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NEWS: S&S – Sansei Technologies announces the new Spin Shot Tower!

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S&S – Sansei Technologies has sent us a press release announcing their new Spin Shot Tower concept, which can be built new or retrofit on any existing S&S tower!


S&S – Sansei Technologies is excited to announce the new Spin Shot Tower!

The Spin Shot takes the thrills and excitement from our 4D Free Spin coaster seat and puts it on our world-famous tower rides. For a modest investment, the Spin Shot can be retrofit on any S&S tower.

Custom ride profiles can be programmed to orient the rider, face-up, face-down or even upside down during the tower ride sequence! This thrilling experience will be mechanically controlled to ensure maximum safety and thrills for all riders.

S&S recognizes the current market challenges and the limited capital expense budgets most parks now face. Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, Josh Hays said, “Our CEO, Tim Timco, challenged us to develop an exciting attraction that parks could offer their customers at a modest budget. We believe our talented engineering team has met that goal. Parks want to offer their guests new and exciting experiences every year. That is a difficult task right now, but we believe our new Spin Shot Tower will allow parks with existing tower rides to reward their guests with a thrilling experience that doesn’t break the bank.”

The Spin Shot is a patented product only available from S&S - Sansei Technologies. For more information about the Spin Shot Tower, you can visit the S&S website at http://s-s.com/rides/spin-shot-tower/.






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The seats look similar to that old S&S Sky Sling ride that a few parks got in the early 2000s.

This is a really cool way to breathe life into a pre-existing drop tower and I'd love to see a few parks try it.  Considering Six Flags's relationship with S&S and their willingness to renovate pre-existing attractions as new additions, I have a hunch they may be the first to try this out.

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This would be a cool way to update Playland's HELLEVATOR. It's not a very tall tower. But it can be a space shot thing, or a drop tower...or both! During the annual fair, The PNE, they (sometimes) program it to do the space shot first. Then, it climbs back up the tower and does the drop. Very cool program. I wish they would do it during Playland's regular season. 💈

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