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IAAPA 2019 Trade Show Updates from TPR!

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Hey everyone! TPR is back at IAAPA 2019 and we will be posting updates here from the show floor! Check back here more updates and COMMENT on your favorite highlights from this year!





Day 1: Coaster cars and new ride concepts

Day 2: VR, arcades and new themed entertainment concepts




Original Post:


We're back at the Orange County Convention Center for International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo 2019!


Proslide is one of many major amusement industry manufacturers that has a booth at the event!


The new ride vehicle for Legoland New York’s Factory Tour dark ride made its debut at the ETF Ride Systems booth.


A new car for Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg made its debut at the Intamin booth.


Spider-Man Aerial Arts.


Theme park celebrity sighting!


Over at the Maurer-Sohne booth, the new Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster vehicle that will be featured on the Carnival Mardi Gras cruise ship.


The lead car for Texas Stingray was unveiled at the Great Coasters International booth.


Texas Stingray will open at SeaWorld San Antonio in Spring 2020.


One last look at the GCI booth.


Walltopia is showing off their ropes course and zip line coaster concepts this year at IAAPA.


Over at Premier Rides, Ice Breaker was the new hotness to be shown off.


One of coaster's cars can be see at the booth.


Ice Breaker feature the steepest beyond-vertical drop in Florida, and it is Florida's first multi-directional launch coaster.


Premier Rides has made some fantastic coasters and we can't wait to see what their 2020 projects end up like!


For amusement industry members and fanatics alike, the sight of rows of ride manufacturers and theme park developers is heaven.


Sally Dark Rides is showing off their Garfield animated figures for the new ride at one of the Six Flags parks in China!


IAAPA attendees have the chance to experience the Nebulaz flat ride from Zamperla, one of Coney Island’s new rides which will open later this year.


Vekoma has a booth on the show floor, highlighting their contributions to major parks around the world including Disney's.


It isn't IAAPA with a visit to the Intamin booth!


A car from Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure is also on display here!


B&M's main feature this year is the lead car for Orion, the new giga coaster coming to Kings Island next year.


Martin & Vleminckx's booth highlights their work in theme parks, roller coasters, and singing taxidermy.


Gerstlauer has a booth on the show floor as well.


Rides4U has expanded their compact spinning coaster concept with a new hamster-wheel style coaster car that spins vertically as opposed to horizontally as the car crosses the track.


Rocky Mountain Construction debuted the new lead car for Iron Gwazi.


This looks great!


S&S Sansei's focus this year is on their new Axis Coaster concept.


The coaster car sits in the center of the track with the ride seats spinning freely laterally.


It will be interesting to see how quickly this new concept shows up in the parks.


That wraps up our coverage from Day 1 of IAAPA 2019! Stay tuned for more photos from the show floor!

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The Axis coaster from S&S is by far the most intriguing new concept of the year for me, can't wait to see one of these things built somewhere. Also it might be just me but seems like this year has been a little lite on major new announcements. Maybe it's been this way for a few years and I just haven't noticed, and I know most parks do their major announcements before the show during their seasons, but seems like there was always a few semi major announcements on the first day. Maybe more is coming but either way the coverage is always fun to follow.

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Great photos and updates! Thanks for posting and looking forward to more!


One quick note: Nebulaz already opened at Luna Park during the summertime, and they gave it the name "Clockworkz" for this installation.


I'm all in on the hamster wheel car for the SBF spinners, but I'm kinda thinking that it's only an eventuality that they're going to make a variant that spins both horizontally and vertically in the future. And I for one can't wait for that glorious vomit-coercer.

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Remember a few yhears ago when IAAPA was full of awesome stuff, cool new concepts and all that? Recent years it's just been "here's a lead car for a new coaster, here's a lead car for an old coaster, here's a new topping for dippin dots." It's really gone downhill. Where's all the innovation we used to see?

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Wouldn’t it be such a great surprise when we get the official announcement of Kings Dominions new coaster that’ll replace Volcano and it ends up being that new AXIS COASTER?!!!


Sigh, please....just let me dream for a second, thanks lol. Loving the look of the Pantheon trains!! Super colorful and vibrant!

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Remember a few yhears ago when IAAPA was full of awesome stuff, cool new concepts and all that? Recent years it's just been "here's a lead car for a new coaster, here's a lead car for an old coaster, here's a new topping for dippin dots." It's really gone downhill. Where's all the innovation we used to see?


So you're telling me there's interest in products not done by RMC? You're crazy! We can't have anything different until every park has a RMC.

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Remember a few yhears ago when IAAPA was full of awesome stuff, cool new concepts and all that? Recent years it's just been "here's a lead car for a new coaster, here's a lead car for an old coaster, here's a new topping for dippin dots." It's really gone downhill. Where's all the innovation we used to see?


Being done behind the scenes. Stuff like the Axis coaster was probably being shown at last years IAAPA in private and just now ready to be put on display after the prototype was built. I've seen some photos of other neat ride concepts on display on the floor, but I will defer to TPR coverage to show those off!


I also imagine the shift to more train unveilings is because most of the "traditional" media is only there for day 1, so the focus is on parks trying to grab some media attention for themselves.

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Theme Park Review returned to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando for day two of IAAPA 2019! Today's visit was focused mostly on the smaller booths of the show floor! Take a look and let us know what you think!



IAAPA may be home to tons of ride manufacturers, but it is also home to vendors who create arcade games, family entertainment center offerings and other amusement enterprises.


Paradrop VR is an awesome VR game where you fly a parachute over a mountain range!


Extreme Engineering is showing off the latest version of their Cloud Coaster system at this year's IAAPA Expo.


Doppelmayr, the company behind the Disney Skyliner and Kolmarden’s Safari Tour has a booth on the show floor.


Gravity Group showing off their latest Timberliner lead car concept.


The Alberts company, who does the foam molding for any coaster that you probably have ridden.


WhiteWater has a large presence on this year's show floor.


There's a SlideWheel model at the WhiteWater booth.


PTC consistently brings their trains to IAAPA.



Companies like Alcorn-McBride provide some awesome lighting and show control systems.,,,


A whole section of the coin-operated area is only Sega games!


Dynamic Attractions' booth.


Another look at the the Nebulaz flat ride from Zamperla.


Walltopia is giving attendees the chance to test out their Rollglider concept.


We love that Intamin features TPR footage at their booth every year!


Another look at Maurer Sohne's Bolt coaster car, coming to Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras.


VR Foosball anyone?


Outside on the midway Rides4U has a working Crazy Surf flat ride to experience.


The Weber Group and Infinite Kingdoms made a joint announcement today of their new concept, Ancient Lore Village.


Here is the first piece of concept art from Ancient Lore Village.


Check out the press release and teaser below to learn more about this new themed entertainment concept.




Together with the Weber Group, Infinite Kingdoms announces the first-ever Ancient Lore Village.


A new world of Immersive Themed storytelling is coming to Tennessee. Ancient Lore Village, a first of its kind overnight “story resort,” is being announced in partnership and design development with Infinite Kingdoms and Weber Group. This award-winning team of industry creators and builders is bringing this vision to life. Guests at Ancient Lore Village will play their part in an original story world that will take place all around them, including interactive experiences their rooms and spread around the resort. The focus on family connections is an embodiment of the company’s vision statement “to foster community, and thereby improve the world, through experiences.”- the resort will feature unique interactive lodging accommodations without traditional TV’s in the room. New game technology and traditional play experiences for families will form unique memories, driven by their choices and interactions. The new breakthrough play platforms of Magic Campfire, DigiMe and Infinite Tracking in the entire resort becomes an interactive playground for guests that will create a holistic “custom” world of the guest’s imagination and choice. “This is the first time in the world an interactive resort has been designed from the ground up to create a fully interactive world with physical and effect-driven interactives at all locations in the resort” says Denise Chapman Weston, Chief Inventor Infinite Kingdoms. Matthew Cross, CEO of Ancient Lore Village believes “Ancient Lore Village is built on the idea that we all value our human connections. No better connection can be formed than sharing and enjoying stories together. Infinite Kingdoms and the Weber Group are a perfect fit for taking our vision of a world connected by story and executing it with unique technology. The “Lore” of Ancient Lore Village is being announced here, at the World Stage of IAAPA with our co-creators Infinite Kingdoms and Weber Group. This compelling partnership is another key factor in our ability to demonstrate our executable vision to our growing base of partners.”


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Lots of great stuff! I rode the Nebulaz flat at Luna Park this summer and it was really fun, though not super thrilling. I’d love to try out that Crazy Surf flat!


I just can’t believe PTC designed “new” trains but did nothing about those wretched lapbars.

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