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Elissa friendly food?


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Heres my list of "I dont eat"


Sausage meats(hotdogs, kielbasa,summer sausage,brats,ect..) - lips and anus of hog never enters my colon.


Sandwich meats - see above


Major Chain Fastfood(Mickey D's,BK,Carls Jr. Toxic Hell,ect..) - See "Supersize Me"


Chicken - ever seen what a chicken lives in??


Pork - Filthy,unkosher animal.


What i'll eat


Fish - Esp. a decent piece of maple glazed salmon or sushi


Veggies - I was always a wierd kid, I dug brussel sprouts,asparagas and cabbage


Pastas - I like a decent fettucini (esp. a bacon free carbonera with peas and oregano)




Veggie Meat - veggie hamburgers and sausage FARKIN ROCK!!

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I'm a really picky eater, but nowhere near as picky as some people *cough*Elissa*cough*.

I'm a texture eater, so a lot of things I won't eat because of the texture eventhough the taste is ok. This includes onions, celery, bananas, oatmeal, most one dish casseroles, and many many other things. I generally hate anything that is crunchy in a primarily soft food (like onions on a burger or celery in tuna).

I don't eat any pork or beef (except for pepperoni and hamburger), and the only other meats I will eat are chicken, turkey and almost all kind of fish.

I dislike a lot of veggies, like broccoli, carrots, peas, celery, and cucumbers (eventhough I love pickles, go figure!). For the rest of the veggies, they have to be cooked until they are almost obliterated because I won't eat them crunchy because of my texture issue.

Conversely, the only fruit I dislike is bananas, but I don't like any fruit warm, or with any dairy products, so no strawberry ice cream, no blueberry cream cheese, or whipped cream on strawberry shortcake.

Yup, I'm picky.



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Damn there are a lot of picky eaters here. I shouldn't talk though since I'm probably one of them. This is only some stuff I eat/don't eat though, but you get the idea.

I don't like...

*rice unless it's the Chinese rice with the Chinese food

*chicken~ unless it's roasted with gravy and mashed potatoes, from the Chinese restaurant (certain kind), or fried (once again...certain kinds)

*most meat except ground beef and turkey (some) and some other random things

*fish...eww won't eat it except for popcorn shrimp




*those green seaweedy-looking vegetables

*eggs unless they are hard-boiled or scrambled

*butter spread on anything

*cream cheese


*sour cream

*nuts unless they are in a Hershey bar

*hot dogs

*most cheese (none of that fancy stuff)


I like...

*plain pizza


*hamburgers and meatballs (ground beef basically)

*plain cheese quesidillas w/ salsa (certain kind) and guacamole

*ice cream (healthy, healthy )

*bean and/or beef burritos-none of that other crap they like to put in there


*fruit (most)

*Yoplait yogurt (regular only)


*peanut butter

*these vegetables~carrots, cucumber, celery, potatoes (some), zucchini, tomatoes

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Here is a list of what I Dont Like. I have to say that I am not a very picky eater compaired to somepeople I have met.


-Whole Peppers (Although I like pepper sauces)

-Whole Tomatoes (I like Ketchup)


-Filet'o'Fish Sandwich from McDonalds




I like the most.


-Chicken Madras



-Chicken Teryaki Sub with Barbeque sauce from Subway.

-McChicken Sandwich.

-Bacon Double Cheese Burger.

-All Fruit.

-All spicy foods.


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^ Burrito skin? Hahahaha. You can definately tell the midwesterners have no clue about mexican food.


A Quesadilla is a soft tortilla folded in half with melted cheese inside. Some people add chicken or steak into it, but traditionally it's just cheese.



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Wow...I guess I'm not a picky eater like I thought I was.


For me, I can't eat cheese. I'm lactose intolerant, but for whatever reason, even the smell of any sharp cheese makes me gag. I can eat mozzerella (granted that it's with something else like Pizza or Baked Rigatoni), but that's about it.


-Bryan "Supersize Me was a joke of a movie" Wood

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I dislike raw onions (except on steak tacos... go figure), organ meats (heart, kidney, brains), and the worst to ever graze my tastebuds..... pinapple on pizza! Whoever came up with this should be shot.... well maybe not, since a lot of people do like this. I just can't stand the stuff.


Other than that, I'm game with anything edible .

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There are very few foods I won't eat. The only things I go out of my way to avoid are canned peas and creamed corn. Fruit with the slightest bruise on it makes me queasy - brown bananas, soft apples - yuk!


I love different ethnic foods, especially Japanese and Thai. Favourite veggie - cucumbers, favourite fruit - concord grapes.


I'll try just about anything you put in front of me, as long as it isn't too spicy.



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Oh, has anyone seen Fear Factor? I was watching once and the had to eat Bulls Eyes and a Brain. It was gross. But I think sometimes it is fake. Because most people wouldnt do that. I wouldnt do it for $100,000.



Don't forget.. most of the stuff on Fear Factor is daily diet staples for someone, somewhere in the world. That's not to say it isnt gross or unsettling for _us_. But somewhere, someone is cracking open a rotten tree-trunk to hoover out some termites and go "Yep! Good eats!"



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I am not really picky abt food. I can eat almost everything, fave being pasta dishes & sushi! I like spices in my food.


I have not touched beef in yrs though & this is due to my religion (I am a Buddhist). Other food that i dislike/avoid incl: onions, capsicum, celery (I like most other veg though).



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^I'm really not a good snack or candy person.


I can't think of any international sweets or candy I really like. Hmmm...I'll try to think of something..can you bring me a big soft German pretzel?

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