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Williamsburg and 4th of July

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Well my hubby and I got into discussing our summer trip this year again, and now we are tossing the idea around of skipping the stuff in Georgia, and going to Carowinds for 2 days, then spending the rest of the time in Williamsburg area.


The question I have is this, how are the crowds in VA for 4th of July? Obviously I know it is a MAJOR event being a holiday and such, but we also plan to be heading out of the area on July 2nd. Is there any special events, and is driving one day to D.C. a possibility?


Thanks to anyone who can offer any help.

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Colonial Williamsburg can get pretty crowded on July 4 (especially at night), but it shouldn't be too bad the other days. My family went to Ronoke on the 4th and there was hardly anybody there (many of the interpreters had that day off).

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Well, driving from williamsburg to DC in one day isnt bad (We drove from CT to williamsburg in one day, about 10 hours). If i remember, it probably took us about 3-4 hours to get to williamsburg from DC. So i would expect the same on the way back.



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I've been up there on holidays and haven't experienced any problems.


Honestly since the year Apollo (1999) opened, it hasn't been crowded one time that I've been back. And we always are there on weekends too because of my friends schedules we can't go during the week.


And BTW, if you go to Carowinds during the week, honestly you can do everything within one day. It's never crowded at PC but on Saturdays.

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