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Best theme park in the world for rollercoasters?

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Personally, and for now, I will go with Cedar Point for North America; Nagashima Spa Land for Asia; and _____________ for Europe.

Still working on that. ūüėĀ

And...." Best In The World"....? I really don't think that's possible, even if only based on coasters. Everybody's opinion, y' know?


Europa Park does have a nice share of coasters. TPR 2010 Europe Tour.

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Phantasialand is by far one of the most amazing parks I’ve ever experienced. The theming gives Disney a run for their money, and their coasters are all awesome!! And of course you’ve got Europa Park 3-1/2 hours away! I’d highly suggest those. 

If you just want North America, then of course CP combined with KI. 

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I think Cedar Point is the best park for coasters. It checks the boxes for quality and quantity in terms of coasters.  

Some of the other parks I would put into the conversation as #2 behind Cedar Point are: 

Six Flags Magic Mountain 

Fuji Q Highland 

Six Flags Great Adventure 

Busch Gardens Tampa (After they add Iron Gwazi) 

Alton Towers

I could probably list another 5-10 parks that would fit as #2 behind Cedar Point. 

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Surprised and very pleased (obviously, I worked there) to see Hershey on so many lists!

In terms of quality per coaster, variety of offerings, and coasters from some of our favorite manufacturers' golden years (ex: three 2004-2012 Intamins, two eras of B&M's, classic Schwarzkopf, etc.), Hershey is right up there with Cedar Point and Kings Island, IMO.

BGT, BGW, Carowinds, SFGADV, SFMM, SFGA, SFFT, and a few others are close, but don't quite have the volume of outstanding coasters to match the top tier.

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Just going by quantity and quality of roller coasters, my vote is for Cedar Point. Six Flags Magic Mountain has the quantity and a decent coaster collection, with a couple of my top-10 coasters. Cedar Point has more coasters I would consider world class. Kings Island is an honorable mention, as well - and I say that without having ridden Orion.

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