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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 624: Super Nintendo World unveiled!

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And from a "fun" perspective, couldn't you enjoy Forbidden Journey even if you didn't know the story? Sure I wasn't a huge fan of the awkward ride transitions, but the overall ride was still really fun and exciting. A member of the general public doesn't look deep for a ride's story, but focuses on what the ride actually does, and what they experienced.

I know a lot of people, including myself, who strongly disagree with this.


Forbidden Journey is one of those rides that attracts GP and enthusiasts alike because of its unique ride system and theme.

Strongly disagree.

If you weren't a Potter fan and neither was your friend, but your friend went and raved about Forbidden Journey, would you most likely go and give it a chance? Most likely yes.

I gave it a chance. Two, in fact. And I don't ever feel the need to ride it again. I'm not a comic book fan either, but I don't mind riding Spiderman. I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I like Star Tours. I actually HATE Winnie the Pooh, but I absolutely love Pooh's Hunny Hunt. Why is that? Forbidden Journey, and the land itself does a horrible, awful job of telling anyone who doesn't know about Potter anything about the franchise or the story. It assumes that anyone who enters the area is fully educated in the Potterverse, thus leaving most people who aren't in the know, totally confused. To me, the ride and area is just a bunch of silly "unicorns and fairies", and it doesn't do anything to even try to invite me into that world. Why do I want to stand in line for two hours to buy a stick? I dunno. The land doesn't give my any insight as to why I should be doing that. Fail.


After my first visit to Wizarding World, someone asked me "What did you get out of the land?" and I responded "I guess the characters live in a castle, drink butter and fight some kind of sheet monster?" I honestly had no clue. The sad part about all of this is, since I'm someone who has never seen any of the movies or read any of the books, Wizarding World, in theory, should be the perfect vehicle to introduce me to Potter, and try to get me hooked. It completely fails at doing this. I'm actually surprised JK Rowling even let that happen. If anything, Wizarding World turned me OFF from wanting to know more about Potter as it had that "You're not a Potter fan? F**k you! You don't belong here!" vibe, and I thought that was really lame.




I completely agree with your assessment of Forbidden Journey, Robb -- and I'm a HP fan for the most part, but the FJ ride is kinda dull for me. I personally think they are milking the HP franchise to death with the upcoming expansion -- and would have rather seen a different movie theme for their cool "Spider-Mummy" dark ride plans.


I know the new dark ride will be technologically amazing -- but HP is plain getting overexposed IMO. I'll probably spend more time at Disney's "Avatar" land to protest

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I just want to see their patent for the coaster/moving track piece simulator hybrid come to life, so if that's what this is than I'm really excited. And for the non-lovers of FJ because of its inability to express the story to non-fans, a Gringotts ride should be able to accomplish that a lot more - it's much easier to understand a mine cart ride through a wizard bank than it is an entire highlight reel from all the movies and books.

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I might just have to type up an essay explaining the story behind FJ, so non-HP fans can understand what is going on.


I think you've completely missed the point.


I have NO desire for the fantasy crap labeled as "Harry Potter". I've already made the mistake of seeing the first movie years ago, and was forced to sit through the last movie with the family on Thanksgiving. Both were poorly acted, intelligence lacking, and absolutely predictable.


So for me, a theme park goer, I would like a ride that makes sense. Spiderman, (though I'm not a fan of the comic, or the movies), tells an excellent story, followed by a fantastic ride. Learning through the queue what the ride is about, made it that much more enjoyable. Random animatronics and visual tricks, without telling a story are useless.


I don't want to read, and "learn how" to enjoy a ride. I want to enjoy the whole ride experience, beginning to end. Otherwise, I'll just go out and join "Theme Book Review"


It's like going to ride an SLC, and having to sit through a training video on how to ride it.

(and YES, this does exist - right Elissa?)



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Overall, it is going to be nice to see something new in the park regardless of what it is. Granted, a major attraction like this is even better. Guests are always wondering what is new since their last visit. Even if they ride it and didn't enjoy it, it is still a new experience.


Maps dated Jan 3rd - 7th show no more Amity but it does look like Fear Factor Live is going to hold on for a while.


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Universal Studios' Revenge of the Mummy and E.T. Adventures rides malfunctioned with park guests aboard Sunday evening, requiring about 24 riders to be evacuated by Orlando Fire Department.


A park official said technical difficulties caused both rides to come to a stop within minutes of each other shortly before 6 p.m.


"The system noted that there was a problem and that it should not continue," said Alyson Lundell, a theme park spokeswoman. "It's programmed to stop running at that point and that's what they did."


Lundell said 12 people were evacuated from a single vehicle that was about 10 feet off the ground on the Revenge of the Mummy ride. Another 12 were evacuated from a single vehicle on the E.T. Adventures ride. Other guests were unloaded from the loading platform, she added.


Lundell said the rides were reopened about 8 p.m. after about an hour-long inspection and testing.


Lundell said no one was hurt or requested medical treatment.

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EDIT! I've added pictures from Jaws' closing day - January 2nd, 2012. Enjoy....


Here's a few pics and a video from our "last ride" on Jaws today at Universal Studios Orlando...


TPR's "Last Ride" on Jaws! - Filmed on Jaws' final day of operation - January 2nd, 2012.


Next...an even more comprehensive video! This video features two complete ride-throughs with different Skippers. Shots of the queue area, Amity, and the fake commercials they played in the queue. Enjoy!


Today, one of these three attractions will close. Can you guess which one?


So sad ... Everyone going to Potter. No love for Jaws!


Yay! One of about Twelve people here at Universal's opening for a final ride on Jaws


Today is the last day you'll see Jaws on the park map!


Hooray! One die-hard Jaws fan has finally shown up! Ericka says "I'm riding all day!"


Jaws is OPEN! Although nobody is here. How tragic! Where is everyone???


Time for TPR's final Jaws ride!



The Jaws skippers were handing out beads to celebrate their final 4th of July!


Thanks to Jacob for being our skipper for TPRs final rides on Jaws!


Jacob pulls up for our final boat tour around Amity.


One last look at Amity. The ride still looks as good as it did the day it opened. Sad to think that after tomorrow, all this will be gone.


Oh, noooo! Looks like Gordon seriously got F'ed in the B!


Jacob is a stud when it comes to the grenade launcher!


I really hope there isn't any shark in here...


OMG!!! SHARK!!!! In a house? How silly!


Jacob tells us not to worry, there are not going to be any more plastic sharks attacking us!


SHARK!!!! Jacob, you lying bastard!!!


Explosions made any ride AWESOME!


The water is on fire!!! Jacob says we're gonna for it. He's clearly insane!!!


We're just gonna hang out by this partially burnt special effects barge. This should be safe!


SHARK!!!! OH F**K!!!! SHARK!!!!


Jacob is about to kick some serious shark ass!!! (Ps. Is it just me or does Jacob look EXACTLY like that guy from





"That's disgusting!!!"


All water effects were on Jaws today! Left side of the boat got soaked!!!


Goodbye Jaws. We will miss you. Please do us all a favor and bite Harry Potter in his magic wand!


Here's some more photos of Jaws....


If we read into the subtle clues here, Jurassic Park is the next ride to close!


Dude, get with the program...you ain't makin' it to 4th of July!


I'd like a poster of this in my office!


Yup, we are in Amity!


One of the final times you'll see this sign.


"I'm here to take one of my final rides on Jaws!"


I don't have any heart conditions and I'm not expecting my mother, so I'm good to go!


Let's take a last look at Amity....


One day this will all be unicorns and fairies!


Just past the lighthouse, there is some serious s**t going down!


Here's where the Jaws boats go to sleep...I mean die.


Our Jaws skipper for this ride will be Alyssa! Hello Alyssa!


Alyssa says "I hope you like me because I might need a job soon!"


Poor Gordon....now you're really dead!




I love a woman with a grenade launcher!


Uh...oh....whenever a ride goes into the dark...bad things happen.


So weird that the boat won't start...must be an Intamin...




Fire and explosions make any ride AWESOME!


Oh, no! A wall of fire! How will we ever get out of here?




Good thing that special effects barge is there to protect us.




"Is this tuna dolphin safe?"


Thank you Alyssa for saving us! You were a kick-ass skipper! Good luck on your job hunt!


Here's a few of the area signs that will soon be removed.


Yup, it's a sign.


Hi, you're a sign....for like...another day.


Mom's will soon be dead.


Behind that gate is the entrance to another world...


More signs.


Gonna have to find a new place for a HHN maze!


Overflow queue house.


Another look at the queue house.


Because the world needs more photos of an empty, soon-to-be-demolished queue house.


When I look at this...I swear I can smell a chainsaw guy...


Yup, no one gave Jaws any love today. :(


The entrance sign to Jaws.


More overflow queue.


More entrance signage.


Yay! Capt Jake and Sharkey!!!!


Gone forever!


Anyone want a boat? It's for sale cheap!


This time it's PERSONAL!


Here's some shots of the Amity area.


Get ready for more Potter!


Wave goodbye to all this stuff.


More Amity.


All paths lead to nowhere.


Poor guy...


Guessing this will end up in Citiwalk or some other photo op in the park.


Perhaps one day we'll be able to get a Butter Beer here?


Buy your Jaws crap while you can!


Soon to be... Potter Dogs!


I'll admit it...I'm bummed that Jaws is going...I'll actually miss this ride...especially during Horror Nights! It was always kind of a tradition... SHARK! SHARK! SHARK! SHARK!!!!


One final look back at Amity before Universal waves it's magic wand and it becomes something else...


Jaws - 1990 - 2012 - R.I.P.


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Watching those vids bummed me out... Jaws will be missed. They don't really make rides like this anymore. You can tell by the expressions of the other people on the ride that there's still that element of surprise and everyone's having a good time.


Not that I'm not into rides with cutting edge technology, but the live element and fairly simple idea of the ride can prove just as effective sometimes--it sort of gives that "I'm in the movie" feeling.


I know they're definitely nailing the "in the movie" feeling with the WWoHP, but I wish they weren't using up so much space dedicated to this particular franchise. Oh well.

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If we read into the subtle clues here, Jurassic Park is the next ride to close!


I haven't been on this thread until recently so excuse me if I missed it before but, I hope they don't close Jurassic! I remember my first time coming to IOA, one of my favorites was Jurassic. I just loved it! There's something about it that I love. I think it might be how it really makes you feel like your in the jungle even though your in the middle of a huge park!

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^It was meant as a joke...


But if those subtle clues are right, I'm sure Jurassic will go to be to Potterville Part 3. Because apparently it's the only movie in the world right now. Still. And ever.


I hope Potter won't replace Jurrasic Park because Jurrasic Park is an amazing (not cheesy) ride. Though, i doubt it, hopefully Universal will get tired of Potter after USH and USO.

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