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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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Remember, you heard it FIRST from ME!!!


I believe it's on page 237 of this thread, I posted that the banner was up. I was the first to post this on this forums and I'm sure I was the first to post it on any forums. Anyways, here's a picture as promised. (I know one was already posted but here's another one for the heck of it)



Nope someone beat you by 12 minutes posting the pic on a different forum! oh well better luck next time! lol


Hahaha ok, I updated the post I made

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Well, that banner is looking really nice. Hopefully they figure out what's wrong with it and get it open soon. (And by soon I mean before the end of the year.)



There is something wrong with the banner haha?


Besides its design? No.

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Here's post #6 about how the banner just doesn't look right,it's OK for now as they obviously have bigger issues like getting it open and running safely.But from the moment I saw the artwork I was hoping for a full video screen on the side of the coaster playing videos.Is that even possible,I don't know but what they have right now is looking allright at best.

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Was there tonight (for the first time in 8 or so years) and the ride looks outstanding testing. In the morning they had workers at the top of the lift working until around 2 or so. At 3 we saw one trains make a full run and half a 2nd run before being stopped on the 2nd brake run.


Tonight, after the U360 show, they had 2 trains running with weights in it non-stop. The audio and lights were going on both trains, as well as weights being moved. The only noticeable problem was the 5 r1ing (top one) was not working.


The ride is very close to being ready from the looks of the outside. The only bad thing for universal was people saying "go figure it will open when we leave." Not much they can do, but there were a ton of people saying it once they fired the ride up at night.

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The banner itself doesn't look TOO bad. Right now the banner looks okay, but I'm pretty sure the ride would look a lot better with all the LED's going full blast.


Now hopefully Universal can fix all the kinks and finish testing as soon as possible.

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