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The Graf family around the world - Trip Reports

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Photo trip report from Heide-Park, June 1st 2021

We had a long hiatius from theme parks as Germany was completely shut down in the amusement sector from October 2020 to May/June 2021.
As we heard that the state of Lower Saxony was opening up a bit we took our kids, booked a hotel and went to Hannover. After having three great days in Hannover, at the Steinhuder Meer and visiting friends we used our last day for Heide-Park.
We've been there in 2017, when we had no kids and just started riding coasters. So this time, with two litte kids, our focus was mostly on the kiddie rides and on Colossus, which was closed for renovation four years ago. We would have done more coasters, but sadly express pass, baby switch and single rider lanes were closed due to their COVID protocol. But all in all the park was in a good shape, extremely better then in 2017. Merlin has done some good work here. But to be honest, the coasters could use some mmore love. Krake was more down then open, had a more then 60 minute wait when open because it ran only two trains. Flug der Dämonen ran one train all day with a 90 minute queue in the middle of the day. Same goes for Desert Race.

From our view, attendance was perfect and the weather was legit, with a lot of sun and no rain. We came into the park right at opening and headed straight to Colossus to get this thing done. It was our first new coaster since Tripsdrill in August 2020 and the first really big new thing since Walygator Parc two years earlier. As you can imagine, we were a little bit nervous. Even without express pass and single rider lane I waited just 20 minutes for a front row ride, Sarah the same directly afterwards. After that, we went to the Peppa Pig Land to satisfy our little ones. The area was really pretty and both liked all the rides a lot. Same goes for the How to Train Your Dragon area with the exception that both kids were too small to ride some rides. After more than two hours there, we decided to walk back to Colossus and the slide tower, where Paul deperately wanted to challenge himself. On this way we stopped at Grottenblitz, the powered coaster, where Paul was allowed to ride. So he cleared off his second coaster in his life - not bad for a three year old in a pandemic in Germany! After two laps, one with Sarah and one with me each, we checked the app and saw that there was almost no line at Colossus, so Sarah did a second front row ride while the kids and me made a rest at the parks lake watching coasters and ducks befor we switched and Sarah went sliding with Paul while I did a back row ride.
As the park was closing around 5:30 p.m., we didn't have much time left, so we went on a walk up the hill with the big rides looking for an evening snack. While eating a truly good pizza, we decided that we adults were almost done for the day. As all major rides had more than a 60 minute wait for each one of us, we decided to go on Flug der Dämonen as our last big ride. I went first on the back right outer seat while Sarah waited with the kids and afterwards we switched and while Sarah rode I went back to the two kids areas to do some rides with them.

All in all it was a very satisfying day. It was our first thing we did after an eight month long lockdown in Germany where you could do almost nothing. For the most time, there was no dining option in your home city, only takeaway or delivery. While we were at Heide Park these rules still applied to our home city. Our kids were so happy and even Sarah shared some tears during the day because she was so relieved.

Ride reviews:
Colossus: It was our first time on any Intamin woodie. For me, it was one of the best coaster experiences I've ever had. We had already awesome airtime in the front in the morning - but after a long, sunny day the airtime in the last row was incredible! And it was butter smooth in all speeds and all rows. We had much bumpier and shakier rides on steel coasters in the last years. We also loved the layout and the wooden fire figure at the end was just more then a scenery object. In total, it's now one of our top wooden coasters and even one of our all time favourites. It reminded us much of a wooden mixture of Expedition GeForce and Millennium Force. And this is just great.
Pappas Ballonfahrt: A slow ballon tower ride with a nice view over the kids area. Even one year old Emma enjoyed it. Worth a ride if your kids like it!
Schorschs Dino-Abenteuer: A dinosaur ride. It's the same system as the Flip ride at Holiday-Park, if you know that. But different to Holiday-Park, Emma was not allowed to ride it. Pretty dumb, but it is as it is. The ride is nice, long and funny. Paul likes it!
Peppas Bootsfahrt: A circular boat ride for pre school kids. Paul loves those rides. You even have some sound interaction.
Opa Pigs Zugfahrt: A slow train ride for the whole family with animatronics and sound. Pretty slow, but enjoyable. Huge hit with Peppa Pig Fans.
Grobians Wolkenspringer: The same ride as Holiday-Parks Red Baron. Pretty nice, Paul loves those rides where you can do something manually like going up or down. Pretty nicely themed!
Drachengrotte: Maybe the biggest surprise in the kiddie areas! It's for all ages and starts slow, but then you enter a cave where the dragons live. You get covered in fog and the dragons roar. It's pretty challenging for small kids. Paul got frightened, but his little sister was pretty amused!
Grottenblitz: Pauls second real coaster (okay: powered coaster)! It had no line, so Paul took Sarah for the first lap. He did it with hands up - we were so proud! In the dark indoor part, he got a bit frightened. But when they met with Emma and me again, he insisted to go back on the ride once more with me!
Western-Riesenrad: It's basically a cowboy themed kiddie ferris wheel. It was okay. One and done. Even the kids didn't like it.
Flug der Dämonen: It was the second "adult only" thing we rode for ourselves - and it was a good choice. After a roughly 40 minute wait I took the last row, right side, outside seat. My favourite place on this beast. And what can I say? The ride was even better then I remembered! No bouncing, fast pace, great inversions! Only bummer was, that there was only one train. I think, a second train would have decreased the waiting time a lot and we could have done more rides. But this one ride was truly amazing. I'm happy we chose this as our last ride! Sarah took the same row, but the inner seat for better comfort and was also amazed.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed our trip report. Here are some photos of our tour:

Hannover City Hall

Steinhuder Meer

Colossos queue line

Colossos station

I can hear this photo

Mmmmh, humans!

The dragons in the circle go up and down, up and down, up and down...

Happy waffle photo

Captain Paul

Peppa Pig Land was really good themed

Sarah and Paul: Car three, row two!

Mandatory Krake splash pic

I'm a real fan of the demonic knot element!

COVID correct queue lines

One of the best park and coaster views I know...

... can you count all the coasters?

Goose family

Soon he will be allowed to ride!

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that "Covid" queue line would concern me even more.. . the plastic panels will keep any particles within - by preventing the wind from blowing things outta there. .. 

all I can think is "hot box". . even without a roof on it :)

nice pics, thanks for sharing!

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I'm glad you thought the park was running a bit better. We were there in the more early days of Merlin taking over and not super impressed. Love the park though so hoping to check it out again soon.  Also, I can't believe how big the kids are getting! Look what no TR's during a pandemic will do!!!

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7 hours ago, bert425 said:

that "Covid" queue line would concern me even more.. . the plastic panels will keep any particles within - by preventing the wind from blowing things outta there. .. 

all I can think is "hot box". . even without a roof on it :)

nice pics, thanks for sharing!

I thought the very same. We don't like such ideas. But German laws require them. And yes, teperature inside was hot. :D
At Colossus, the wind was able to go through, because all shields were in line. But at Flug der Dämonen you see, that at the end of the alleys were other shields perpendicularly placed what prevented any air circulation. Just dumb.


1 hour ago, SharkTums said:

I'm glad you thought the park was running a bit better. We were there in the more early days of Merlin taking over and not super impressed. Love the park though so hoping to check it out again soon.  Also, I can't believe how big the kids are getting! Look what no TR's during a pandemic will do!!!

Well, it was not comparable to, let's say, Tripsdrill. But it was way better then in 2017. Then, we had to search an open food place or an open toilet. And the park was more crowded than now. It was dirty and just ugly. Now, things got painted. We saw no litter anywhere. Food stalls were open all over the place. But this may be because of their COVID protocol. It was the first theme or amusement park to reopen in Germany and they sued their way to do so. So they had to everything right to maintain their right.
What hasn't changed were the multiple downtimes and the bad operations on their big rides. With the exception of Colossus, every major rides ja multiple or long downtimes (what didn't affect us, because we did mostly kiddie things). Desert Race started around noon, Krake around 1 p.m., Big Loop was stuck at the lift hill one hour before park closing. Krake was running two trains, Flug der Dämonen and Desert Race only one. So automatically, lines got long. And the park was open just from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. with line closing at 5 p.m. on a hot, sunny holiday day. Again, this didn't affect us much, because our kids were tired then. But for thrillseekers, it's just not great. 
So I'm really happy, that our goals were different so we had a great day! :D
But, again and important: I was way better then in 2017! When they get their operations fixed and use their coasters to the max, it would be a superb park!

Yes, kids are growing fast.. I'm glad you noticed! :)
Emma started walking free in Holiday-Park two weeks ago (trip report coming..) after training with her walking cart since cristmas (!). At our last park trip to tripsdrill in August, she didn't even crawl.. 😳

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