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Season Passes question?

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We are going to California in December. And are planning on making our way up to SFMM. But sence I have a SFEG Season Pass I would get into SFMM for free, or would I?


Because on the pass it says "pass expieres at the end of the operating season" and the operating season for Elitch's end Halloween, and obvouly Mountains is til the end of the year.


So my question would be is, do I have to get a 2006 pass to get into SFMM for free?

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FOR $50!!!!! That right there is crazy!


But I want to try the Fearanoia first.


Right...and the discounted rate for CP passes is 90. Cry me a river. I know SFEG isnt the greatest park but at least you dont live by the chains largest park and get charged the premium price. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to MIA so I could get their crazy cheap pass that works at all parks.

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But the thing is, the day we are going to SFMM is Sunday, the day we get in.


The park is only open til 6. Out plane is suppose to get in Orange County at 10:10, then after that, we have to:


1. Get rental car

2. Get Southern California Passes

3. Drop off uncle at Disneyland

4. Tackle I-5

5. Make out mile or so walk to the front of the park.


So by the time we actually get into the park, it will probly be around 2 or 3, and by that time I REALLY dont feel like standing in a hour long line to get a season pass. Then go wait in MORE lines.

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I don't think you can even technically get a Six Flags pass for a park that you don't live near... Isn't that right?


Thanks for the answer Robb. Maybe I can swing a trip to some other parks...


You can get one just fine, you just have to go to the park to get it, not online.


I have a SFSTL pass and that is 5 hours away from me, I know many of my friends have SFMM passes because it is the first park they visit every year along with Knott's.

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