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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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^Thanks that is good to here. I will get two credits this weekend. HRRR as well as the kiddie in Sea World


Do not forget about Manta at Sea World.


Already rode it & it was AMAZING When I went down for Senior Trip in June we only had 45 minutes at Sea World so I rushed to Manta & it is my 4th favorite steel coaster & my favorite coaster in Orlando

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^Sorry but I have to disagree. When HHN was at Islands the Hulk and Dragons were running.

Yup, and now that HHN is at the Studios, Mummy, MiB, and Simpsons are open.

I really hope they keep rockit open for horror nights, or chances are I won't get to ride it.

Well, looks like your chances to ride it are slim and BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Seriously, like Elissa, Tyler and everyone else has said, why are you expecting all the RIDES to be open during HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS?


Especially the new, sort of "problematic" ride?


Get a dose of reality, people.


Thank you!


--Robb "Will be totally happy with the event as is..." Alvey

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I wonder if Rockit was operating "properly" if they would include it on the HHN lineup. It would be nice to have the coaster open just to have the opprtunity to ride at night but the event still rocks with out it. I like having the rides open just to help thin the lines out a bit, if at all, especially on some of the peak Fridays and Saturdays.


Seems like last year Jaws and Disaster were not on the official lineup of attractions but both still operated the nights I was there, maybe Rockit and Jaws will still open even though they're not technically listed to be.


Horror Nights still rocks without any rides but a few open makes it nice

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I love the look alot. I think it's going to be a great addition to IoA.



Also had to post this, it's from MLIA. (my life is average.) I thought it was hilarious, thought I'd share it.


"Today, parents and I were talking about the new Harry Potter land at Islands of Adventure and wondering what rides there would be. My father suggested that there be a Quidditch ride for screaming children where they sit on broomsticks and bludgers hit them in the face. I love my parents MLIA."

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I have never been to HHN but I have been to Haunt many times and we always end up splitting off from the people that want to ride roller coasters and not do mazes and/or themed rides. It just makes little sense when you can come back on a regular day, pay less to get in and wait in a much shorter line. I would imagine the same is true for HHN.

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^ Even though I have done so, generally I stay off of the "regular" rides at Haunt and concentrate on the mazes, so I agree with you. Why spend time taking rides on the coasters when you can do that anytime? The only exception would be to ride specially themed attractions like Colossus backwards (SFMM), Terror Tram (USH), Blood Falls (Knott's), etc.


I would think that the same would apply for HHN.


In 2006, I did go to HHN in Florida, but have not done HHN here in California. There, we did the mazes and the rides (we had an insider who got us front of the line access).


This year, I also hope to try HHN, but am not sure as to when (or if) right now.



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Looks like that awful Rockit thread has taken over and merged with the HHN thread.


Seriously, it is pretty simple. If you are visiting Florida and this may be your only chance in your lifetime to ride Rockit and missing it will ruin your life forever making everything else not matter, THEN BUY A TICKET TO THE PARK DURING REGULAR PARK HOURS WHEN IT IS OPEN.


Thank you.

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Looks like that awful Rockit thread has taken over and merged with the HHN thread.

Agreed. If you'd like to discuss Rip Ride Rockit, even about it's operation during HHN, please do it in the RRR thread.


Any further posts about RRR in this thread will be deleted.


Thank you for your understanding!



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This is my fourth year going to a HHN event, so while I dont have much to compare to, I'd say by far, this has been my favorite year.


After entering the park, my group decided to head towards Saw first as weve heard that it usually has the longest line. But we couldnt pass up a 5 min wait for Cleaver. After Cleaver we hit up Saw, then MIB, Simpsons, Bill & Ted, Spawning, Sliver Screams, Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstien, Mummy, and finished with Chucky. Overall it was a great atmosphere and had a bonus of helping to learn differnet ways of scaring people for my own haunted house thing.





A 5 min wait for a house was a deal we just couldnt pass on our way to Saw. It was a well designed house, although (to me) lacking in the scary department. People wearing the Meetz Meats smiley face mask just didnt scare me. Not one that I would be in any hurry to revisit. 4/10



30 minute wait. Not bad considering what it got to later that night.

Saw to me was like Cleaver, all show-no scare. But being a semi-fan of the SAW series, the maze did make me feel like I was in an actual movie. Kinda cool to hear Jigsaw do one of his "For years...."or "I want to play a game..." speils about HHN and you. 6/10



I personally stay away from shows while at a park, but I got talked into this one, and I must say it was quite enjoyable. It has some questionable references to Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. Also had some profane language, though at the begining they give you alternative words you could use, usually relating to an actor/actress. Very funny and well choreographed, this is one show I would go see again. 9/10



Not sure what to expect to what a house will be like sure can make it better. I entered with an ehhhh kinda feel and walked out with a WOW feeling. I was very impressed with the layout and the scareactors in here. The sewer setting sure made predicting scares difficult. The only negative I had with the house is that the creatures themselves just werent overly scary. Though seeing only the glowing eyes of one in a wall was kinda creepy. 7/10



By far the most anticipated house of the night and it delivered. The effect at the begining with entrance to theater was amazing. The multiple rooms themed to each movie seemed to progressivly get better. Also seems that Julian or some other Usher would always be placed at place of least expectation. Great house, and the first house where I actually jumped. 9/10



Great looks, and not bad in the scares either. While it doesnt rank in the top half for me, it was close. Kinda dissappointed, (but glad at the same time) was that the sap on the tress wasnt sticky, but yet it looked really cool in the pale light. Overall was good, but wouldnt personally wait more than 30-45 minutes for it. 7/10



By far the coolest looking house I've seen. Although I saw the local news's special on HHN and preview of this maze, I still jumped a few times. My only dissapointment is that I didnt see Dracula once in the entire maze. 8/10



Another really cool visual house that I thought would be spoiled by the Bright House Networks Special, however as in Dracula, I still got spooked. This was also the first house where we did the texting thing which was kinda fun. Overall really good and wouldnt mind doing again. 8/10



Originally planned to skip, we decided to do it as we had some time before the park closed. Kinda lacking in the truly scary, but did have a few good ones. The first part was epic going through one of those makes ya feel like you're flipping tunnels. Trippy. Best parts of the house were the stuffed animal guys as they blended in and were hard to see. Also one of the chucky characters started swearing up a storm when either my dads gf or another girl behind them said something to him. It was pretty cool and was an good connection to the movies. 7/10





The first one we walked through and probably the best. Nothing better than chainsaw guys running around. Also really cool that they would "attack" the production crew guys.




Lame. Three, maybe four people in the whole area walking around pointlessly. Plus it was really small, blink and ya miss it kinda of deal. 1/10



It was cool, reminds me of Call of Duty World at War's Nazi Zombies. Coulda been better, but they did do good with the space they had. Plus its hard to beat a zombie with a flamethrower. 6/10



Like the othe zombie one, just more sprawled out. Really cool flame effect that when on the other side of the lagoon make Rockit's treble clef element look sweet. 5/10



Not scary, but was by far the coolest looking one. They had a great guy that would talk with the crowd. He had some great lines. 4/10



Somehow our travels had us completly skip this one. Oh well. ?/10


Overall We had a great time and I recomend going to anyone who is unsure.

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I know this has been mentioned before in this thread before but I cant seem to find it, and i'm pretty sure that I commented on it. Does anyone know what the height maximum (if any) there is for HRRR. I'm heading down to Orlando in January and I was gonna make a special trip for part of the day to Universal if I can ride HRRR. Thanks

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The reason it's not open for HHN is because they never installed nets under the ride, and that's where the queues are for the haunted houses. It's pretty much in line with all the other oversight associated with this coaster.

If that is true why do people walk under the ride while it is going for the TNA wrestling tapings? Granted, it is only 5-6 times a month they walk under it, but still.

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I know this has been mentioned before in this thread before but I cant seem to find it, and i'm pretty sure that I commented on it. Does anyone know what the height maximum (if any) there is for HRRR. I'm heading down to Orlando in January and I was gonna make a special trip for part of the day to Universal if I can ride HRRR. Thanks


I think it is 6' 8".

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