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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

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on the orlando sentinel site it states

"Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls ride will remain closed indefinitely"
under the main headline and that a fire official was quoted as saying
It was not in the main building, but near a trough through which the log-shaped cars move. No damage estimates were available.
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What is it with Universal and fires????? The backlot in Hollywood and now this. I think they may need to re-evaluate their fire prevention. The Intamin cable flew from Cheetah Hunt to USO to take revenge for them not using its evil self on any of there rides.

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Update from the Universal Orlando FB page
Ripsaw Falls at Islands of Adventure did catch fire tonight. Because of our team members' quick response, our guests were kept safe. We will keep you posted on when the ride will reopen.

Well, at least it was confirmed that part of the ride did catch fire. There were some reports saying it was a "building next to the ride", etc, but I think we all could tell from those photos it looked like the actual ride, or one of the ride buildings.


I do hope the damage wasn't too bad and they can get it open quickly. I do really like the ride!



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I learned the news from my cousin who posted it on her facebook then came here to see if it was picked up. and wouldn't you know know it here it is.


Personally I take the blame on my cousin. She's known for having disaster follow her and her family whenever they take a vacation. last time they went to New Orleans and Katrina Happened. Now I see on her facebook status that just a few hours prior to riding Rip Saw Falls the fire erupted!!!


this is something my cousins and I have a little inside joke about her but its just a huge coincidence that this could happen. not to mention right after her leaving New York after a couple of Days BAM 9/11 happens.

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^Was that supposed to be funny?



More like stating a huge coincidence because it was true with all the occurrences I have posted, Katrina, 9/11 all happened just after my cousin was there.


And this is relevant or interesting...how? No need to reply, just...think about it.


Anyway, hope the damage to the ride was minimal, and good to hear that everyone was okay.

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