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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 623: Universal's Mardi Gras 2023 details announced!

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When are the dragons supposed to be closed for the retheming?

Does anyone have any information on that?

Because I will visit florida for the first time in the second half of May and it would really suck if the coasters were down plus I am a HP fan!


If they're opening WWoHP toward the beginning of May, I can't imagine not having Dueling Dragon Challenge up and running. After all, they probably won't have Forbidden Journey up yet, and I haven't heard any news about Flight of the Hippogriff... They'll probably time the reopening to coincide with the grand opening.


I wish we had some information on the Forbidden Journey, though...

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Der Der Dongt,


As Robb mentioned a couple of pages back, there's no set date yet for media day, so I'm sure there aren't any set dates for the opening either. So with that said, take the following rumored dates with a grain of salt.


Dueling Dragons is rumored to be going down the end of February, the new island to open either the first or second week in April, and everything definitely open no later than May 28th. Again just rumors, but I think you'll be safe the second half of May.

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Was there a frog choir in the books/movies or is this a new touch? I don't really remember.


The third movie "The Prisoner of Askaban" was directed by Alfonso Cuaron. He wanted to add quite a few new, mystical creatures to the story-line, but this is the one that stuck. Rowling nixed several ideas, which is fine with me as they already have to cut so much content due to time. She only allows creative changes that are in keeping with the world/story she has already created. It makes sense that the school would have a choir, so why not add frogs I guess. It is kind of cool that he created the choir director role basically to keep Warwick Davis involved in the film as they had cut his role Prof Flitwick out of the movie.


I do not remember a frog choir in any of the books and Neville is the only semi-lead kid to have a frog/toad as a companion creature in the books. There's a bunch more trivia type things that go along with the choir, but I've geeked out enough already! I am a shameless HP fan and am very excited to see a re-creation of this particular world. If you haven't read the books, I highly recommend them...The first few will probably seem fairly juvenile, but they were written for readers the same age as the characters involved...so that would make sense. After the last movie, I'm somewhat concerned if the next two will hold a candle to the books...but I for one wait anxiously to find out!


Thanks for posting the pics and keeping up with the steady updates. I look forward to seeing how the land continues to develop!

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Here is a better quality video of the moving platform. The ride capacity is sooooo much better with the moving platform. The crew seems to really have knocked out quite a few of the problems with this coaster. While it did not open until 10 this morning, the coaster was constantly moving people through the entire day. We clocked dispatches under 40 seconds on a regular basis.



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I have to agree with Erik that the moving platform has definitely sped up the ride's slow load times. While it certainly isn't the ridiculously speedy dispatch we were originally pitched, the loading experience has become much more fluid for the guests and (from what I could tell) for the team members as well.


That being said, Rockit is slowly growing on me. I was extremely disappointed with my first ride on the coaster (as evidenced by my review from the soft opening) and I have had a few mediocre runs since then, but then again, I've also had some incredible rides. I revisited Rockit on Friday and rode it twice; once in the day and once at night. The first ride I had was pretty great with some nice pops of airtime and that crazy ejection I've come to enjoy from the non-inverting loop. The evening ride was an even greater experience thanks to the train and the ride layout's unique lighting, also benefiting from the fact that the train was really hauling through the course. Also, it should be noted that the front row makes those entry points into the break runs to be the most exciting yet bizarre elements I've experienced on a coaster.


Although I still think that it is a bit of a gimmick, the audio selection system, thanks to the hidden tracks has given me further reason to continue revisiting the coaster because, as the song list grows, I find myself wanting to try more songs. Since my first ride, I have listened to Sabotage, Kickstart my Heart, Float On, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, a song that I couldn't recognize by The Crystal Method and most recently, Free Bird. Some work better than others, but I feel like I am finding better songs with each ride. Right now, Free Bird and Kickstart my Heart are tied for my favorite spots, so I'd recommend both.

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Ive read all of the books several times over and there is no metion of a choir with frogs/toads that I can remember. However; one of the movies, cant remember which one, has a choir at the betginning and there are frogs/toads. The kids are holding them when they sing and I cant remember if the frogs/toads are singing or not.


I really dont think this area is going to be all that great. I like the books and the movies are ok, but I really like the Lost Contient land at IOA and it was my favorite of the ones there. I hate to see the theming of DD go for something like this. I know that there are several million people in the world that would love this, but not me.

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I am a shameless HP fan and am very excited to see a re-creation of this particular world. If you haven't read the books, I highly recommend them...


Yay Kerry! Didn't realise you were such a HP geek.


I dunno whether I'm particularly excited about this. I really don't give a monkey's about Dragons' name change (but I can basically understand the general 'it's the priniciple' argument') - but in the end, I am much more a HP book person than I am a HP film person, and it's obviously the latter that the area is playing off. I guess, if anything, I'd prefer to see a bigger area specifically devoted to HP, with more geeky detail (I can dream!), rather than a land in a previously-existing park.

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Oh yeah!! Great catch with the choir holding the frogs. I totally forgot about that. That is in the third or fourth one. I hear the song in my head, but cannot place what comes after. I thought the tri wizard cup, but who knows. It is literally for a second of the movie, and then that is it.


This is definitely shaping up! I cannot remember who was asking, but from the beginning they were saying that the "box" will be open after the rest of the WWoHP, never really giving any dates. Exactly - grain of salt with the dates. We saw what happened with HRRR. Although I hate the waiting game, and am dying to finally see how inside the "box" turns out... I will not be visiting until October at the earliest. It will all be open, and hopefully in tip top shape for my visit. (We should be going for my dtr's 18th birthday). I am not a die hard HP fan, but I love the idea, and suggestion of all the magic. To me, IOA is a magical place already. From the second I step foot in the THEME PARK, I am imersed in this amazing world. It is the music I think. Just magical. I expect The WWoHP to be nothing short of the same. A great addition to this already wonderful place. I cannot wait to see the changes in DD. The one thing that has me wondering though... is the DD castle staying? How does this fit into HP's world? I will have to wait for the completion... waiting sucks. lol

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But the next main hurdle... Getting more than two - four trains on the track at one time. How many trains were they running when you shot this? Did all trains running have every seat full or were they leaving 3 and 6 empty still?



I think that they were running 4 in the morning. I know there were at least 2, or maybe 3 trains still in the garage.

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I believe they were running 3 trains this morning with only a 10 minute wait and all the rows were being used. This was around 11 am too. They would assign you a row at the front of the line and then you waited with the other people for your train to be emptied. It basically was done on the fly.

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Universal Orlando has updated its vacation guide to include new information regarding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including height limits and more. To see the full guide, visit this link:




I have captured some of the more important (or relevant) images but the rest can be seen at the above link.








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