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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Bride of Frankenstein & Texas Chainsaw Massacre HHN houses announced!

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^^^How many times are you going to mention that you have tickets for opening night?


I don't know I find each announcement to be just a little more exciting then the last.


Obviously my school computer found it so exciting it decided to quote me twice.


That is the funniest thing I have read in a little while.....Way to go Rich!

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There are 60 Blue Men In Total Within The Company which rotate around the Venue Shows (Set In Cities) and go on tour and do press ect...


There are normally 6-8 Blue Men Per Venue And 3 Play At A Time.


Incase You Wondered, I am A Blue Man Group Fan.

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Well, The Answer Is Of Course No! They Wear Rubber Gloves And Bauld Caps And Blue Mehron Grease Paint Down To Their Shoulders.

If You Go To The Show, Bring A Camera And Have Something The Blue Men Can Sign. You Meet The Band & BM After The Show And You Can Get Them To Sign Things And Have Pics With Them!

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^ LOL Yeah, I was only joking. I've seen the shows in Chicago, Vegas, and two touring shows. Also went to music school with a drummer in the vegas show, got to go backstage and meet everybody. Does anyone have tickets to opening night in Orlando by chance?


-James Dillaman

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^ Oh god.....


My second time at the show I was choosen to participate. You know the portion where they "supposedly" swing a guy from a rope upsidedown, and make a painting? That was the bit I got choosen for. I cleaned jello out of my hair for weeks.

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The throat cam is one of the movements originally from the Rock Concert Instruction Manual. Specifically it's Rock Star Movement #10: Getting a closer look at the audience. That's when they go to an audience member with a lipstick cam and get a closer look at the audience member with the camera by "sticking it down their throat".

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I love the movie, but this is just something I am not going to miss. I really hope the go with something creative, but I am not holding my breath.


I can agree with you on the that. I remember watching a special a little whole back about the "innovative technology" that came out when building BTTF. I know they can put something fantastic in its place..but it is the question of what?

BTW...Nice Title...Since when do you wield the lightsaber of justice?



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