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Futuroscope (France) to open first coaster, Objectif Mars

Another new expansion announced!

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Hi guys -


Apparently Futuroscope in France is building a new coaster that will open this March. It looks to be a combination of a dark ride followed by a launched coaster section. The unique thing, though? This thing has programmable rotating cars, beating Guardians at Epcot to the punch. What shocks me is practically nobody is mentioning the rotating cars while everyone is mentioning the "indoor fire" which is fog with lighting effects. Big whoop.



You can see the rotation around the 53 second mark. Photos on RCDB confirm that the real-life cars will rotate, as well -



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I feel like I came across a full pov for this sometime last year, really interesting project. Should be fun to see this thing in action just to get a better idea of what the Guardians ride system is capable of, obviously on a much MUCH larger scale.


Guardians ride is going to be so cool, I might be more excited about that than I was for the new Star Wars stuff.

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  • 8 months later...

After installing Objectif Mars, Futuroscope is pushing forward, and investing 300 million Euros in some huge expansions. These include:

  • Moving / spinning theater attraction for 2022
  • Themed hotel for 2022
  • Outdoor lodge for 2023
  • Indoor-outdoor water attraction for 2024
  • Water park for 2024
  • New unannounced attraction for 2026

Check out more info and images here (French): https://futuroscope.news/communique/206496/Le-Futuroscope-devoile-projet-de-developpement-300-millions-d-euros-investis-dans-dix-prochaines-annees




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