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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 623: Universal's Mardi Gras 2023 details announced!

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I am new here and have only posted a few times but I was also here when it opened, I was in the back of that very long line, and it took exactly 2 hours, we waited about an hour and 15 n the line. I have been excited for this ride for quite some time, and here is all I have to say.


It was the most fun I have had on a rollercoater in a long time. I was in the back seat, and yes I will admit it was rough, and I usually don't get bothered by rough coasters, I usually enjoy them. But that didn't ruin my ride experience at all. Now I'm not a harsh judge on coasters, I never am disappointed with a ride. I love rollercoasters, and thats all there is to it. They can never not be fun to me. This ride was just one heck of an experience. I loved all the air, I loved the audio (pump it was my song of choice, along with my girl friend, and the audio was great!) Every element of the ride was enjoyable and a blast and I can't wait to ride it again.


I was also told about the easter egg and how to access the hidden list which I was told has up to 80 songs This was from a maintenance man? at the bottom. He rode it with the back to the future sound track, as well as muppets. If u let it chose randomly it can pick one from that list which I believe was already confirmed, but you can also access it on the touch pad, after holding down on the HRRR logo for 10 seconds, you can enter a number to pick a hidden song, so now all we need is a list for that haha. (dunno if that has been mentioned yet) Thats my opinion, and I think it is a great addition to the park and a must ride coaster just for the whole atmosphere of it.

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I just want to compare the supposed roughness to something. Rough as in B&M rattle kind of rough? Also, how do you get the easter eggs on the ride? I'm kind of disappointed by the reviews but not really surprised. Hopefully they'll get all of the kinks out before media day.


[EDIT] Never mind, guy above me already said how to get the "easter eggs"

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Hmm, ya, I guess like zeppelin, or time machine is it now? that had some shake to it. It's just at the speed, one bump can bounce your head off the seat pretty hard. from what I understand, and I have not gotten to try it yet, instead of selecting a genre, you hold the logo down which i believe was at the top of the touch screen's screen. so im not fully sure. It wasn't really rough in the turns as much as I thought it be, but in the back it shook alot, alot of bouncing.



Oh well, sorry mentioned it again, i'd like to try it next time, but I have other songs i'd like to hear, I'm glad the audio was working, sounds good when it does.

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I was also told about the easter egg and how to access the hidden list which I was told has up to 80 songs This was from a maintenance man? at the bottom. He rode it with the back to the future sound track...


Well, I was about to comment on the lack of movie scores, but this is awesome.

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The rules are there for SAFETY. I am sure Universal and/or Mauer Schone are not intentionally barring people from their rides.


They have minimum heights requirements as well as maximum. I know that most stand up coasters have a maximum height requirement.


I guess I'm thankful that I'm not too tall to ride!

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I would imagine that they are going to use Harry's dragon, and forgive me, I am not up on which was which. Did he have the horn tail? I have seen it so many times, but just cannot remember. Honestly I never paid THAT much attention. Anyway, and the other dragon that was chasing him. That makes the most sense, instead of picking or choosing two of four. They can be very creative in this sense, and still somehow use the other two dragons in other ways, maybe in the queue. I am sure in the end, whatever they choose to do, it will work.

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Rockwork has begun to take shape around the Potter box as of yesterday. Over at the Nassal lot, more facade pieces are being prepared for transport to Universal in the coming months. Needless to say, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is rapidly picking up pace.


Good to see this going strong...


On the River Adventure side, we have just a little bit of work.


The Dueling Dragons side of the box has plenty of work going on around it.

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I'm surprised that no one really commented on the "Jump Cut". Wasn't that supposed to feel like a corkscrew or something?


You know that was the one element I was not looking forward to, for I felt it was a waste, but it was more interesting than I thought it'd be. I don't know if I'd go as far to say it felt like a corkscrew, but it felt alot more cooler than I thought it would, but that might be because I expected nothing from it.


I also will note, I thought this coaster did not look very fast, and bad pacing but I was pleasantly surprised. The journey back (the jump cut and crowd surfer) were both taking at a quicker speed then it looked, but thats just me. I was told it'd be doing this pretty constantly, but again, Im sure the people who work there are better sources then people I talked to after the ride. I'd like to hear more reviews. The only reason I love this rollercoaster, is because of the music. Any coaster that has music playing while you ride, is higher up on my list, just because I absolutely love music.

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