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Robb, Elissa, Wes, & Katie on In The Loop!

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Hey everyone!


Be prepared for yet another crazy show. This week is was the "Battle of the sexes" game show and they asked us four to be contestants.


We answered trivia questions to see who would be the winner. If anything, I think In The Loop lost by having us on the show!


Check it out here:




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Very awesome show. I know when I get back to the states I need to finagle my way onto the show...or not. lol. I don't have the star power. Oh, and to make ya'll feel REALLY old, the 1983 question stumped me too, because I was -3. So I would definitely have been at a disadvantage.


Now, Robb, being behind door number 3, were you the super deal or the zonk?

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It was a blast. I had a great time, and boys DROOL!


Katie, the rumor chick and gets off to PR.


I just listened to it, and OMG I am dying with laughter, make sure you listen to all of the show, after the credits, LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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Yeah, breathing out of one nostril very sucks. It very very sucks indeed. I know I'm going to start using that in normal conversation and have people look at me and go "What?"


I didn't know about this hidden segment until I just read this, and I think "Elissa, can we have sex now" and Robb's adulterated glee towards the end will be ringing in my nightmares tonight...:shock:



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^I had that last year, coughed up all this green stuff,nearly went into the hospital with a severe chest infection. I was prescribed a z-pack 4 day antibiotic and it cleared up my chest..made me pee green like a week though


Feel better kiddo, have some soup and watch a good film

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There's nothing wrong with furries. Their ordinary people just like you and me. Only they need their partners to dress up in costumes of cute woodland creatures to get sexually aroused.


Hey, dosn't Elissa like cute furry woodland creatures?


Robb... Care to comment?


Elissa, how does the following picture make you feel?


Guy "The people want to know." Koepp


Does it make you horny baby! Yeah!!

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