, I found this:

I was not expecting so many animatronics/physical sets. I think it is looking amazing!



You weren't supposed to post that here. . . that Elissa chick set you up!! Run!!




Just kidding; that really looks great- thanks for finding the video and posting it!

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I have a question though... is Kong really a strong IP? It looks incredible but what kind of gate do you expect this to draw?


I'm no park executive but I have a feeling that in the Orlando market they base the success of a new attraction and it's financial return on a lot more than a one time increase in attendance. I mean the Potter effect was somewhat unprecedented but it seems like when a new attraction opens the attendance increases that year usually doesn't exceed the average increase by a considerable amount, by some yes but a lot probably not.


Now when Star Wars opens, this theory will probably be ripped up and set on fire with the rest of the Death Star Killer base or whatever it's called.




Oh and Kong looks really cool, I don't even care if the ride is just a bunch of well disguised video screens I still wanna check it out to just see the environment. I went from really don't much care to really pretty interested in this project.

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This ride area looks outstanding.


I have a question though... is Kong really a strong IP? It looks incredible but what kind of gate do you expect this to draw? Sorry if I'm a bit out of the loop on the Kong ride. I've been mostly avoiding this thread to prevent spoilers but curiosity got the best of me.


While it doesn't have the box office success of other Universal franchises represented in the parks, King Kong is something that's ingrained in western culture. You'd be extremely hard pressed to meet someone who doesn't know who or what King Kong is. That's what they're banking on.

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If it's a quality attraction it'll do fine.



Now they just need to rebuild 'Jaws' as an indoor launched woodie with a 99 degree drop that's been plussed with elements from 'Sharknado'.



That would be cool!


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I was just at Wet N Wild recently and saw all of the slides! I can't believe there was a fire over there! However, Volcano Bay is really shaping up as a lot of slides are already constructed and the volcano is really becoming visible from many areas! Looking forward to see the finished product

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So I went last week to Universal and had a good time.


Mummy-- My favorite ride. I thought it was a ride that had good thrills and was fast paced. Plenty of action! Loved it!


Simpsons-- Good simulator ride. It kept me entertained.


Transformers-- Real good ride. I didn't like it as much as I like the new spider man at IOA but it was still a good ride with good graphics.


Shrek-- I thought shrek was a lot of fun! Plus it was nice to get out of the rainy weather on this one.


Harry Potter ride-- Fun fun ride. i don't know anything about harry potter but it was a good ride and they theme it awesome back there in harry potter land.


Minion ride-- Really enjoyed this one. Great graphics!!


ET-- fun litter indoor ride. Reminded me of when I was a kid.


Men in black-- fun ride! Enjoyed the competitive part of the ride. I just started shooting everywhere since I really didn't know what I was doing lol.


I didn't get to ride the rip ride rocket because of weather


Overall it was a good day at the park. I like IOA better since it has some more roller coasters and I feel like the rides there are a little more extreme. Saying that though, I wouldn't trade my trip for the world. Awesome family time!

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