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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Bride of Frankenstein & Texas Chainsaw Massacre HHN houses announced!

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My family got a package with one-day one-park ticket to UO. We decided that we wanted to upgrade to a one-day two-park ticket with Express and apparently you can only upgrade your ticket at the park.


Does Express normally get sold out before the park even opens? (we are going on the last Sunday in July)


How early should we get to the parks to exchange our passes and still get into the park at opening?

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^It totally depends on the day of the week and the time of the season. On a peak day, Express can surely sell out (despite the fact that the price for Express increases on peak days), so if that's your main angle, see about calling guest services again to make sure you can't upgrade your ticket over the phone.

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As promised, I've got a follow-up[date] focusing entirely on Universal Studios Florida's Springfield Fast Food Boulevard. That means I've got lots of food photos to share, so if you're a foodie like me, you'll want to get here ASAP!


Outside of Fast Food Boulevard, themed facades present an idea of what you'll find inside.


It appears that one of my Tapped Out friends decided to graffiti my Moe's Tavern.


As you'll see inside, Moe's Tavern is a faithful recreation of the iconic hangout from the show.


Cletus' Chicken Shack is an original dining concept developed specifically for Universal Orlando, not previously found in the show.


Inside of Moe's Tavern you'll find an authentic representation of the bar, modified to include additional seating for dining patrons. Notice the pool table dining table is an actual pool table with a glass top!


There is a free Love Tester in the corner of the venue that works! I was apparently Love Lorn.


Moe's Tavern serves all of the speciality drinks from Fast Food Boulevard and no other beverages. That means that you can get all three kinds of Duff beer (Duff, Duff Lite and Duff Dry) along with the Flaming Moe and other non-alcoholic specialty beverages.


They even have custom taps for the Flaming Moe!


There's an out of order jukebox, that I assume is also from the show.


Like in the queue for The Simpsons Ride, the Fast Food Boulevard food court features a special collection of food-related clips from the show.


The main seating area features a huge mural showing off the many zany citizens of Springfield.


The Krusty Burger dining area features an odd "evolution of the Simpsons" mural.


Anyone remember Project Fish?


Lisa's Teahouse of Horror is the first stop in the food court booths, although you can pick and choose from any of the locations and check out in the central location.


The new venue feels totally different than the former International Food & Film Festival quick service location that was here previously.


The full menu from Lisa's Teahouse [of Horror].


Luigi's features several different types of pizza for the less adventurous eater.


If you like meat, there's a pizza for you.


And I have to say, for quick service pizza this was pretty good. The sauce pretty much made it for me!


The Frying Dutchman (my favorite of all of the food booths) offers up a great collection of fried seafood.


Fans of the show will recognize this sign!


For those looking to try everything, there is the Basket O' Bait, but I strongly recommend skipping everything else by going directly with the Basket O' Calamari.


A look at the seafood spread...


Cletus' Chicken Shack offers a wide variety of poultry items.


Care to try some "chicken thumbs?"


Krusty Burger offers the most unique takes on quick service hamburgers and hot dogs I've seen.


See what I mean?


Moving on...


Flaming Moe's is a booth made specifically for specialty beverages.


I've now tried all of the specialty drinks on the menu except for Duff Lite and Duff Dry.


A look at the setup behind the counter.


Yay Flaming Moe's!


A Flaming Moe in the making...


At the checkout counter you have the option to get freshly baked specialty cupcakes or the killer Lard Lad "The Big Pink Donut."


My first meal in Springfield consisted of the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich (from Cletus' Chicken Shack), a Buzz Cola and a Flaming Moe.


This is delicious!


I suspect Buzz Cola is a mix between Coke Zero and cherry syrup... And it is very good!


Here is the Mt. Swatzwelder Apple Drink... I'm not a fan of anything with tea in it, but this was great!


On the left is the Groovy Grove Juice and the right is the Mr. Teeny.


The Basket O' Bait is served as an extremely generous portion!


The Krusty Burger was pretty solid too!


I haven't had the chance to try the Double Batter Chicken Platter yet but it looks pretty good.


They have Elissa-friendly food here too!


Universal Executive Chef Steven Jayson is behind all of the amazing food and beverage options that have been added to Springfield.


Enjoying a Flaming Moe...


And some cupcakes.


And "The Big Pink Donut" to send me into a food coma... I think I'm done.

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Thanks for the food report, Adam.



The E-ticket rides like Transformers and Forbidden Journey are great, but it's additions like Springfield that really makes the park. ...Really brings it all together, feels more complete.

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I had the chance to visit Universal Studios Florida last week and I loved the fast food place. Kudos to Universal for bringing not only amazing rides but also amazing and tasty food like butterbeer and the themed stalls at the Simpsons area.


I ordered a Krusty Burger, which had side curly fries. I also got a Flaming Moe and it was so cool having the smoke coming out of the cup for a good 10 minutes. I think the drink will become popular over time, although I reckon that it is a bit overpriced, given the amount of drink that you get.

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Awesome update! I am extremely impressed by how much you ordered! It looks like they've done a great job with the area. I really like all the options and what they're called. I'll definitely be visiting the park next time I'm in the area.


Also, why am I not surprised at all by this?


There is a free Love Tester in the corner of the venue that works! I was apparently Love Lorn.


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Thinking of Powersauce bars also made me think of Homer climbing Mount Murderhorn. Which made me think of how awesome it would be if Universal made a coaster themed to the Murderhorn. It could be like Expedition Everest except with Sherpas and the train could be themed to look like the frozen dead guy that Homer rode down the mountain. Oh well, a guy can dream I guess.

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^^The people that stay at Universal Resort's hotel get to go into the park an hour before opening so I would recommend staying at their hotel if you want to get everything done before the crowds come in.


Don't they also get fast pass as a perk?

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