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Beech Bend Press Confrence Photo TR

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I lived i Bowling Green from 1997-2001 and you never heard of Beech Bend. But now they are advertising and everything. I think they will be a pretty good small park in a few years. They need landscaping, more rides, and more food locations. This would be the only reason why I wished I still lived in Bowling Green.



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Isn't everything in Kentucky classy with a "K"?


So they're keeping looping star? Not sure I need to ride it a second time. That credit kind of freaked me out. Never a good sign walking up to the ride, and having the creepy rideop explain which seats had working restraints(seems to be about half of them).


I'm going to try and make it back for the new woodie and wild mouse(I was to early this year) next year. Though I have no idea if it will work out considering the distance away it is.

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It continues to amaze me that Pinfari still builds their ZL42's (and Zyklons!) with OTSR's. I seriously think OTSR's are just cheaper and easier to put on than lap bars. But, let's face it, the loop on the Looping Star is taken at such a high speed, you could safely ride through it without any restraint.


They have an identical Looping Star in Ocean City, MD. I LOVE the ride!... but you definitely gotta fight the shoulder bars at some points.




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Here is the official press release from the park:


A press conference was held on Friday, October 28 at Beech Bend Park with news media, coaster enthusiasts, local dignitaries and politicians and cheerleaders from Bowling Green Jr. High in attendance. The name of the huge, new wooden coaster was unveiled. It will be called “The Kentucky Rumbler” and will roar out of the station for the first time on May 6, 2006. Confetti, fireworks and cheers from the Bowling Green Jr. High cheerleaders were all part of the celebration. The winner of the “Name That Coaster” contest was announced: the winner is Derek Sailors from Surfside Beach, South Carolina who was the first person to submit the Kentucky Rumbler name. Derek submitted his entry on August 23rd and he will receive two season passes to the park and have the opportunity to be on the first train on opening day. The park received thousands of entries from all around the world. Thanks to all those who participated.


Press conference attendees were also treated to a construction tour guided by coaster designer and Vice-President of Great Coasters International, Jeff Pike. ERT (exclusive ride time) on the Wild Mouse topped off the day. The entire press conference was filmed by a Discovery channel crew who is putting together a documentary featuring the Kentucky Rumbler. The Discovery channel crew filmed Wednesday through Saturday last week. The documentary will air in the United States in April next year. We’ll keep you posted on the exact air dates.

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Big thanks to absolutely everyone who attended!


It was lovely to meet some of you and I'm glad you all enjoyed yourself.


The photo's are fantastic - Although I'm not sure about the one of me and David (the director) on the Wild Mouse - Scary!

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