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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 623: Universal's Mardi Gras 2023 details announced!

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Actually, I noticed..


If you look closely at this picture, the banner isn't one big piece, it's three separate pieces. Thus the reason I don't think it ripped. It just unclipped from the lift.


You can see where the pieces meet on the 1st and 3rd ring.

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I did not think that a steady FL rain would take it down.


It was no steady rain today. A large thunderstorm move through the attractions area today with heavy wind and rain.


I live near the attractions area and luckily made it home from work today right before it started. I remember walking out of work when the storm was moving in and it was very windy. Heavy downpour and gusty once it started where I live.


It feels strange how on Wednesday when I saw it for the first time in person I thought it looked great and one day later it got blown down.

Yes it was a thunderstorm storm today, but when your park is in a hurricane area, you should be expect wind like that this time of year.

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Hopefully this doesn't cause another delay lol! My friend that is there said a construction guy said 2 weeks but who know.. I wouldn't believe any rumors. We will just have to wait until it opens for the real opening date (2055)


Anyone seen the "Money Pit" with Tom Hanks? Remember the contractor kept telling him the house would be done in "TWO WEEKS" but it actually took like a year?!?!


Thanks for making my day with this post!

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I saw two pictures on Twitter of the Team Member previews, one is an onride photo and another is a picture of the people waiting in line. I heard people claim on Twitter (using the same quote?) that Universal confirmed that Rockit will be soft opening for the next four weeks at random times.


If you don't believe me, Twitter-search "rockit".


EDIT: http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-10554-Orlando-Tourist-Spots-Examiner~y2009m8d14-Breaking-news-Rip-Ride-Rockit-is-open-at-Universal-Studios

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there ARE confirmed people on the ride AND in the queue! HuuuuuHuuuuuu...

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I will video tape the first P.O.V.!!!!!


Not if it's against the park's rules you won't.


A friendly warning--posting illegal POVs will get you banned from TPR.


Thank you.

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Well, Well I guess I was right with my estimation of two weeks till soft.



These aren't open softs though, these are TM previews only, a couple of my friends learned that the hard way today. The majority of the reviews i've heard have been good! Alot of people saying "It was worth the wait."

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