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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 624: DreamWorks Land passholder preview report!

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So excited to see all of the stuff from HHN, outfits and props look amazing!


1st time I'll ever have been to Florida, let alone HHN, so really looking forward to seeing everything! Travelling with my family, but none of them are into horror stuff...


I'll be at HHN on Sunday 4th October, so if you see a scared looking brit stood trembling on his own in a corner somewhere, that'll be me - please come and save me!

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HHN is fabulous this year. The HHN25 house is amazing and well done, as is Freddy V Jason. Bill and Ted has some mediocre dancing this year but it's the same ole' B&T and lots of fun jokes especially at the very beginning. Asylum is one of the best 3D houses in a while, some good costuming and overall design there. American Werewolf is the same house but it's my favorite ever so no problems by me. And Diagon Alley is open!

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I've only watched Attraction Magazine's video of the scare zones, but still, does anybody else think they look kinda not scary? The scream punk fairy tales one looks extremely lame. I mean, most of them are in regular princess/prince outfits, with no creepy makeup whatsoever. The only "scary" one is the witch, and she's still no different then her movie counterpart. The icons one looks cool with its mini-shows and all, but it's not like the characters are coming anywhere near you. The die-in and asylum one look pretty good, but I still feel like they were focusing more on trying to be original than trying to actually be scary.


The houses all sound really cool though, I just wished the scare zones looked as cool.

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^ I gotta say, I've never been a big fan of scare zones. They're like a house concept that didn't make it past the preliminary stage and were just spewed into the world. Not to mention that the vast majority of scare zones I've experienced are a few actors wandering around with very little scenic additions.


When USO had HHN with both parks I was a huge fan of the cornfield scare zone connecting the parks, as well as the Toon Lagoon zone because of the insane amount of foam for the actors to hide in.


Knott's Scary Farm has three scare zones, two of which are pretty crap. Ghost Town, though, is AWESOME!

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The evil roots scare zone is best for the same reasons you described...there's lots of fog to hide in and people actually jump at you when you don't expect it. I feel like the only good scare zones are the ones that force you into the action and set the mood...kind of like houses... Big plus to Orlando this year is that ALL the scare zones are well stocked this year. Tons of actors. Chainsaws are also huge in this year's event. More than I could count.


Went back for night two. As far as best houses, 25 years of fear is in a tier by itself. Is definitely the best. From there is hard to separate the next group, they're all pretty good but not much "never seen before" to this event. I preferred Asylum in Wonderland to most. Run is definitely the worst house though. Nothing in it makes any sense and the sets are boring. I will say that most houses seem to be missing a "grand finale" this year, they just kind of dump you. Great event as always but I might be getting a bit desensitized to it.

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And just a few other questions...


I know HHN doesn't open all of their houses right when the park opens. Will An American Werewolf in London be opened right away? We are planning to go there first!


Also, in the Jack house...what do they have from like other houses from previous years in there? I heard a portion is from Forsaken.

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Werewolf should be open by 620 each night. But be forewarned, it was the least trafficked house out of any this past weekend. People have seen it before, recently. Insidious/Fvj/25 years/ walking dead had the longest lines. Run is the other house they gets less traffic (probably because it's terrible)


And if you really really reallyreally want it spoiled...25 years had several icons, including caretaker, jack, usher, every classic monster, some woman split in half, the bears from scary tales, the psychoscareapy Christmas house, giggles and gore, Gothic, I think foresaken and a few others I think.

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Last Friday night TPR attended the opening night and media event for Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 25! Take a look at some of the photos & video we tweeted and posted from the opening day! We plan to be back several times during the season so be sure to check our Twitter for more updates!



Ready to experience HHN 25 with us at Universal Orlando? The crowds are building and ready for opening night!



How cool is this Jack the Clown USB drive?



What is your favorite HHN 25 icon? The Director is waiting for you!



At HHN 25 you get creepy babies with your cotton candy!



Time for questions and answers with John Landis and folks from The Walking Dead at Universal Orlando for HHN 25.



The classic Halloween spookiness of the scare zones at HHN 25 Universal Orlando are amazing!



The Bill & Ted stage this year at HHN 25 is very different! What pop culture icons will it have?



Time to experience Insidious at HHN 25! I have a feeling we are going to be terrified!


VIDEO! Insidious maze!



Who is ready to join The Purge at HHN 25 with our New Founding Fathers?


VIDEO! The Purge maze!



Careful... You WILL get stabbed!



The Purge was amazing at HHN 25. Best house of the night so far!



Can anyone guess what movie this creature is from?



RUN at HHN 25 is an awesome throwback to a "killer" 80s game show and this beauty is in it!



Asylum in Wonderland 3-D really took the concept of 3-D houses to a new level. Amazing!



Anytime you have Jason & Freddy in a maze, you know that's a huge win!


VIDEO! Freddy Vs. Jason Maze!



25 Years of Monsters & Mayhem is amazing! Many references to years past and tons of scares.



Some of you might recognize this guy!


VIDEO! 25 Years of Monsters & Mayhem Maze!



American Werewolf in London is back and looks creepier than ever! Don't let them get you!



Body Collectors: Recollections wins the award for most scares of HHN 25 Universal Orlando Holy Crap!



We close our our amazing night at HHN 25 at Universal Orlando with the iconic Mel's DIE-IN. What an amazing event!


We also went back the next day for a bit more HHN 25!



We are back at HHN 25 at Universal Orlando tonight! Which one of these houses should we do first?



Who wants to take this bloody lady to the prom?



Low wait times are a bonus of HHN 25 - Escape from Gringotts is a walk on!



Asylum in Wonderland 3-D is quite possibly the most impressive 3-D maze ever!


Loved the Jack USB drive that Universal Orlando gave us for HHN 25:






An important part of HHN 25 is glowy drinks! This year is the Jack'd Up Carnage. Tastes like cinnamon!



Should we journey into The Further with Insidious one more time?



Thanks Universal Orlando for another great night of HHN 25. 1am or later close time every night rocks!

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I'm in the midst of planning a trip over spring break (it will be packed, I know) but I was just wondering what the chances are that Hulk and Reign of Kong will be open. I know their opening/reopening dates say Summer 2016, but is there any chance that either will be open for spring break?

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Those videos were great, thank you! IMO the Freddy vs Jason house looked awesome as well as the Jack and monsters house. The Purge and Insidious didn't look scary at all to me. Now I don't know whether I want to go this year. Great report regardless though! Thank you

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I'm in the midst of planning a trip over spring break (it will be packed, I know) but I was just wondering what the chances are that Hulk and Reign of Kong will be open. I know their opening/reopening dates say Summer 2016, but is there any chance that either will be open for spring break?


Agreed with what chargersmichael told you. Slim to no chance.

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My advice for HHN would be, as always, to arrive super early and stay late. Really try to only do houses in the first 2 hours. Priority house lines are Freddy V Jason, Insidious, 25 years of Fear, and Walking Dead/Purge. Body Collectors, Werewolf, and Run have been short at the beginning each night, Asylum in Wonderland varies but is a little busy upon opening.


In order, busiest nights are: Fridays, Saturdays, Thursday/Sunday...Wednesdays. If you can go on a Wednesday do that.


Every regular daytime attraction has had pretty short waits. Rockit and Gringotts have hit 30 minutes but everything else at ten or less.


I would say there is a 5 percent Chance that Kong or Hulk is open for spring break next year. All indications are Summer for both.

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