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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

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Kickstart my Heart for sure, not dissin KC, because, KC does rock it rather hard, but I am a child of the 80s and still musically stuck there.


Flight of Icarus, The Trooper would be great songs on this ride as would Ride the Lightning, Breadfan, even some old Sabbath, say N.I.B, and perhaps some Judas Priest.... Freewheel Burning or The Sentinel???


There is a decent selection of music though, I would like to try a ride listening to each song.

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I'm guessing these songs/artists are owned by either Universal or one of their labels (Interscope, Geffen, etc...) and that's how they came up with them?


Some are, but some aren't. For example, Beasties are on Def Jam (Capitol), Daft Punk is on Capitol in the US, Finger Eleven and Cypress Hill are on some Sony subsidiary. I thought the same thing as you, especially because the list is kinda awkward, but I guess using only UMG artists wasn't an issue. Which of course makes their artist choices even more confusing.

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I have been bustin my brains over KC and the Sunshine Band, Daft Punk and The Charlie Daniels Band. 3 songs that are just impossible to separate! Lol, guess i'll just have to experience all three......


But must admit i would of loved to of seen Aerosmith- Young Lust on the list. That song would of rocked on that!

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I think that the first ride for a lot of people will be with the default music. I've assumed that the first time in a coaster like that, with the 90º lift and with the sun in all the face, will be difficult to concentrate with the control panel before the drop....

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HMmm, yes, Aces High would be a great Maiden song for the coaster, so would Prowler, but would that song go better on Prowler the coaster?


Of course, I will not be completely satisfied until there is Iron Maiden: The Ride. Could be like EE, only more intense and instead of Yeti, it is Eddie.All the while blaring all Maiden songs. Then next to it would be a coaster themed after Metallica, hey come to think of it, wouldn't a theme park about music be cool? I bet a good place for it would be in... oh I don't know.... Myrtle Beach?


Up The Irons!

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