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2nd Half Rides

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Manta at SeaWorld San Diego has two great twisted flojector hills in the second half.

Flying Turns at Knoebels does a lot of crazy fun whips and turns after that second lift.

Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain does a decent backwards launch, a crazy hangtime moment back up the dive loop, a good forwards launch, and then possibly the craziest airtime moment at Magic Mountain, especially in the very back row, with that drop into the brakes.

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I vote for Untamed at Walibi--that ride just never lets up and even throws in a fiendish inversion right before the final brakes. 

As for old-school rides, I'd say Phoenix.

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Ragin Cajun, and presumably its sister clones. Ok first half, but once that thing starts spinning, it goes insane. You can even get spinning airtime if you're lucky on the bunny hop.

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