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New ride concepts by Mack Rides

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At FKF's annualy FKF-Convention, held at Europa Park this year, Mack Rides showed some new ride concepts as well as a preview of their new Xtreme Spinning Coaster for Plopsaland De Panne.


- The Rocking Boat (a new ride system to combine water and/or dark rides with coaster parts. There are rumours they will use this kind of type for their new version of "Pirates at Batavia" at Europa Park.)


- Power Loop (an extension for their Power Splash)



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I caught this on Facebook a couple days ago. I'm loving the Power Loop the most. I've been on Pulsar and it was the sleeper hit of the park. Adding a loop to the design is just icing on the cake! The rocking boat design is very cool, as well, but I feel like it won't be a huge seller, at least until they build one at Europa to show it off.

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^ Agreed. This test version of Rocking Boat looks small enough, it could be enclosed

in a show building for maximum theming and effects, i.e. "Stormy Weather".


And you would get wet, lol!


"It was a dark and stormy night"...

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I'm not sure which concept I like more... The Rocking Boat or Power Loop.


The rocking boat looks like it could be a good fit for a lot of parks. I could see a park like SDC replacing a ride like The Flooded Mine with something like this. It could be a good way to take a rather dated ride, and modernize it... all while keeping a similar styled ride. Power Loop looks like a great modification to the Power Splash! I could easily see a park like SFMM or SFOG getting one of these!


Can't wait to see where these start popping up!

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the rocking boat concept looks fantastic.


tho I LOVE it as a "boat", I think it loses quite a bit when they show it with a raft attached.


I hope whichever park (s) go for it, stick with the "boat" concept instead of "raft"

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Holy mother of thrill rides . . .


Those are two killer concepts and I would like to see and ride them in an amusement park near me someday.


Hey Kings Dominion, the park that just took out the Volcano, why not scrap having another roller coaster idea and just put in the Rocking Boat Ride and name it "Revenge of the Haunted River" ( . . .and just when you thought you were safe from that haunted attraction . . .)? That would get me coming back to Kings Dominion!

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