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Luna Park Sydney to receive 9 new rides in 2021

Luna park Sydney to receive 9 new rides

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Luna park Sydney has just announced they will be opening 9 new rides. 




Luna Park Sydney unveiled today a $30 million plan to update and refresh one of Australia’s best known and most loved destinations, including the installations of new rides and attractions. The plan was officially announced by the Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres, and will transform the 85-year-old park into a worldclass amusement venue fit for the 21st century. Mr Ayres welcomed the $30 million investment economic boost and the creation of jobs at a critical time. “This investment will attract more people to Sydney and ensure that Luna Park continues providing joy and excitement to millions of families and children for the next 85 years and beyond,” he said.

“We are excited to announce the introduction of nine new permanent rides that will thrill and excite all age levels, including six new children’s rides; a family coaster; a thrill ride; and a new Big Dipper, which will be the first inline seating launch roller coaster in the world.  The new Big Dipper is a state-of-the-art ‘one seat wide’ train that is smaller than the original Big Dipper at Luna Park. It has been specifically designed to ride very low to the terrain where appropriate, in harmony with the historic landscape features of the site.




Editor's note: the new Big Dipper will be the first installation of an Intamin Hot Racer coaster.

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Added official press release info and link. -- A.J.
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When starting a new thread for a news item, please include something more than just a couple of lines of text, especially when there's lots of information readily available.

That being said, I am completely on board with this and the resulting little park looks freaking awesome. I kind of want to go to both of Australia's Luna Parks now.

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Sadly the North Sydney council will try everything in there power to stop this. I hope it doesn’t happen , since this seems to have the backing of the state government. But those cashed up bogans who wanted to live in that area , always complain about the park every summer. 

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Super cool to see that Intamin has already sold one of their Hot Racer coasters. It’ll be really interesting to see how these compare to the RMC Raptors. While the layout looks a bit tamer, I think the train/restraint design looks MUCH better on Intamin’s version.

With that being said, Big Dipper doesn’t seem to be a very lucky name for coasters in this park...

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I was not a fan of Intamin's Single Rail concept given the fact that it feels like a Chinese knockoff. However, if that render is anything to go by, then holy crap, that looks pretty amazing even if it only shows off a small section of the layout. 

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