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Backyard Rides

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Just out of curiosity, who here has made a backyard ride and rode it? I'll tell you a few that we did when I was younger:

Giant Swing on Steroids-This tire swing had a rope tied to the bottom so rather than pushing the tire, it was pulled back by several people. It was tied to a branch 30 feet above. This ride was actually thrilling (lost my stomach, footchopper fence below, and reached good speeds and heights). This swing felt like a Huss Frisbee ride. We reached heights of 20 feet above flat ground.


Ghetto Coaster- We took 2 bed rails and propped them up on a workbench thing, nailed them in and put a red radio flyer wagon on it. we tied a rope to the axles and seated someone in it. The wagon was then towed up the rails (if the person wasn't too heavy) and as it reached the top, the rope was released (kinda like Boomerang's lift). This made a fun rough ride over the dirt after a pop of airtime hitting a flat part that stuck up on the bed rail.


Overall, the swing ride was the best. So, what were your backyard rides if any?

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^^^^ Hey would that count as a credit


its not powered



I have heard of a guy who made a coaster in his backyard



here's some pics of the Blue Flash, backyard Coaster. Photos are from these site:




Please be sure to visit these sites for more photos and information about this coaster.





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^I actually still have that book...


I have a coaster for my backyard, or rather I would if I got off my lazy arse and started construction. In the mean time, Ive used one of those fisher price coasters from my neighbors, and rode it for a credit

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This is the coaster that is in my backyard!



Not really, I just made it with AutoCAD and put in into a pic I took of my backyard. I got the idea from a 1st gen freefall. My ride has two 15-ft vertical track sections, with an airtime hill in-between.


Two riders board the ride at the top, and then they are released down the short drop. They are lying on their backs at the bottom. The hill provides great negative acceleration g airtime!. Then the car continues up the second tower until gravity brings it back down. The riders will experience upside-down freefall on the descent from the second tower! The ride continues back and forth along the same track until coming to a stop on one side of the airtime hill.


The riders are only held in by a ratcheting lap bar! This ride will make a great addition to the "Bench: The Ride" collection, since the seats are flat, wooden benches!

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I made a backyard coaster this summer in Finland with a frieand who lives there We called it Ukkos Vaunu, wich is finnish for Thunder Wagon. It worked perfectly, except that it was hard to get in the wagon. It was also incredibly solid!! it barely moves when you try to shake it 8)


The first modern wooden coaster in Finland





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NCF, that is truly terrifying to behold.

R&E, that's a credit you definitely don't have!


I've seen photos of another backyard woodie called Elijah's Chariot, It's not as big as the one in OK, but it is also a complete circuit like that one.

It's actually in a small neighborhood park, but it has a station and lifthill!


I'm not positive exactly where it is, but there are bunches of pics if you know where to look!


Chris B

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I made VertiShock, a freefall sort ride. I attached a normal 1 seat swing to 2 seperate pulley systems. Then I tied that to a 25 ft. tall branch. By using 1 pulley system for each side. It takes off half of the weight resulting in an ease to lift someone your own weight.


Usually just let it drop a little and run with it but you can do extreme drop mode. Muah Hah Hah!

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