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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

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That article is packed with information, nice find! Indoor snow? Count me in.


^LOL indeed! I had to look the wordfilter thing up, but I guess that's why there are so many dings and dongs going on over at the Rip Ride Rockit forum... locker


Haha, it worked! This is like a scavenger hunt, there needs to be a forum with all the words that have been discovered.

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This looks awesome, though I'm sort of worried whether the restraint and the touchscreen device would be lopsided at my size, since the lap bar closes from the side. I mean, it'd be a little awkward to select a song (and hang on) if the touchscreen is to my left or right.


Then again, I haven't been on a Maurer-Sohne before.

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Does anyone else think it is funny that they have Daft Punk - Stronger Faster Whatever song and then also have Kanye - Stronger?


I am not too impressed with the playlist, especially two bestie boys? Mix it up Universal, there are millions of songs out there so why pick two of the same band?

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Was in the park this morning - crane and basket on the lift hill and a crew up on the high level trim brake section beside Twister, same place as a team as working most of last Friday. Ops CM, I caught in conversation had no clue and seemed to think I would be home long before any soft opening.



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