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Chuck's TPR Shameless Nostalgia Trip Thread

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Nice pictures, Chuck! This is where the nostalgia actually starts for me, since this was my first TPR tour! I had read many TRs and seen the Coaster Expedition videos, but I didn't really know what to expect the trip to be like. It was way more fun (and way more exhausting) than I could have imagined. Robb and Elissa's phenomenal job planning (and dealing with issues, I'm looking a you Satan's Lodge) and getting to know everyone on the trips is what makes TPR trips so much more than going to a bunch of parks and riding coasters. Very much looking forward to the next time I can do one!

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I'm finally catching up on all these reports and I've come to realize something Chuck....YOU MUST BE RICH!!!! Seriously, how many trips have you been on?!?! But in all seriousness, if you know you want to go on a trip, then you can plan for it but it is really fun to see all your trip reports in a nutshell. I've always enjoyed reading your reports when you posted them rather soon after the trips because your commentary on the photos always cracks me up.


If I need a good laugh, I have a couple cocktails and then read a famous Chuck "cfc" Trip Report and I'll be aching in my side from laughing so much.


Jimmy "These pictures are great Chuck!!!" Bo

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Good times on the Coney-to-Coney tour, my second with TPR. The first half of that trip was exhausting. But at least Owensboro KY rolled out the red carpet for us.


Last rides on Python in Cincinnati for most of us, since that park has now closed down its dry side.


Two parks with Fascination in the span of a few days? That's as good as it gets, especially if you need a new crock pot.


If you skipped Ghost Hole, you made the right call.

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these updates have been fantastic, Chuck!


haven't had a lot of time to be active on the messageboards too much lately (work has been kicking my butt!). . . but I try to read thru your updates as soon as I see them.


they help make my day much better, and I've loved seeing the pics.


thanks so much for sharing!

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This was such a good trip! So many TPR tours stand out... but every time Chuck posts a new update in this thread, I find myself smiling and caught up in total wanderlust remembering how much FUN we all had! Even when "Adventure Tour" found a whole new meaning at Satan's Lodge that night... and Banshee nearly poked my eye out... I still look back on it and do nothing but smile and laugh! John and I even did a pre-trip to the two trips PLUS the add on! Crazy stuff. I miss you guys!

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Thanks for all these great ongoing Retro Updates, Chuck. Brings back my own personal awesome memories of some of these tours we've shared, with Elissa, Robb, and Kristen.


Us in Wonder Rakutenchi park. 2007 Japan Tour.

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West Coast Bash 2015


I had signed up for Japan (yes, again) in 2015, but my Dad's health was very iffy, so I decided to hold off from any big vacations. Long story short, Dad rallied, and I ended up taking a long weekend for West Coast Bash as my "TPR Trip" that year.


I guess this is technically cheating, but it's my thread, after all. Who's up for a bit of Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm, with a steaming portion of Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and SeaWorld San Diego on the side? You do meet the most interesting people at these events.




Right, Erik?


West Coast Bash was fun, and I always enjoy the Knott's day, in particular. There's fried chicken, Boysenberry pie, and a sneak peek at Knott's Scary Farm.


Let's check in and get our swag.


Launched Premier coasters were all the rage that year, and SFMM was no exception.


Say it! Say it! You know you want to . . . YOLO!


I rather like Goliath, but I've never grayed out in its HELIX OF DEATH (I305 is another story).


But the real stars here are, of course, Elissa, KT, . . .


. . . and Twisted Colossus. It's very good when it doesn't duel and great when it does.


Here I am with two of the park's best staff members.


Good night, sweet YOLO COASTER!


I think this ride at Knott's Berry Farm was underrated by locals. How can you not enjoy seeing a "crab as big as a cow"?


This is the maintenance bay under the Sierra Sidewinder station. It's a clever use of space.


"As the riders loped on by him he heard one call his name.

If you want to save your soul from hell a-riding on our range,

Then cowboy change your ways today or with us you will ride,

Trying to catch the devil's herd, across these endless skies."


The new version of the Calico Mine Train shore was purty. I've loved this ride (and the log ride) at Knott's since I was a kid.


Personally, I eat my pie with a fork, but you know what enthusiasts can be like. ;)


It ain't no West Coast Bash till somebody gets shot.


We took a backstage tour of Blood on the Bayou, a Scary Farm maze. Just call me Papa Shango.


It's always nice to relax for a bit in the Sky Cabin . . .


. . . before Xcelerator tries to kill you!


WCB is over, so it's time for the Disneyland Resort! Our first stop was Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom, a place of dreams, fantasy, . . .


. . . and, it would seem, deadly toxins.


That's my brother Ward hanging on for dear life on the bottom. He joined us for a day at Disney.


Canadians love having Pixie Dust blown on them.


One does not simply go to Disneyland and not ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.


"I find those who fail to ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride disturbing." More to come.

Edited by cfc
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On to DCA and SWSD!


This was my first look at the "new" Disney California Adventure.


Radiator Springs Racers was a great ride, and the whole area was impressive.


Time to hop back to DL for a little Big Thunder.


By then the park was very busy and full of goons!


We've hopped again. Try not to be confused. (I do like just being able to walk between the two parks at the DL Resort.)


As some of you probably know, I'm not a "flat-ride guy." But I like this one.


OK, the sun is setting on Radiator Springs.


Who needs lube?


Good night DCA. You're lookin' good.


I can't remember the last time I rode the original Haunted Mansion. Seems that I'm always there at the wrong time of the year for it, but I do love the Nightmare Before Christmas version.


I hear he's a gamblin' boogie man who don't play fair.


We arrived in California in the midst of drought; so, of course, it poured rain during our dive to SeaWorld San Diego.


After the torrential rain slacked off and stopped, we had a "private ERT" session on Manta, thanks to the tiny crowd that day.


This little launched coaster is great--well themed and lots of fun. Nice work, Mack and SeaWorld!


So, Brad didn't wish to ride Journey to Atlantis with us, eh? He made his hidden agenda clear soon enough!


I prefer the walk-through SeaWorld aquariums to the shows.


Despite the rain, it was a successful visit to SeaWorld, . . .


. . . but a less-than-successful visit to Belmont Park. Looks like I'll have to ride the Giant Dipper some other day.


But the rain can't stop Pizza Port . . .


. . . and beer! That's all for now.

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Was not expecting to see a WCB TR in this, but am glad nonetheless! One of the things I miss about living in Arizona was how easy it was to fly to California for the weekend and do a WCB (one year I went just for the Knott's day because they are full of so much fun). WCB 2013 was my first TPR event and a few of the people I met that weekend are the reason I ended up doing the Mini New Hotness/East Coast trip the next year, so I will consider it as my gateway drug!

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Europe 2016


Most of the group started in Paris Disneyland (or just in Paris), but I couldn't meet them until they hit Amsterdam.




And that's where they found me--at the hotel, struggling against jet lag until the TPR bus arrived. I'm not sure how many times I dropped off, but I think the book I was reading hit the floor a few times that morning. But it was all worth it. Elissa arranged a great tour of some art museums, as well as the city, that day. Yes, there was a fair amount of culture among the Van Goghs and Rembrandts, with a touch of the Red Light District (well, it does have historical value, being in the oldest part of the city and all). That night, Derek took Dan, John, and I on a cultural tour of another sort, in which a number of fermented hoppy beverages were swigged down.


Yes, it was a great first day and night in Amsterdam, followed by plenty of parks from the Netherlands to Sweden.


Yes, Amsterdam is a beautiful city teeming with culture . . .


. . . and floating in beer. (This joint under the windmill was particularly good.)


Off to Walibi Holland for what has to be the most underrated coaster in Europe: Lost Gravity. Local enthusiasts have been downplaying this coaster, even though it's a great ride. I think the folks in this car share my opinion.


Goliath is anything but underrated, however.


Hmm--KT seems to be having some issues with the Nautic Jets at Potts Park.


I think I'll just ride the bunnies.


Heide Park has changed a lot since I last visited with TPR in '08. Krake was a nicely themed Dive Coaster in which you're swallowed then expelled rather rudely from a kraken.


Flug der Damonen was a nicely themed Wingrider. I like the demonic trains.


Back to Hansa Park, which boasts a great, truly scary coaster called Karnan.


Derek was so frightened by Karnan that he had to be tied up for his own protection.


Just get a load of how insane that ride looks! There's crazy airtime everywhere, too.


Van Helsing was the best ride at Movie Park.


Unfortunately, they still have Bandit--one of the worst things ever built.


This is probably the only decent picture I've ever taken of Phantasialand's best coaster--Winjas. But the dang thing is just so speedy and spinny!


Chiapas is my favorite flume ride behind Timber Mountain at Knott's and Disney's Splash Mountains.


Hmm--I don't recall Glinda the Good being a creepy hipster dude the last time I rode Hollywood Tour.


Premiere launched rides contiued to be all the rage! Seriously, how many of these rides have been built? Sky Scream has the added bonus of making the queue into a "haunt" maze.


I'm pleased to report that Expedition GeForce is an amazing as ever--especially when you get extra, extra ERT!


The Bell Rock is yet another great resort at Europa Park.


Blue Fire's loop is fun, but this Mack coaster saves its big thrill for the end. Watch out for that last inversion!


On the plus side, Wodan is a beautiful looking structure with a very nice "Valhalla" theme--and fire. On the other hand, it's not one of GCI's better coasters.


Arthur was a very cool dark ride. The ride system is essentially an inverted powered coaster. I think Disney or Universal could do some cool stuff with it, too.


"Ye set me heart aflame, ye brazen wench!" (What--too soon? I'm looking forward to riding the rebuilt Pirates of Batavia someday.)


I'd forgotten about this odd version of the "Jungle Cruise."


This is the first time I've ever see Europa after dark.


Yes, this park has been afforded more photos than the others. But, hey, it's Europa!


Welcome to Grona Lund in Stockholm! I like to say we flew in on this balloon, but that would be a lie.


Jetline continues to kick butt, as you can tell by these happy riders.


Insane still lives up to its name.


This woman really likes Grona Lund.


The walk-through tour of Bla Taget was very interesting.


Aw, who wants to adopt this poor kitty?


Yep--Grona Lund is a classic park that just keeps getting better.


Zoos in the U.S. will feature a kiddie coaster, if you're lucky. Kolmarden has Wildfire!


I think the hair of the girl in the sixth row sums up this ride pretty well.


The Sky Safari is great, too.


How often do you get to look down on giraffes?


Hurry up! You don't what to be late for the bus!


Looks like the tiger ordered in today.


Let's end with a bear playing ball. Be more like the bear, folks. That's all for now.

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This hurts a little more than normal as we were supposed to be at Europa right now.


Aw, I'm sorry. I understand your feelings, as I wish I was at Europa, too.

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^I'm glad to have performed such a valuable service for you, Andy. I rode Insane a few times back in 2009, but in 2016 once was enough (it's still fun, but so intense).

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Oktoberfest 2017


Back to Europe, but with a few differences:


1. Go in September, not the summer.

2. Fly to Munich.

3. See castles and other cultural stuff, in addition to visiting parks and riding coasters.


We were in Munich for some little local celebration you may have heard of. Something called "Oktoberfest."




This event is renowned for something, but my memory of is a bit fuzzy. Hmm . . . what could it be? It's right on the tip of my tongue . . . oh, let's get to the photos. I'm sure it'll come to me.


I do vaguely remember riding this at Oktoberfest, but that wasn't the only thing about the celebration.


Oh, well . . . spot the guy with the brass balls! Win a kewpie doll!


I recall that we had to run to see this fountain go off or we'd miss it. It was rather impressive.


And they say Disneyland's castle is tiny. Why, I could crush this dollhouse with one blow!


There was a ride with FIRE at Oktoberfest, but that wasn't the main attraction, either.


Bayern was a very pretty little German park, but this launched coaster was a wee bit rough.


This weird water slide was fun . . .


. . . but this odd powered coaster at Skyline Park, not so much.


Dueling Nautic Jets!


This Devil's Wheel thing at Oktoberfest made people feel giddy. Perhaps it's a clue . . .


Meanwhile back at Holiday Park, they still have the best themed Premiere Sky Rocket 2 . . .


. . . and the amazing GeForce. So pretty at sunset.


It was a bit rainy at Phantasialand, so I had trouble getting decent photos of Taron. Spectacular theming, and a very good, not quite great, ride.


Yay! Hollywood Tour still exists!


As the sun sets on the Hotel Ling Bao, I wonder , , ,


, , , is Oktoberfest about more than big sausages--and puerile imagery on signs?


Well, there was the great joy Joey had on this slide. Surely there was more.


Europa Park taught us about the threat posed by ANGRY CORN!


It's fall at Europa, so we may as well take in the, er, relaxing autumnal sights.


We weren't at Europa at the right time to experience their "haunt," but they gave us a great backstage tour.


Yes, I had poffertjes with ice cream. Don't judge.


But what was the point? I mean, this spinning coaster with the crazy light show was fun, but what was it about Oktoberfest?


Maybe a ride on Gold Rush at Slagharen will jog my memory.


Nope--not ringing any bells, but this was a great ride.


Movie Park has its problem, but it does have a good ride in Star Trek: Operation Enterprise.


Set course for fun--engage!


But getting back to what was really important at Oktoberfest . . . dang, what could it be?


Help me out here, guys.


Oh yeah--that's it. And that's all for now.

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Oktoberfest 2017


Back to Europe, but with a few differences:


1. Go in September, not the summer.

2. Fly to Munich.

3. See castles and other cultural stuff, in addition to visiting parks and riding coasters.


We were in Munich for some little local celebration you may have heard of. Something called "Oktoberfest."


This event is renowned for something, but my memory of is a bit fuzzy. Hmm . . . what could it be? It's right on the tip of my tongue . . . oh, let's get to the photos. I'm sure it'll come to me.



Those pix of Angry Corn will forever give me nightmares. (But enjoyed your Nostalgia Trip, Chuck! Thanks.)



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Oktoberfest 2017

Well, there was the great joy Joey had on this slide. Surely there was more.

There was the steak vom schwein and the meter long currywurst!!


What a great trip! Both of the last two that you posted (I'm just behind in reading). Oktoberfest was one the most FUN places I've ever been! I can't wait to go back some day...

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