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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

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^^ In 2009 the park didn't do anything different to Jaws, but TPR did.


Basically - we took over almost an entire boat (that poor group in the front row) and basically had a blast. There was chanting, laughing, mocking, chanting some more... We had a great "guide" who definitely played along.


Awesome! Now that's a cruise I want to be part of

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^I'll never look at the ride the same again.


As far as Rockit running - I honestly don't remember from last year. There was SO much going on around us that I never even looked up at Rockit. I know I'm glad we were on the RIP Tour though. The place was PACKED. IT was like one huge block party with random killers and zombies walking around.


Can't wait to go this year! They definitely know how to do it up!

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I remember going one sunday night and the place was empty...it wasn't as fun. I love all the chaos and crowds. That jaws experience sounds awesome haha. I really hope that HRRR does get up and running for the event with some updated songs, perhaps halloween music (Movie themes). I can't wait for Friday!

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I saw somewhere they were installing nets under part of HRRR this year where it goes over one of the haunts was that correct?


This was actually rumored to be happening last year. It is strange that Universal will not just flat out say whether it will be open or not. Especially, with all the confusement about it last year.

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Premier & Preferred Passholder Nights

Sept. 24 & 25 and Oct. 1 & 2

Universal Studios® at Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone®


You and one guest* will enjoy:

Early access to the event through an exclusive entrance located at the front of Universal Studios

Exclusive Passholder early access to THREE houses:

Horror Nights: The Hallow’d Past (from 5:00pm-6:30pm)

Catacombs: Black Death Rising houses (from 5:00pm-6:30pm)

Havoc: Dogs of War house (as early as 5:45pm)

Preferred seating at the first showing of Bill & Ted’s Halloween Adventure (Please arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. Space is limited. First come, first served.)

Food and drink will be available for purchase

^^well the ride is having problems right now so they cant just say it will or wont be open cause they probably dont know right now. I would say go expecting it to not be open so if it is its a plus...

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Wow thats awesome, I did not know about the preferred pass thing either!


I know I'm still pretty new here, but I'd love to meet up with anybody who will be doing the pass holder thing as well. I know for sure I'm going to be there friday, probably spend the afternoon at IoA just to get a spot in the garage and everything. So for this Pass Holder thing, I just need to have my actual pass on me and just show up?

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I can't believe I'll actually be USO HHN next week, c'mon October 3 and then a second round on October 7.


I like the Jaws ride, it was a lot of fun last time I was there in 2004, the guide definitely makes the ride. They should issue pasengers (or at least the one's on the sides) with Jaws repelling weapons - has Jaws been taken out with a Bazooka yet? I remember Jaws was taken out by utter mediocity in Jaws The Revenge.


Sounds like HRRR has been a never ending horror for maintenance.

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The moved my test on saturday to friday...fortunatley I think its going to be at 1pm, so hopefully I'll still be able to make it to the park by 3 or 4. I was worried, because he wanted to do it friday night at 9. I'm RSVPing to the pass holder offer if anybody is down to meet up!

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There's a new 8-minute video on YouTube from Attractions Magazine that has Mike Aiello discussing all the houses and scarezones in detail. I'd post it but I still can't include links.


Anyway- sounds great! His enthusiasm for the event is infectious. You can tell he's totally into HHN and loves what he does. Cannot wait!

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I noticed in an email from Universal Orlando that they are trying out a VIP lounge this year.

Be a part of the newest Halloween Horror Nights experience - the Halloween Horror Nights VIP Lounge. The famous Cafe La Bamba Cantina has been transformed into a ghoulish getaway featuring "Secrets from the Past" - 20 years of concept art and memorabilia from some of the most famous and infamous Halloween Horror Nights ever. This exclusive area also features VIP drink service served by cocktail waitresses, and prime views of the "Fear Revealed" Scare Zone - perfect for watching the terror take over unsuspecting victims.


The cost is 9.99 (which isn't horrible) but doesn't buy you much on most nights except a chance to look at concept art and not have to wait in lines for drinks. However on a few nights they are having some special presentations which seem pretty interesting!


Halloween Horror Nights is created by amazingly talented artists. Most of their designs make it into the event. But some don’t. Learn from the creators themselves, the secrets of Halloweens past (and some from the present and possibly the future).




September 30, 2010 - 8pm & 10pm

Some favorites of the Art & Design team were the EXTREME HOUSES, which were fully designed (one even started but cancelled at the last minute) to be truly terrifying adventures that would have isolated guests, and allowed them an opportunity to face their worst nightmares by themselves.




October 7, 2010 - 8pm & 10pm

An in depth and revealing review of the astonishing details that went into the telling of the odd doctor’s bizarre and horrifying story. COLLECTIVE operatives successfully tied together the elements of the event and solved a major mystery as to why they took place.




October 14, 2010 - 8pm & 10pm

This was the first time all Halloween Horror Nights elements were written, designed and produced to relate to each other through a detailed and complex legend of Terra Cruentas (World of Blood). Totally original and unique characters from 5 distinct realms depended on each other for survival, ritual and sacrifice to their Terra Queen.




October 21, 2010 - 8pm & 10pm

Originally proposed to be a part of HHN 2002 the THING HOUSE wouldn't be built until 2007. The various concepts originally envisioned were modified greatly in the second design. You know what was included, now learn what did not make the final cut.




October 28, 2010 - 8pm & 10pm

Halloween Horror Nights fans know all of the infamous iconic characters that hosted the event. BUT, there are others...that you may have heard about but do not know. Meet the creators who will describe how and why their creations were altered, hidden and/or resurrected in different form.


I have always been fascinated by the extreme houses and would love to see that presentation!

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I have always been fascinated by the extreme houses and would love to see that presentation!


Isn't it odd how they kept attempting the extreme houses at HHN and it kept getting cancelled. Then JM Roddy left universal, went to Busch Gardens, and this year they have the very first extreme house. Hmmmmm.


BTW- so jealous of all you who get to be there for opening weekend! Cannot wait until 10/7!

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