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When Theme Park YouTubers steal your work

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So this is kind of a stupid question, but since I know many of you have YouTube channels, and Robb of course runs one of the most successful channels out there, what do you do when you see clips (or entire videos) that you created used by others? I am not sure why this is upsetting me so much, but lately I have seen lots of my work used on other people’s channels. Credit MAY be given in the form of a barely legible watermarked name in the lower corner of the screen, or more often than not, credit isn’t given at all, and never has anyone reached out asking to use my videos on their channel.


For me it’s not about money because I barely make anything. It’s about the fact that these people can’t/don’t use their own footage for videos on their channel. As an example, someone used 7 clips of mine for a historic video they created and narrated. I was never asked but they did put my YouTube name on the clips. Obviously, the park they were referencing is defunct, so they can’t use their own footage. But why is it so hard to just ask for permission? It seems like there are many of these channels out there that just piece together other people’s work (TPR is definitely “borrowed” quite often) and then monetize and take credit for them. To me, this is kind of not fair. My favorite was when two of my recent videos were filmed by someone’s iPhone and put up on their channels. You were even able to see the person click “play” on their tablet as they filmed the video running on the phone. Ugh!


So, what should someone do in this situation? Do I be a prick and file a copyright claim? Do I contact the other channel and ask them to please ask for permission in the future? I have no problem with someone using my footage, as to me it is flattering. I just have a problem with someone taking my footage and using it like it was their own without asking.


Sorry if this was not on topic... but I figured there are some experts here and I was hoping to pick some of your brains! Thank you.

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You basically are correct with the two options. Totally agree that if people just asked and weren't dicks it wouldn't be a big deal, but usually that's not the case, especially on YouTube. If you're small and just starting out and don't want to ruffle too many feathers then by all means contact them first and then if they don't respond I would file the claim. It's super frustrating and I feel your pain and decision making process.

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