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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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Ride outdated??? or theme?


For the Island its in I think it fits pretty well. Heck, for that measure all the themeing in toon lagoon is outdated, to kids and young adults. But every island has it's demographics in my opinion.

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Another Update:




ORLANDO, Fla. -- Universal Studios Florida said a building fire prompted a ride evacuation at the Islands of Adventure theme park Saturday.


Universal spokesman Tom Schroder said the Ripsaw Falls ride was evacuated as a result of the fire and that guests and park employees were safe.


The fire is already out, Schroder said.


A WESH-TV viewer sent a photo from the park showing heavy smoke in the area.


There was no immediate indication of how the fire started.

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I just read that as well Robb it looks like it was not the ride on fire but a building behind the ride.


I am sure that they just re painted the ride as well, it looked that way a few weeks back when I was there.

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Was watching the news about the fire. They said it started in a location that wasn't in the actual ride building itself. My guess is that it happened somewhere near the final lift.


Probably someone wanting a puff of a cigarette and threw it into the bushes making the dry leaves catch fire or some idiotic thing like that.

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Maybe it was a building they store oil in or something?


Its good news that it will reopen soon as they have been at capacity for the past few days and a shut down ride would I assume mean they would have to let less people in?

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I rode this about a year ago and was actually somewhat dissappointed with it. Sure its a great log flume but the ride themeing seemed half ass. The exterior was awesome but the quality of the on ride story and theming wasn't that great. They could have done a lot more with the show scenes. It's sad to see this massive attraction on fire but maybe some good will come out of it. When I rode I found the ride extremely dirty and not really cared for.

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What's with all the fires? Houdini at SFNE, Cedar Point, more than once, and now this? Wait a second, there's a new Intamin being built an hour away...I wonder..lol. Looks pretty bad from the photos, but it seems it looks worse that it was.

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