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TP Report Knott's Berry Farm 04/03/2020

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Hello everybody

Recently I went to California, and I was able to do Universal Studios and Knott's Berry Farm

On March 4, Knott's Berry Farm was rather empty, 5 min waiting for all the attractions, a chance.

My discovery of this park was a great success, I love its unique atmosphere, its decor, its exceptional attractions, especially Montezooma's Revenge and Silver Bullet.

Calico Mine Ride is authentic and quite long.

Hangtime despite its lapbar (yes I have a little problem with this security system despite it being very secure) is a great roller coaster with its climb to 90 degrees.


The Hangtime layout is incredible


I think it's my favorite roller coaster




I had never done Top Scan is it's violent aha


Short but nice just nice for my first motorcycle coaster




I love the arcades


Astonishing surprise with this Space Invaders


My favorite roller coaster with Silver Bullet, long live the Shuttle Loop


Oh a little looping


Small classic curve



So La Revolucion huh it gives a headache ..







Redbull gives wings aha

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glad you caught it on such a slow day, thanks for sharing.


nice pics too. . .I had to giggle a little bit, as you're like me in that you don't always like to wait for a coaster train to be in the pics

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Yes I really enjoyed myself, well I was just disappointed that the Wooden (GhostRider) was closed for renovation

But I had never seen a park so empty, so little waiting was beneficial.

And yes I am very happy to have been able to come to California and do this park, since now the French are no longer allowed to come for a certain period of time.

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Did you try any of the food there, in the park? Or Mrs. Knott's Chicken?

Anything you really liked...and anything you would not get again?


Glad you had a good time there, even with Ghostrider closed. It's a great park!

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