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Photo Trip Report: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Jimmy heads to the great state of Texas

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Happy 2020 y'all!!!!

But in all seriousness, i had the pleasure of going to the great state of Texas this past weekend and i had some time to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I haven't been to every Six Flags park, but this one is one of my favorites in terms on scenery, ride selection and theming. Six Flags and theming usually don't go in the same sentence but i love how this park does it's best at separating out rides and themes rather than just placing a new ride in a calling it good (there are some exceptions at this park and I'll get to that later).

Well, as usual with my reports...let's get on with the show (and be sure to read the captions!)...001.thumb.jpg.71beae715b00bc75cebb6a955acba063.jpg

Driving around in Texas and I see something peeking out over the quarry wall. What can it be?


Oh, it must be a Six Flags park right here in the great state of Texas!


After breezing through the temperature checkpoint, no touch bag check, metal detector, COVID swab, and butt probe, i make my way to the front gate with my reservation in hand.


Even though Halloween just ended...there is already Christmas decoration up. Last time i was at this park was in 2007. Let's see if anything has changed since then, shall we?


Well, Boomerang is still there and unfortunately it's still the first ride you see. Welcome to Six Flags...let's bash your brains in!


Remember when i said that this park likes to have theming? Well, this coaster is an exception. It feels like it's just left over from an era that no one cares about but they don't want to remove it because surprisingly, people still ride this thing.


Time for some good Dog chasing Bird type rides. 


The airtime on this ride is nuts! And it's a family coaster? Well done Six Flags!


Something seems new since my last visit...you mean there isn't a terrible wooden coaster that wants to punch you in the kidney in this location anymore?


Wait...there's theming? Wow! I can't wait to ride this thing!


Snake Wranglers! Being from Arizona, we sure could use these guys around every corner. I can't tell you how many snakes I've seen (and even rattlesnakes) since living in Arizona.


Iron Rattler sure has one hell of a first drop! I love how it utilizes the Quarry Wall all around the ride.


This ride was non stop insane! Diviing, turning, looping, being thrown out of my seat...such a great ride and RMC really knows how to deliver!


The one thing I loved about this park was that it seemed liked there were always a couple kiddie rides near the bigger, more thrilling rides. That way, if little ones don't want to ride the more thrilling ride, they can hop on some of these kiddie rides. I think that's a great idea, rather than having ALL kiddie rides in one location and not near the major thrill rides.


This ride was supposedly new for this year...unfortunately it was closed for the season when i went.


I'd like to see this car and the Snake Wrangler car race. My money is on this guy to win!


Looking back at some of the Western area of the park's theming.


If you ever make it to Six Flags Fiesta Texas...this picture is a must! Such a great area of the park!


Oh and look....theming! ROCKS!!!!


And not just any rock...it's a CLIFF ROCK!!! You're welcome for learning some history here on Theme Park Review.


They had a mini Bellagio show going on. 


H....2.....Ho? ..... Oh, i see what they did there....now that is clever marketing. Nice touch!


Another great area of the park to cool off during the hot days. When i went it was freezing and only 78 degrees. Coming from Arizona, 78 is cold when it's over 100 degrees 115 days out of the year.


Well this looks like fun! Who thinks they can touch the Quarry Wall?


This picture gives you a better perspective of how far it actually is from the wall. Still riding this thing, you feel like you're going to hit it.


New for this year....The Joker eats you and he ends uppitiest with pink eye.


This was noted as the tallest in the world. I went on Wonder Woman at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and CraZanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain when they were the tallest. Is this thing like 5 feet taller? Anyway, this thing was HUGE and you can see it ALL around the park.


Once again, right across from Joker's pink eye was another family ride. If people didn't want to ride Joker (or get pink eye) they can tackle all the villains from the DC comics.


And speaking of defeated DC villains...it's time to get punched by Superman!


This was one of my favorites when i visited in 2007. Sadly, it's definitely got a rattle to it and I could only ride it about 10 times before i was done.




Through the trees!!! (Always have to have one of those in my reports...and this is going way back before some of you kids were born!)


Super man is still a fun ride. I just hope that I had it on an off day and it's not always rattling and brain destroying.


Hey look...a kiddie coaster for the win! Sad and Pathetic Coaster Count going up!


Time for lunch. The servers were very nice and the restaurant was very clean and took many precautions in regards to the COVID thing that's going around.


My $32 lunch...and that price is not an exaggeration.


It was nice seeing some of the characters out and about. They kept their distance but it's still nice to see some entertainers still have a job during this time.


Time to head down the street and check out more "City Block" theming.


And what better Super Hero theme fits in with a City Block (other than any Marvel related one)...that is the one and only Batman! And i guess he's playing in a movie theater? Sure, why not?


Oooo! Controlly thingys that make Super Hero know more than normal people!


Hi Jarvis! Oh wait...wrong guy....


Batman has a pretty sweet ride. Although i would hate to have to change those tires. I mean, where would you even have the spare tire?


I will be honest...I could not wait to get off this ride. Maybe it's me and my old age, or being in Arizona and not hitting up as many theme parks any more, but this thing nearly made me nauseous. I can deal with rides flipping and looping when i know it's coming, but this thing was out of control and I was ready for it to be done. With that being said, it was still fun, but I've been on it and I don't feel like I need to wait more than 5 minutes to ride another one of these.


But the Batman Hustler Entrance??? What is Bruce Wayne doing for his real job now?


One second after this phot was taken, someone lost their cell phone. Seriously people...this thing was spinning out of control!


But it was a nice addition to the park. I think this is where there used to be an antique car ride there from when i went in 2007, but Batman was a nice upgrade!


Looking back after getting off Batman....the Joker was having his last laugh at me.


Time for the ride i was most excited about on this trip...Superman Cobra Roll. No seriously, Wonder Woman...my first single rail coaster by RMC.


Hi Gal!


Fun story...my first ride was unusual. I've never been on one of these and I didn't know that the train doesn't stop in the station. The ride operators were splitting up the cars with people in groups. I was by myself (yes, I was a loner in the Lone Star State) and they sat me in the very back row. Two other large humans sat in the first 2 rows. The train got to a section in the station where it was about to go up the lift hill but then they stop it...the 2 large humans were too large and couldn't fit in the restraints. Instead of putting other people on the ride, they let me go...by myself....in the back row....by myself. AND HOLY HELL this ride kicked my @$$ and whipped me around.


After experiencing my first ride by myself, I had to go back on and see if it was just because it was just me in the back or if every ride was that insane.....


EVERY RIDE WAS THAT INSANE!!! Seriously, RMC outdid themselves here. This thing is a winner and with so many clones of these rides going up, I'm definitely not sad about that. This ride was the winner of the day!


Time to head on down an empty street in Texas the SCREAM!


These rides are fun. And with this one launching up and then launching down...it's well worth the 2 minute wait I had.


Another fun fact...next to SCREAM! was another couple kiddie rides for the younger folks.


In case the little ones didn't like super tall drop rides, they had a couple options right next to SCREAM!


Time to head to Ocean front property where there will be great views of the beach and waves....


...Or just more rides on a fake Boardwalk. But what is that I see in the distance? It's not Scooby Doo?!?!?!?!


It's the cheap version of Pirates of the Caribbean where you shoot them and get blasted by cannons and sneak up on Pirates having sex in a bed....you think I'm lying?


First off, this high quality realistic Pirate tells you a tale of treachery, debauchery, and scandal (and no...not the election)


There's a map to be followed! Follow the Map! Even though you aren't steering your vessel but who's really counting these days?


Next is some sort of Haunted Mansion stretching room where the pictures change.


And you're off...getting blasted by cannons....


...and sneaking up on Pirates having sex (and you thought I was kidding!)


It really was a fun ride and very different from the Scooby Doo ride that was there when iI was here in 2007.


Continuing down the Boardwalk, it's time to meet Tony Hawk....or someone who isn't Tony Hawk but still a skateboarder.


Pandemonium (previously Tony Hawk's Big Spin, previously Joker's Revenge, previously a Quarry Wall)


These are fun little rides and great for the whole family. I still wonder if they will ever put something larger in the area behind this ride.


Time to take a shot of Fireball Whiskey!


Heading back from the Boardwalk, the Joker is still laughing at me almost getting nauseous on Batman. Let it go man!


Another ride with great theming. You walk into a haunted house and then this creepy ghost (poltergeist) pushes you out the house and takes you through one hell of a mess of track...but then returns you safely because he's a nice ghost. Did I get the theme correct?


It really is a mess of track. 


Next up, my favorite area of the park. Especially during this time of year when the trees are changing (we don't have seasons in Arizona...we have Hot and Cold...there's no Fall or Spring)


In this wonderful German town is none other than the GRAND Carousel. It's not Big...it's GRAND!


Also, why not get the kids into Beer Steins but cleverly say it's a Kinderstein. Start drinking at a young age.


This is a fnun little water ride. And I got absolutely SOAKED on it!


Little did I know, that this Dragon was going to be the culprit in my soaking.


Yay...it's a fun little water ride. Not a big drop, not that much water...but....


Then this guy decides to spit his nasty spit water all over everyone and it was absolutely drenching! Thanks Dragon...I had wet clothes in my bags on the airplane!


Nice little drop near the end. This would seem like the area where you would get wet...but nope! It was the damn Dragon from before!


Time to leave this beautifully themed area and head to the best themed area and ride in the entire park.....


...Goliath...oh wait, what? Where the hell is this ride, what is this ride, how does it fit in anywhere? Oh, you mean it's a ride that didn't get destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and it's free so they just decided to put it at the front of the park and copy a sign used at Six Flags Magic Mountain because it looks cool. Ok, that makes title sense!


The ride is found in the corner of the front of the park past the lockers...so in other words...h=it's the Goliath of Lockers and Stroller rentals!


Although not a parking lot coaster...it's still great to watch from the parking lot.


Remember people...when you visit Six Flags DoTheSix!!!!!!!


Thanks for reading!






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Great report!

Fiesta Texas is one of my favorite Six Flags parks too. I think I would only put it behind SFMM and SFGAdv, if I had to rank them. It has a very different feel than other Six Flags parks and the ride lineup is solid. I went last December and would love to go back soon.

Also, it is interesting you found a rattle on Superman. Floorless coasters are so temperamental. Sometimes they are smooth as glass and other times they run on square wheels.

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really great report, and some nice pics.

you picked a GREAT day to be there!  the weekends before were absolutely packed, but looks like you had a quiet-ish day.

a few comments:

- Goliath isn't a Parking Lot coaster, but it *IS* a Parking Lot Picnic Area Coaster - as that's what they removed to drop this ride in.  Fun fact, it's the same model (Batman clone) that's just up the road at SWSA (Great White there), tho the one at SFFT is a bit more "snappy". . in fact, the only one I've ever been on that's more snappy is the one at SFOG.    Hope you caught this later in the day once it was warmed up, it hauls.

-- Daredevil Dive wasn't just closed for the season, they never officially opened it (not sure if you were kidding or not).   It's been sitting completed and ready to go for several months now. . just ready for them to start letting folks ride.   Too bad you didn't get to see it at night, as the lighting package on/around it is really fantastic - including lots of fire!

- was the Joker Funhouse open?  or were they going around it due to Covid?  that funhouse is the highlight of the ride for me (tho the floater air is amazing).  Yes, it's like 5 feet taller (maybe actually 15 feet taller) so they could claim "tallest".

-- glad you got to ride Pirates.   It was shut down for months due to "no indoor rides" because of Covid.  It actually had reopened when I was there on 10/17, but it broke down while I was in line. . so I haven't ridden it since Feb.     Was planning to go meet up with a TPR Boardmember this coming weekend, but with cases spiking, my Spouse does not want me to go to a theme park.

- yeah, that F'ing Dragon on Bugs will SOAK you (for those unaware, not only does it spit, but it also tracks along with the log as it goes around that curve, making SURE to get everyone in the log wet.   It's not always on, but when it is?  yep, it's a wet ride.  (same is true of GullyWasher. .  look at those exiting to see if they have the Waterfalls on.  If they are mostly drenched?  then yep!  and phone needs to go in a ziplock baggie).

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27 minutes ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

Great report!

Fiesta Texas is one of my favorite Six Flags parks too. I think I would only put it behind SFMM and SFGAdv, if I had to rank them. It has a very different feel than other Six Flags parks and the ride lineup is solid. I went last December and would love to go back soon.

Also, it is interesting you found a rattle on Superman. Floorless coasters are so temperamental. Sometimes they are smooth as glass and other times they run on square wheels.

they have 3 trains on Superman - and often run all 3.   At *least* one of them has a rattle.

that said, we rode twice a few weeks ago, and had good rides both times. 

so might be luck of the draw with the train.

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1 minute ago, bert425 said:

they have 3 trains on Superman - and often run all 3.   At *least* one of them has a rattle.

that said, we rode twice a few weeks ago, and had good rides both times. 

so might be luck of the draw with the train.

Gotcha, thanks for sharing. I was also speaking just more generally about all Floorless coasters. Scream at SFMM runs terribly about 80% of the time, but sometimes you get a smooth and enjoyable ride. I also got mixed rides on Dominator during my visits in 2017 and 2019. But Medusa at SFDK has been super smooth every time I ride it, and my few rides on Superman were also glass smooth. Floorless coasters just seem to be a mixed bag in my experience.

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Bert, The funhouse was open on Joker. Six Flags did a great job with extra precautions for COVID, but as a whole, it seemed like the state of Texas didn't care too much (plus a lot of people around the park either not wearing masks or wearing them improperly). Six Flags was only letting your party through the funhouse (so I got to go by myself) and the main line was outside...before the funhouse.


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9 hours ago, CaptainUnknown said:

I'm going this Saturday. Hopefully my day's as good as yours.

Ha. It's passholder bring a friend free day. I'm getting Platinum Flash Pass.

Thanks for writing this up!

sorry gonna miss you.

Spouse just really doesn't want me out in any group setting (even outside) when Covid is spiking.    

but have a great time, and I too, hope you have a really quiet day!

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3 hours ago, bert425 said:

sorry gonna miss you.

Spouse just really doesn't want me out in any group setting (even outside) when Covid is spiking.    

but have a great time, and I too, hope you have a really quiet day!

I expected it at this point. Maybe sometime when the world's not going to sh!t.

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^ yeah. . the food at both Texas Six Flags (and I suspect all across the chain) are outrageous.

and they do that on purpose, to get folks to buy the season Dining Pass.

Seriously, that would have counted as a meal & Snack (- the drink) on my dining plan, which, I believe  in total? was $39 when I added it to our passes last year.  
(we have the basic Meal + Snack, not the one that includes Dinner, nor the free drink).   But we drink water with it. . so if I've eaten at the park twice (which I have this year), then I paid for it.

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