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Missed Opportunities

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On 2/28/2021 at 5:44 AM, Jason Maier said:

I just regret spending years (late 90's-2016) not going to amusement parks in general :(

I am in the same boat. I missed out pretty much that same time frame other than going to a few Florida parks, and a few coasters in Vegas in the early-mid 2000's. 

I would say missing out on Volcano & HyperSonic XLC at Kings Dominion, Big Bad Wolf at BGW, and Batman and Robin: The Chiller have to be a few that I regret missing out on. 

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Good thread.

Cedar Point visits: at least 5.  TTD lap count: 0

Also never ridden GateKeeper (only time I visited while it was built, it was closed for wind), though I won't fuss over that one.

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Only 2 things really come to mind:

1. During my European funfair/theme park tour in Sep-Oct. 2015, I took the train too late to get to this fair in western France, and by the time I got there the fair had just closed (like 10 minutes earlier). There was a rare flat ride there called Stargate I wanted to ride. The operators were still there, and I remember asking through the fence if I could ride (hey, it was worth a shot). Nope. Here are videos of it:





2. Not visiting Cedar Point, Knoebels, Magic Mountain, SF Great Adventure, etc. before Covid hit. Of course in 2019 I had no idea Covid was coming, so it was easy to put these parks off "until 2020 or 2021." Um....I mean, you could still visit these parks in 2020 or 2021 (well, not Magic Mountain in 2020), but it won't be nearly the same as 2019 or earlier.

I already kind of appreciated this pre-Covid, but Covid has made me appreciate more that you need to tick every box on your "bucket list" ASAP. You never know what will happen in the world (pandemics - natural or manmade, world war, world-changing natural disaster, governments restricting freedoms, etc.) or how much time you have left on this earth. 

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When I moved back to Maryland from Texas I was going to purposely drive through Atlanta and finally hit Six Flags but spent was too much time in New Orleans, stayed out way too late, and got up too late the next day. I eventually made it to Atlanta about an hour before the park was to close and it was down pouring. I at least got to drive next to the park and stay at a hotel down the street.

In regards to a specific ride... I have lived close to New Jersey almost all my life and never got to Clementon to ride Hellcat. The ONE time I went a few years before they closed it was down for repair.

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The only missed opportunity I can think of is Scandia Screamer. I've driven by that park a few times and thought about stopping, but I had other places to be at those times. It was always in the back of my mind to drive out there and ride Screamer, but I waited too long and the park closed for good 2 years ago.

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Not exactly a missed opportunity, but something that slapped me in the face and could have been a disaster... I live about 75 mins from SFGAm and 90 mins from Indiana Beach. I have been to SFGAm ~48 times in my life and Indiana Beach ZERO times. Naturally, when Indiana Beach closed I was kicking myself so hard. I was extremely upset with myself. I'd like to thank Gene Staples for the opportunity to redeem myself.

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