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New Theme Park Proposed for Atlanta Motor Speedway

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Atlanta Motor Speedway releases casino resort concept photos





HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - The president of Atlanta Motor Speedway is showing lawmakers how Georgia can do casino resorts differently, catering to the whole family.


Ed Clark, president of Atlanta Motor Speedway, released two conceptual drawings of a resort adjacent to the existing track which would be part NASCAR, part theme park, and part casino resort.


Clark said while the casino would be a big draw, it wouldn’t be the only attraction. In addition to the existing track, a 3-level gold driving range, an indoor/outdoor waterpark, a 330,00-square-foot theme park, 10 theater cinema complex, a family entertainment center with an e-sports arena, and a night club.


It also would feature 11,000 seats for concerts, 10 restaurants, and a 300,000-square-foot premium outlet mall.


This is all before the casino and the main resort which would boast 700 rooms, an 85,000-square-foot casino gaming floor, 75,000-square-feet of convention space, and a 400-unit timeshare.


AMS said it would need to build some parking spaces underground to accommodate up to 7,800 parking spaces.


Clark said one of the biggest reasons it would be natural to make AMS into a casino resort would be the fact it is already a big attraction with the yearly NASCAR races, Imagine Music Festival, Georgia State Fair, Atlanta Air Show, and weekly races.


Clark said in addition to the built-in fan base of visitors, the proposed resort could pull in new visitors for conventions, sporting events, concerts, and more.


Another argument is its proximity to two airports. It’s about 21 miles away from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and adjacent to the Henry County Airport.


But Clark said the groundbreaking won't happen any time soon. The Georgia Legislature first must approve a Constitutional Amendment with two-thirds of the lawmakers passing it. It then would need to be approved by the citizens of the state of Georgia before any permitting could even be applied for.


Clark said the biggest revenue would go towards education with the proceeds from the casino going to support Georgia education like the Georgia Lottery currently does.


While the state goes through its process to decide, Clark said some local leaders have been receptive to the concept. That might be because of the nearly 5,000 permanent jobs it would create and the estimated 1 billion in construction revenue alone.


Clark said AMS is working with Foxwoods Resort Casino to continue to develop the concept fully. But they obviously will have to wait on the state.

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta

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Obviously this is a long way away from happening but it would undoubtedly be awesome. The driving range obviously sounds a lot like a Topgolf but I guess they can't come out and say that yet. I wouldn't read anything into the theme park renderings.

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I wouldn't read anything into the theme park renderings.


But I kinda need that non-full circuit coaster with the pinkish track, the coaster with the aqua track that consists of 3 1/2 corkscrews, and that RMC Raptor in the bottom right of that first rendering.

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I was SO bored at the AMS when I brought Nick there for a race as a Bday weekend gift a few years ago.


the Track doesn't even have slots to play!


this would be a wonderful addition, and would get me to want to go back.


(NASCAR bores me, but the Spouse could do that while I ride a coaster)

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I feel like the theme park element of this project (if it ever gets off of the ground) is heavily overstated in terms of the concept art (as concept art often is)... With the small acreage I'd imagine this will be more in line with a Fun Spot or ZDT's in scale.

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