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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 624: Stella Luna and Terra Nova resort details released!

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Also....anyone think of this possibility.


The Jaws area gets converted to "London." It fits in with the whole city theme going in USO. Also it complies with the rumor that the train would connect the two parks. "Diagon Alley" would be in USO and London and you would board the train to go to Hogwarts. If they are doing it...its pretty genius.

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Also....anyone think of this possibility.


The Jaws area gets converted to "London." It fits in with the whole city theme going in USO. Also it complies with the rumor that the train would connect the two parks. "Diagon Alley" would be in USO and London and you would board the train to go to Hogwarts. If they are doing it...its pretty genius.



Yes, it is possible and first discussed in this thread on December 2nd. Please feel free to click on this link to see where the conversation started and learn what others think about the possibility of a train.

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^Yep--Disney has been milking their characters for a lot longer than Universal, but they've also done a better job of marketing their characters to the public.


Whether you like Harry Potter or not, I think the franchise has legs and will stay "relevant" for quite some time. Just because the movies are finished doesn't mean that the fanchise is "dead."

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Is the a train from IOA to USF really the leading belief right now? I'm sure it's been discussed to death by now, but IMPO the cons definitely outweigh the pros.


Has any other theme park done something like this, where they have a seperate section of one park located in an another?



Cons? What cons? It's a brilliant sales move: buy the park hopper ticket or you don't get the full Harry Potter experience.

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Travelers aren't yet showing any signs of chocolate-frog fatigue.


Comcast Corp. said Wednesday that sales at NBCUniversal theme parks rose 4 percent during the final three months of 2011, propelled by higher per-guest spending at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.


Combined revenue at NBUniversal's theme-parks business, which includes licensing fees from overseas parks in Japan and Singapore, totaled $498 million for the quarter, up from $478 million during the same period a year ago.


That capped a year in which theme-park revenue surged 24 percent to $2 billion.


As they have for a year-and-a-half now, Comcast and NBCUniversal executives credited the growth to the continued popularity of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and a King Kong attraction in California, both of which opened in mid-2010.


"This segment had a terrific year," Comcast Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer Michael Angelakis said during a conference call with analysts.


NBCUniversal earlier this year announced plans to build a second Harry Potter attraction in California and expand Wizarding World in Orlando, though details remain vague.


Excluding accounting changes and costs related to acquisitions — which included purchasing 100 percent ownership of Universal Orlando in 2011 — operating cash flow for NBCUniversal's parks segment was essentially flat in the fourth quarter at $191 million. But operating cash flow, a measure of profitability, was 41 percent higher for the full year, at $835 million.


Theme parks are the smallest of NBCUniversal's four main segments, contributing about one-tenth of the entertainment conglomerate's $21 billion in total annual revenue. NBCUniversal also owns cable- and broadcast-television networks and a movie studio.


Philadelphia-based Comcast acquired a majority stake in NBCUniversal from General Electric Co. a little more than a year ago.

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Today, Theme Park Review attended the VIP media event at Universal Studios Orlando for the re-opening of the new Blue Man Group show. The photos below do not do the show justice. Check out the video below, if only for the last 10 minutes to watch the insanely crazy grand finale, and as the press kit boasts, the show has beefed up the "WOW" factor, and they ain't kidding! Check it out....


Click the YouTube video link to watch it in HD!


Today was the VIP media event for the new version of the Blue Man Group show at Universal Studios Orlando!


Check out the lobby area for the Blue Man Group theater.


Inside the theater for the Blue Man Group.


This show sure has a lot of balls!


Blue Man Group Co-Creator Phil Stanton introduces the new show.


The show has a "theme" of social networking, mobile devices, and the amount of time we all seem to spend on these things running throughout the entire show...


Honestly....it was quite funny! The show was by far more "PG-13" than I was expecting...but I really liked that aspect of it!


Rockin' out with the Blue Man Group.


One handed fist pump!


Does anyone know what body part that is? ;)


Still rockin' out with the blue dudes....


Now things are getting trippy!


LOL! "Wait for me!!!!" as two blue men take off on Rip Ride Rockit!


The use of imagery, lighting, and digital effects was waaaay over the top.


They did this whole bizarre skit where they took an audience member backstage and made him "blue."


The grand finale started with every "butt" reference you could possibly think of. It was honestly hilarious! (watch the video!)


The ending of the show was absolutely crazy! They released these insanely HUGE "beach balls" and created what could easily be the worlds largest indoor rave/party/craziness! (watch the video!)


The light-up giant beach balls, the rockin' sound track, streamers flying everywhere, the theater went absolutely crazy! (watch the video!)


It really was crazy! (watch the video!)


Thank you Blue Man Group!!! The new version of the show totally rocked the house! Blue Man Group is the perfect way to cap off an awesome visit to Universal Studios Orlando! Easily the best show in Orlando.


After the show Phil Stanton talked a bit about the show... “Many of our audience’s favorite pieces, including ‘Paint Drumming’ and ‘Gum Balls/Marshmallows’ will continue to be a part of the production – and yes, the first few rows will still need to wear ponchos,” added Phil Stanton, Blue Man Group co-founder. “But we have developed some brand new elements of the show that provide a larger-than-life, rousing, interactive experience that I hope will really speak to all cultures and give some of our most devoted fans a new reason to check us out again.”


And yes! We even got to hang out with the Blue Man Group!!!


Oh, yeah...this is what the theater looked like AFTER the insane finale!!! Holy crap!!! Blue Man Group must be seen to be believed!


In other Universal Orlando Resort news...the new mini-golf is looking closer to being finished!


I hear this should be opening in just a couple of weeks! Looking forward to it.


What a fantastic use of this space!


With Blue Man Group, Mini-Golf, New Spider Man, Despicable Me, the parade and the water show, it's going to be an awesome 2012 for Universal Orlando!

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I saw Blue Man Group in Boston about six years ago and I regret passing up BMG the last time I went to Universal (though my mission was to get my last rides on Jaws). By the pics and video, it looks to be up there with the same caliber as my experience in Boston, maybe even better. Thank you for the report, I now have a new mission for the next time I visit Universal!

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I have never seen any form of a Blue Man Group Show but it certainly does look like a visual assault on the senses.


And the golf course really is a fantastic use of space! Thanks for the report, Robb!


Get there and see them!


Love the new show, saw the new touring version of the stage show in Cleveland, it was very similar but still had some different things. I'm making this a #1 priority when I'm in Orlando next!

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Saw BMG in Chicago last summer. I honestly thought that the finally was quite funny and awesome! Did this show have the "modern plumbing" section? That was hilarious, IMO.


Yes, the new show has an updated version of Modern Plumbing and Drumbone. It also has the Gumballs and Marshmallows, Paint Drumming, the Feast, PVC IV, and many other "classics".

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I've seen BMG in Vegas three times and each time they were a bit different (Once at the Luxor, twice at the Venetian), I love that keep updating the show (although I cannot eat twinkies anymore... ever...) and I'd love to catch this version of the show when I'm next out in Orlando!

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I've never been to BMG due to this and that reason, but it looks really cool.


As a former self proclaimed Putt Putt grand master champion, I'm glad to see a new course opening! Something new to conquer here in town! Anyone up for a game? loser buys drinks at Cigarz! Holy cow... Putt putt that close to the bar, I see a lot of Putt Putt drinking games in the future!

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