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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

p. 624 - New Epic Universe details, including Isle of Berk!

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Great video Robb, I'm surprised they let you take that much footage of a "new" show.


The show looks great, seems like they've kept a lot of the old classic bits and added some new high tech stuff, I can't wait to get down there and see it.


Did they still have the rotating carousel man statue thing in the front of the theater like before? That was always a cool scene, hope they kept it.


Edit: For anyone in the Orlando area still in school, the Blue Man Group offers an incredible student discount. If you go to box office in person the day of the show you can buy two tickets per college ID for that nights show for $34 a piece, kind of how a lot of theaters in NYC do their Rush tickets. The tickets are subject to availability of course, but i would like think that there would be plenty of tickets available for most week nights shows during the off season, check it out.


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Great video Robb, I'm surprised they let you take that much footage of a "new" show.

Trust me, so were we! But they encouraged us to take video, and you normally are not allowed to take video of the show. I didn't include everything "new" in the video as to not ruin all of the surprise, but I was honestly impressed with the whole ending bit! In person, it was kinda surreal.

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They did this same show when they were in Seattle last year.


I loved the giant iPhone skit and the finale was mindblowing. I was enthralled by the giant glowing balls. The people on the mainfloor kept bouncing them up to us in the balcony. For a brief moment my partner and I felt like giddy little kids. When it was over we were all "Boy...I'd hate to be the guy who has to clean up that mess everynight."

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Is....Is that somebodys esophagus?


Yes. They go into the audience with one of those fiber optic cameras and pick a person at random (I think).


Since I was up in the balcony (not at this particular venue but in Seattle) I don't know if they actually crammed it down his throat but it was pretty...umm... gross yet funny at the same time.

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Since I was up in the balcony (not at this particular venue but in Seattle) I don't know if they actually crammed it down his throat but it was pretty...umm... gross yet funny at the same time.


If I recall correctly, they don't actually stick it down their necks...


I remember watching a 'behind the scenes' type thing where they said they agree with an audience member before the show to be a part of the show but, they cut into video where a scope being used in a medical experiment, it's rather seamless as it goes dark on the screen when the audience member closes their mouth and that's the point where the video plays.

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I caught the Blue Man Group in NYC years ago, and the theatre was filled with talk tubes--each seat in the audience had one. That's how they asked if people wanted to particiapate in that version of the show.

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We will not sell alcohol, but it is allowed. However, there is no smoking while on the course. We will have a discount for AP holders. We have a tournament idea in the works, but it is a long way down the road. We are focused on getting the course ready for all of you!


2/29 is not an opening date. That is the latest date that we will open. We could open earlier. We will set a tee time in person, but not over the phone.


We have two holes left to finish, but that should be completed tomorrow. There are also numerous special effects to be completed and fine tuned, as well as lots of small details and touch ups.


Hopefully, the group in front of you has finished the hole before you are ready to play. When that doesn't happen, we have a staff member on the course to encourage slower groups to allow faster groups to play through and diffuse any problems. Also, there is no dull moment out there. It isn't like waiting in line for a coaster, you are already on the attraction!

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I could see this golf course being a success as there are tons of golf courses in the Orlando vicinity. Having the golf course on Universal property will put a much higher chance of success. Also, the low maitenance fees should give Universal a good amount of profit.

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Is Hollywood Drive-In Golf a third party vendor? . Huge respect to them for using social media correctly. I love when a company communicates with their customers and answers questions or responds to concerns. I look forward to playing a couple rounds next time I'm there.


chris "they are doing it right" con

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Hey everyone...went down to Universal Orlando today to get an update on all the work going on at both parks. Was able to take a peak behind the walls in Amity, and I'll warn you, it's not pretty. If you were a huge fan of Jaws...you might not want to read this update!


The new Hollywood Drive-in Mini Golf, which is supposed to open this week in Citiwalk, looks pretty much "done!"


All the courses now have been filled in, and all the theming seems to be in place.


This honestly looks like a lot of fun and should be a great addition to Citiwalk!


Many of the holes look quite elaborate!


Looking forward to checking this out over the next week or two...


Looks like fun!


Ain't nothing creepier than a 40 year old man taking a photo with Dora the Explorer! You're welcome!


Looks like the frame of Gru's house at Disciple Me is really taking shape!


What do you think? Should we stick around for the taping? ;)


It sure isn't Fourth of July in Amity anymore! Jaws fans take note...the next few photos may really bum you out!


The buildings in the Amity area are either being demolished, or looks like they are being prepped for their demise.


"Amity 6 to Base... Base? Come in Base? Base? Are you there???"


There are still a few buildings standing...but the rest of the ride seems to be totally wiped out!


Just a few weeks ago, Jaws look like this.


Today, it looks like this.


You can see the old maintenance building in the background.


Another shot of the rubble that used to be Jaws.


More piles of Jaws.


Some of the Amity buildings getting ready to die.


More pics of buildings and stuff....


More random Amity demise...what do I see in the background?


Ooooh!!!! Extreme close up!


So yeah...Jaws is gone. I'm bummed...but hey...maybe the new ride will be even better?


I rode Transformers a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty good! I don't think Transformers is going here, I just didn't have a better caption to write.


Want a Nathan's hot dog? TOO BAD!!!!!!


Here's what Amity used to look like. Guess what? It don't look like that no more!


Jaws is gone, but Fear Factor Live is still going strong! Oh, the irony! ;)


Rode Men in Black today. Still one of the best rides in the park! (Thank you Dave Cobb!)


Hulk was running....yeah...ok, I only have this picture here because if I don't have at least one roller coaster photo in an update, I'll get yelled at by the coaster geeks. So there you guys go. Suck it up.


Oh, no! Who stole Spidey?!?!


We heard a rumor this may soft open mid-March. Anyone heard anything? Or are our sources insane? (We think they are!)


This is where the 560 foot tall, 200 MPH Intamin rocket coaster is going.


Did this area get touched up recently? Because it looks a lot brighter than it used to. Either that or I got dumber...which is entirely possible.


I swear last time I was here this section was looking a bit more faded. Well, it looks good now, I guess...


Internet access AND mobile phone recharge? This I like!


"Mac and Cheese!" ;)


We took a quick look into the Wizarding World.


Forbidden Journey is still my favourite Harry Potter ride! I love it! (even though I still don't quite know what's going on!)


Look, people will hate me for saying it, and I know it's a hat, and it means something, but this still looks like a talking poop to me!


I'm told this building has been marked for demolition.


They are also going to implode this tent.


How long do you think this guy has to live?


DO NOT IGNORE THE SUBTLE CLUES!!!! Universal is clearly telling us here that Jurassic Park is the next attraction to go! ;)


Was a great day at Universal Studios. Looking forward to all the changes and new stuff happening in 2012!

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heh, just noticed in the rubble you can see part of the old doors that used to be the entrance to the queue. Take a look...


jaws7a.jpg.cddd5d711a5e737a6bca7659755579e7.jpgThat piece used to be here....



As the part that says "Dauntless Boatworks"


Doesn't look like they spared anything! Oh, well.....

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They are also going to implode this tent.


By implode, do you mean fold up and move across the park?

No, I mean like dynamite, explosions, and bunny rabbits! It will be a spectacle of insane proportions! Tickets go on sale Tuesday.


Well in that case, maybe it will be replaced with fluffy fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo.

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