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Elissa friendly food?


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I´m sure you didn´t mean, what I missunderstood, while reading your post the first time! Robb will throw me from the first Lifthill for thinking that!


German Pretzels... that is what I like, but only the ones consisting of sour dough! Think it won´t be in a good constitution after waiting min 2 days (arriving at the 15th) to get "annihilated" But I´ll do, if you wish.


Mmmh, seems that I will have invite you for some prezels at the bavarian "Oktoberfest"... Will try to participate or join you, if I get some free days from work.


What´s about the small Tums, does she have your taste too or is she more like Robb (refer to Haribo)?


- sorry for my bad humor; don´t want to abuse -

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Elissa friendly food is nothing compared to one of my friends who somehow exists eating only banana and peanut butter sandwiches on brown bread. And fizzy water. (I am not kidding)



the small Tums


hehe that is soooo cute, I'm going to have to resist refereing to Kid Tums as 'The small Tums' from now on

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I'm not THAT picky, but I am pretty bad. For example, while I do like eating some stuff, I'll only eat them in a certain form or on certain things. Such as:


I love beef, but I refuse to eat meatballs or pasta sauce with ground beef in it.

I'll only eat cheese if it's on macaroni and cheese, pizza, subs, or a grilled cheese.

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Swinging back around to the [Your Name Here]-Friendly Food topic, here's most of what I'll eat.


I will eat:

Fast food

Junk food





Breakfast food

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar



Sourdough, French, or white bread


Mustard, mayo

Clam chowder, tomato soup


Some fish & seafood

Bacon, ham, some chicken

Some sushi

Some pasta dishes

Chinese meat dishes

Standard "Chinese food" white rice and yellow rice


Olives, mushrooms

+many more things, but not every single thing in the broad categories, and much less than most other people


I hate:


Some other things for sure!


I dislike:


Many, many other things

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Sometimes I have crazy five minutes... I wrote in another forum that we need ClubTPR Hoodies and then it blows my brain... more merchandise articles.... AND be able to order some food stuff series in the store, called "ELISSA FRIENDLY FOOD"!


For example canned peeled sausages and so on

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I will try anything once, and like almost everything, but organ meats and oysters are a no go for me. But in regards to skinless hotdogs, my Aunt from Germany was visiting a little while ago, and she was mortified that we ate hot dogs and sausages with the skin on. She made everyone eat them without skin, and it was actually better. I have always hated hot dogs with a "snap" anyways, so I understand the skinless hot dogs.

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For example: Bavarian veal sausage. You have to eat them without the skin! It´s traditional and a better taste.


SharkTums, by the way, here is a small present for you:


Made that photo after my Phantasialand Trip at saturday - I had to think about your wish of prezels.

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What a revelation! If Elissa can survive the exotic gastronomy of Japan and China, that means my son can. His diet is much the same minus the dogs and burgers: rice and butter with pasta, plain roast chicken or chicken strips, red delicious apples, plus fries and basic breads. For him its a sensory deal related to Asperger's.


Just how difficult is it to find Elissa eats on TPR's Asia trips?

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^ I just got tired of people wanting me to fail. I had to actually eat the stuff, you know, and greatly prefer not setting stuff on fire. It was me trying to be creative with the limited range of food I actually like, not to make some sloppy crap that tastes terrible (though I only think 1 or 2 were inedible). I also eat "healthier" now, so most of the old CWJ stuff just doesn't fit my diet these days. I'll definitely do a "party snacks" CWJ next time

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