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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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^Only if you can slide into the waiting mouth of a hungry shark like this...


You can do that on an alpine slide in Australia.



Is there nothing sharks can't improve?

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Dates announced for Halloween Horror Nights 25:


ORLANDO, Fla. (March 5, 2015) – By day, guests at Universal Orlando Resort are propelled into some of pop culture’s most iconic and beloved stories – laughing as they experience cutting-edge attractions and screaming as they brave plummeting roller coasters.


But there’s another, darker side to Universal Orlando.


On select nights in September and October, guests sprint away in paralyzing fear. They scream uncontrollably. Their nightmares come to life at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.


Now, guests can be among the first to book a vacation package that combines the excitement of Universal Orlando’s two world-class theme parks by day and heart-pumping horror of Halloween Horror Nights by night.


Consistently ranked the nation’s best, Halloween Horror Nights is the ultimate Halloween event, attracting guests from around the world. From the moment guests step inside the event’s gates, they become a victim inside their own horror film. The streets of Universal Studios Florida are transformed into highly-themed scare zones, brought to life with elaborate scenery and teams of menacing “scare-actors” that lunge from the shadows and tactically hunt guests as prey.


Multiple haunted houses are erected throughout the theme park, rivaling the most detailed and terrifying of movie sets. Once inside, guests shriek their way through an unpredictable, multi-sensory labyrinth based on anything from iconic slasher films to hit horror video games to haunting original stories created by Universal’s Entertainment team.


This fall, Halloween Horror Nights will mark its milestone 25th year as the biggest, longest and most intense in event history. It will run for a record-breaking 30 nights, including the following event dates:


· Sept. 18-19, 24-25, 26-27

· Oct. 1-4, 7-11, 14-18, 21-25, 28-31

· Nov. 1


Details about the newly-announced Halloween Horror Nights 25 Hotel & Ticket Package are available below. Additional details about the event will be announced at a later date. For more information, visit http://www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com/Orlando.


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Seriously cannot wait for HHN25!


Never been before - or in fact to the US either - but will be there for either the 3rd or 4th weekend!


Going on my own for the night, so look out for the English man screaming! Haha!

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Adam, just catching up on the thread. Great stuff on the Potter and Mardis Gras posts!


The Potter event looked awesome for fans of the series. I'm a huge Sir Michael Gambon fan, not really because of Potter or any of his classic work. No, not that at all. It's all about having a Top Gear test track corner named after him, of course.


I'm also hoping that bringing back Kong will mean a return of Jaws in some way in the future. Is it wrong to hope that Kong won't be yet another simulator ride, though? I'm hoping that they go a bit Kong-frontation old school instead of another 3D simulator ride.

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^Only if you can slide into the waiting mouth of a hungry shark like this...


Yeah. That was my idea a few pages back.


Now, what were their names again?


Bruce is the Great White, named after the mechanical shark "Bruce" from Jaws. The other two are Anchor and Chum.

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Well, it looks like one of the Comcast execs slipped up today and accidentally announced Kong for Universal Orlando!



In a fourth quarter earnings conference call, Comcast CFO Michael J. Angelakis stated the following:


“As we continue to invest in attractions, including Harry Potter and Fast and Furious in Hollywood and a King Kong attraction in Orlando, investments in our theme park are driving strong returns.”


What are your thoughts on the idea that a once-lost attraction at the resort is now coming back for a re-boot? Wonder if there might be any chance for a Jaws return in the future?

I would much rather see a new Jurassic Park ride to tie in with the new film coming out this summer.

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Generally speaking, most movie based attractions come out after the movie. Usually its depending on how successful the movie is or how people resonate with it. From what I "hear", some jurassic park attractions are on the waiting table. I heard they were green lit before Kong took their place. Now its just a wait and see game...

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The outer building for the Kong ride is basically finished. I wouldn't put hopes up for it opening before Christmas 2015 but that's a possibility, I'd say no later than April 2016 on it.


And for anyone wondering, there are giant Volcanos of dirt being pushed around at both the Sapphire falls location and for Volcano Bay, the Volcano Bay one is already about 50 feet high.

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