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Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Discussion Thread

P. 61: America's First 'Slidewheel' opening Summer 2022!

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What I dont understand is, what's the point of having waves that big if you cant surf them? I mean, I really think "bobbing" in the water looses its purpose once the waves start breaking. Now you have an attraction whose only real marketing draw is all and all rather pointless.


Just my thoughts.



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Melbourne Swimming and aquatic center. They have a bodyslide and a pretty good wave pool, as well as several inflatable obstacle courses, diving boards and the Olympic Size Swimming pool. If you watched the Melbourne COmmonwealth Games last year, you would have seen it. But, i guess you live in Israel, and since they weren't competitng i guess not.


Happy Birthday, Btw.

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You know what would be cool, if that backing with the picture of poseidon moved, and you could see him get all mad, he would roar out, and slam the water, and when he did that a wave would form, it would be an interactive wave pool. I am suprised no one has ever thought of that, I think that if they designed the first interactive wave pool more people would come. And it would be a freakin' sweet experience.


Comment on my idea please, see what you think, I personally think it would be cool.


Agreed. However, I think the Wilderness in the Dells claims the world's first interactive wavepool. There are depth charges and water guns that guests can control.

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I would not want to work there. I am a lifeguard at a pool and a lake and I know how hard it is to jump of guard chairs. And if you had to jump from your stand into that pool, it wouldn't be like jumping into 7ft of water. The water it only knee deep and the stands are probably 10ft up from the water.....that may be a problem in the future

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I would much rather ride a lazy river than a waterslide. Much longer experience, and you don't have to stand in line for twenty minutes in the hot sun. I could go to a water park and just do lazy rivers and the wave pool and be totally happy.


Now, since this is a MO, I'm expecting this to run more like a Class IV rapids than a lazy river. I'm very curious to see how this turns out...



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