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Joyland sold and will operate this season

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While I've never been there, I'm always glad to see an old park be saved.


From 10/29's Wichita Eagle:


Stanley and Margaret Nelson have finally sold Joyland, the aging amusement park at 2801 S. Hillside.


The new owner has plans to renovate the park, Margaret Nelson said, and it could open as soon as next spring.


She said the buyer, who is not local, has asked to remain anonymous until later.


The sale will close Dec. 15. She declined to disclose the sale price. It was marketed for $1.7 million.


The Nelsons have owned the park since 1973 and have worked there since 1949.


So who is this anonymous buyer? Is it an indivdual or chain?

I know that Great American Family Parks has been looking into buying some smaller venues, but for $1.7 million, an individual could easily purchase.

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I guess I can go ahead and post the pics of Joyland I took over the past few months. Believe it or not, James and I were going to buy it and we paid to have the JogJam reburbished, but because we were unable to sell a few last properties that was holding up the sale, we lost out.


But I am glad to hear that it sold. Stan and Margaret Nelson are aweome people and acutally both worked at the park before Stan bought it. At least one of the 3 defunct parks we toured this year will have a new life!



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Damn thats too bad you guys lost the sale. I was really looking forward to riding the bumper cars at Tommyland.


You guys had their log flume refubeded? Thats awesome, I'm as much a flume fan as I am a coaster tool.


Hopefully you guys will finally get to buy your dream park, there's got to be a Santas Village about to go under somewhere.


Then again there's some park with a dirt race track in PA!


-Donizzle tha Cheese Grizzle

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