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NEWS: West Edmonton Mall Galaxyland to be rethemed to Hasbro

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Galaxyland at the West Edmonton Mall is being rethemed to leverage the properties of toy and entertainment company Hasbro. The transformation is expected to take just over a year with the park remaining open throughout this transition.



After 24 years of of being space themed, the amusement park at West Edmonton Mall is getting a big makeover due to a new licensing agreement with toy and entertainment giant Hasbro. Galaxyland will undergo a transformation that will include Hasbro brands such as My Little Pony, Monopoly, G.I. Joe, Nerf, Play-Doh, Battleship, Operation, and more. Hasbro branding will be incorporated in more than 25 rides, games and attractions covering an area of three-and-a-half acres, the mall announced Wednesday.


“We’re thrilled to bring a number of exciting rides and activities themed to many of Hasbro’s iconic brands,” said Matt Proulx, Hasbro’s vice president of location-based entertainment.


The park will also feature new Hasbro retailing and food options, and upon completion will reopen as “Galaxyland powered by Hasbro.”


“We are delighted to welcome Hasbro to Galaxyland,” WEM general manager Danielle Woo said. “Both of our brands represent dynamic family fun and ‘Galaxyland powered by Hasbro’ will combine our amazing rides and attractions with Hasbro’s loved and well-known brands.”


Construction will begin this month, with the grand opening scheduled for winter 2020. Galaxyland will remain open throughout the process, the mall said.


The indoor amusement park was originally known as Fantasyland from 1983 to 1995, however that name was already used at The Walt Disney Company theme parks around the world and as a result, the mall was taken to court. West Edmonton Mall lost the lawsuit, and was forced to change the park’s name, although the mall was allowed to continue using the name “Fantasyland Hotel.” In 1995, the park re-branded as Galaxyland with a space age theme and mascot named “Cosmo.”


The amusement park is home to the world’s tallest and longest indoor roller coaster, the Mindbender, as well as the world’s tallest indoor tower ride, the Space Shot.


The mall said this will be the first Hasbro-themed amusement park in Canada. Earlier this year, it announced a Hasbro-themed water park in Malaysia.


West Edmonton Mall is owned by the Triple Five Group, which is based in Edmonton and run by the Ghermezian family, who built the mall in the 1980s.


Link to Global News article

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I'm not exactly sure how they plan to ride-ify stuff like Monopoly, but I get the feeling that the Hasbro brand is way more evergreen than some of the franchises that other parks have gone with recently...


This is probably a good change for Galaxyland.

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^ And/Or a trackless CLUE Ride. Jingle Jingle.




You insert a random CLUEcard into the front of the ride vehicle, and it plots the journey (thru the "house")

towards the eventual KILLER that somehow (I have no idea how) you pre-figure it out, in your vehicle.


A Holiday Suggestion.

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So... Bronies in outer space?


I think a My Little Pony Merry-Go-Round sounds kind of awesome. And they do have a carousel....


I've never been to this park, but was strongly considering a trip in early 2020. Now I'm not too sure, though. Weird changeover theming and possible extra closures might scare me off. Still, that's just my particular circumstance.

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^^I know one of my facebook friends wrote to the park after this was announced as he has a trip coming up there and they told him nothing was scheduled to be down at this time. Obviously that could change any day and who knows if whoever is answering email knows what they are talking about but I'm guessing this is a 'minimal' retheme and won't affect ride operations too much.

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Hasbro now owns Death Row Records





Hasbro also recently merged with Entertainment One, a Canadian Studio, which gives Hasbro rights to Peppa Pig in Canada


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