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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 611: Full Halloween Horror Nights 2021 lineup revealed!

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And note the camera mounted to the front railings on both cars.


And what looks like the cameras on the back of the seats...there's that second little silver round thing on each seat excluding the back row which would denote that those are indeed the other cams.

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I interviewed the creative director of HRRR last week. Here are a few interesting facts and features that he shared with me:


--> It'll feature 30 songs from 5 genres. 3 legacy artists and 3 contemporary artists in each genre. Songs to be announced soon! You're right about those on-board touch screens you're noticing on the harnesses.

--> A Day Ride and A Night Ride; The track will be eluminated and the LEDs of course will enhance the night ride.

--> 5 cars on the track at the same time (I think he meant 5 trains with two cars, but I will confirm)

--> A train leaves the station every 23 seconds!

--> A people mover like station. The train never stops in the station to improve the loading process.

--> Ride Capacity - Wouldn't give me exact numbers, but said hrrr will have the same ride capacity as the hulk


There's more about why they chose Maurer and on the music videos and hrrr web site. He mentions over and over all of the firsts that HRRR will have. And you realize it really will be unique. I'll let you know when I've got the full interview up.

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^^^Universal has plenty of wheelchair seats available for use throughout their parks. They are creative with these systems...


I meant how it will be interesting to try and get a group of people out of a train then another group in with at least one person in a wheelchair, in under 23 seconds. It sounds too quick for me, but maybe I just don't know my time stamps!

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My guess: the station will have a unloading area very near to the entrance (exit) of the ride and a loading are right after to give the riders time to close the harness and choose their songs.

As for the speed of the 'people mover,' the speed we've been seeing on the lift seems to be appropriate for loading guests on and off.




There is still a MONTH of testing to go. Enough time to train the operators. Actually, going back to a picture post from Grad Bash, they may already be training.

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I think the people mover style loading is a fantastic idea. It forces ride ops to stay on track and to hit intervals. This way the ride's operating capacity and wait times will be significantly easier to maintain and to keep consistent.

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guys guys GUYS! calm down. I just meant that I thought it sounds interesting with the people mover, and I am wondering how they will accommodate with a person in a wheelchair if they expect to have trains to go through the station in 23 seconds. now, maybe I read it wrong, and coastercritic means that there will be a train leaving every 23 seconds, but multiple trains in the station, i dont know. I was just thinking. now i'll just stop talking about this and see it myself in july.

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