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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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Does anyone know when the HHN25 map will come out? I heard the Walking Dead will be back in the Parade building. Also, where is this 9th maze of Asylum in Wonderland 3D? Will the Jack the Clown show be where Beetlejuice is?


Btw...today was the last day of the Hulk! See ya again in 9 months Hulk! I can't wait to see the upgrades it gets.

Also, Disaster officially closed today!

It was tweeted out a couple of days ago, the wonderland 3d maze is going in the Shrek building with the entrance somewhere on the backside by Mel's I believe. Jack's show is on a stage built right across from there where the sacrifice by the voodoo queen was last year.


Not the map handed out in park as rides not listed on this version however.

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This made me wish that they have come up with a maze that involves people getting beaten to death with their selfie sticks! Thats something I would pay to go and see.


I approve of this idea so much that I will give you a straight from the city that the real Nina Kleppe lives in!


(*except I'm in Sweden right now, but that's only until tomorrow)

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HHN Director's Cut Commercial Released! I love it!!!



Summer’s over. School’s back in session. My lumbago is acting up. Things are just tough, you know?

But when I caught a sneak peek of the director’s cut of the Halloween Horror Nights 25 TV commercial, I felt like all was right in the world again. Seeing Jack terrorize innocent victims meant that Halloween Horror Nights was just around the corner.

You’ll probably start to see the :30 commercial on your TV, but the full story is right here. To learn more about what went into creating this masterpiece, I headed to see my buddy Troy Scillian, our Executive Creative Director, who helped bring this year’s TV spot to life.

Tell me about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights commercial.

First, working with psychotic killers and a small horde of undead requires extra focus. For the most part, this was manageable as the “talent” were in cages most of the time and the crew stayed behind a protective barrier.


How was working with the undead?

Well, they are inherently not great actors. They just do what they do—try to bite everyone. If it weren’t for our professional wranglers, we never would have gotten the shots we needed. I don’t know how this happened, but we ended up with three more undead and three less production assistants than we started with.


What was it like working with Jack the Clown?

Jack was heavily involved in the development of the script, the location details and even selected our young couple. (We’re not sure where he got them; he just brought them to the set.) The couple were great actors. Very method. Even when the cameras weren’t rolling they remained in character and stayed genuinely terrified.


What is Jack like as a person?

Jack has none of the attitude you’d expect with many celebrities. Our director brought his son, Brandon, to the set and Jack graciously offered to show up for Brandon’s fifth birthday party. He’s just that kind of guy.


How about Chance?

Jack and Chance’s relationship has been well documented in the tabloids, so I won’t go into any of that nonsense. On set, they were nothing but professional. It was Chance’s idea to play a game with the young couple by putting them on the wheel. Jack just kept yelling, “Stop playing with your food.” Then he and Chance would laugh. I never got the joke.


Interesting fact: Jack and Chance don’t require make-up—that saved us a lot of time and money.




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Just a thought; Since its rumored that The Hulk is getting the new LSM launch mechanisms from B&M, would that more than likely mean new trains? And if that's the case could we see the new Vest restraints from the Wing and Dive coasters?

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Just a thought; Since its rumored that The Hulk is getting the new LSM launch mechanisms from B&M, would that more than likely mean new trains? And if that's the case could we see the new Vest restraints from the Wing and Dive coasters?

I mean anything is possible if it's a full retrack, but I believe the new track would have to be wider and then support clearance adjusted also it would have to be a floorless conversion(would essentially be a brand new coaster). If the rumors are indeed true about the retrack and brand new launch system with an updated queue I highly doubt universal would want to spend even more in order to use a new type of restraint. This is just my thinking but no, I'd expect the trains to remain the same or very similar.

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Personally, in the future I would like to see Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit get some upgrades.


I like the way the ride is now...but it can be a rough ride especially if you're not in the front.


I think an indoor queue, new trains, and some more upgrades would do the ride wonders! If Universal ever hops onto the RFID technology, they could incorporate a Test Track like pre-show to choose your own song/music video set. Then go to scan your card and then ride!

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Last night we were invited to the HHN25 preview night, and here's what went down...



Tonight we are at Universal Orlando for the official "preview" of Halloween Horror Nights 25!


About to enter the #HHN25 preview!





Anyone want an HHN25 Sno-Cone?


Here's a look at some costumes from Freddy vs. Jason:




Props & costume designs from Asylum in Wonderland 3D:




Already getting freaked out by American Werewolf in London returning this year:




The annual purge is coming back to Universal! I've got a few people on my list!





Props & set design for this year's Bill & Ted show:




Ok this Insidious stuff is seriously creepy!




Love the look of Psychoscareapy Unleashed!






Who do we need to kill @HorrorNightsORL to let @elissaalvey be the rat lady for a night?


Here's a look at some of the horror design of the scare zones:






Looks like @elissaalvey has found a new husband!



Who wants one of these horrific treats?



"Extra huge wolf puppet added this year" - Charles Gray



Tallest #WalkingDead maze: actors will be in waist-high water. - Charles Gray



Scenes from past mazes & 3 versions of Jack included in Monsters of Mayhem!



Laura says All Nite Die-In will be a "Double feature scare zone." Black & White classic characters then switch to modern color monsters!



Here's the "Rat Lady" cage!


Some of the horror details from Body Collectors:





More Make-up and costume designs for HHN 25:






Jack & Panda getting some HHN 25 make-up!







HORROR FACT! Zombies love brains and chocolate covered bacon!



Zombies also like Glazed Donut Burgers!


Even More monsters & make-up for HHN 25!






Props from some of my favorite HHN icons!



Anthony from Attractions Magazine gets what he deserves!


Jack is... Baaaaaaack! Who wants to hang out and have a beer with this clown?jackHHN.thumb.jpg.5acb813a3afa6858f3a10a29a7721603.jpg




and here's a look at the HHN 25 TV spot!


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I'm so excited for this event! Personally, Jason and Freddy already scare me so I know that maze will get to me. An American Werewolf in London was the first maze where I actually screamed incredibly loud because of how scary it was! The movie Insidious scared the crap out of me so I can only imagine the house...


I can't wait to go this year! Got my express pass all good and ready to go!

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I don't know why but I laughed at the fact Freddy and Jason have name tags.


I can hand on heart say though "An American Werewolf in London" scared the crap out of me as a child so even if I did do scare attractions I wouldn't be doing that at all.


They won't actually have name tags, those are to label what costume belongs to a character (as you can see in the rest of them)

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So excited to see all of the stuff from HHN, outfits and props look amazing!


1st time I'll ever have been to Florida, let alone HHN, so really looking forward to seeing everything! Travelling with my family, but none of them are into horror stuff...


I'll be at HHN on Sunday 4th October, so if you see a scared looking brit stood trembling on his own in a corner somewhere, that'll be me - please come and save me!

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HHN is fabulous this year. The HHN25 house is amazing and well done, as is Freddy V Jason. Bill and Ted has some mediocre dancing this year but it's the same ole' B&T and lots of fun jokes especially at the very beginning. Asylum is one of the best 3D houses in a while, some good costuming and overall design there. American Werewolf is the same house but it's my favorite ever so no problems by me. And Diagon Alley is open!

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I've only watched Attraction Magazine's video of the scare zones, but still, does anybody else think they look kinda not scary? The scream punk fairy tales one looks extremely lame. I mean, most of them are in regular princess/prince outfits, with no creepy makeup whatsoever. The only "scary" one is the witch, and she's still no different then her movie counterpart. The icons one looks cool with its mini-shows and all, but it's not like the characters are coming anywhere near you. The die-in and asylum one look pretty good, but I still feel like they were focusing more on trying to be original than trying to actually be scary.


The houses all sound really cool though, I just wished the scare zones looked as cool.

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^ I gotta say, I've never been a big fan of scare zones. They're like a house concept that didn't make it past the preliminary stage and were just spewed into the world. Not to mention that the vast majority of scare zones I've experienced are a few actors wandering around with very little scenic additions.


When USO had HHN with both parks I was a huge fan of the cornfield scare zone connecting the parks, as well as the Toon Lagoon zone because of the insane amount of foam for the actors to hide in.


Knott's Scary Farm has three scare zones, two of which are pretty crap. Ghost Town, though, is AWESOME!

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The evil roots scare zone is best for the same reasons you described...there's lots of fog to hide in and people actually jump at you when you don't expect it. I feel like the only good scare zones are the ones that force you into the action and set the mood...kind of like houses... Big plus to Orlando this year is that ALL the scare zones are well stocked this year. Tons of actors. Chainsaws are also huge in this year's event. More than I could count.


Went back for night two. As far as best houses, 25 years of fear is in a tier by itself. Is definitely the best. From there is hard to separate the next group, they're all pretty good but not much "never seen before" to this event. I preferred Asylum in Wonderland to most. Run is definitely the worst house though. Nothing in it makes any sense and the sets are boring. I will say that most houses seem to be missing a "grand finale" this year, they just kind of dump you. Great event as always but I might be getting a bit desensitized to it.

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