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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

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The people I spoke with are trying to get the coaster on track for soft openings at the end of the month


Don't get my hopes up! I will be at both universal parks Thursday and Friday. And I won't be coming back to Orlando for a long time probably, so this is my only hope.

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Training - wow, I never thought about that. I suppose it would be a great big help if the staff knew what they were doing, huh? LOL. I am liking what I am hearing, and hopefully it stands true. IF it opens for 7/11-ish, with a soft opening 7/3-ish - that is the exact time I am there. I do hope it is open, though at this point, I am not thinking it will happen. But it will be a big PLUS if it is! I am going that first weekend I am there, but will be returning before I leave - just in case. Either way I am hoping to have pics of something!

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They were testing yesterday. They've been taking it slow up the lift, stopping it at the top, and stopping the trains for up to 20 minutes on the brake runs.


Once they get the coaster running like they want it to run throughout the day, the 100 hours of testing that is allegedly is required shouldn't take long.


Rings haven't been put on yet and all of the lighting isn't installed yet.

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They've been doing some training backstage using mock-ups.


why is everyone so concerned about the rings???


They think it's funny to keep asking about something so trivial.


I talked to a ride-op friend like I promised and she told me they were doing backstage training too.


The rings aren't a big deal. They'll be one of the last things to go on.


I promise that I will alert the townsfolk when the rings get put on.

I'll hang some lanterns in the old north church.

One if by crane, two if by...well, the only way you could put them on is with a crane...

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Update June 22, 2009


Today they started testing at about 5:40 and over about and hour I saw it run five times. Its running full speed up the lift until it gets to the top, then they were slowing it down to check the under carriage at the peak of the lift. I have been following construction since it started going vertical and today I finally got to see it test. Its extremely quiet and seems very smooth. Can't wait to ride it.






Were not the only ones ready for it open.(All employee's)












Finally Universal, I only weigh 250 pounds and its only 5000 degrees out






































My favorite shot.


And no rings sorry frodo

Thanks for reading!!!

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