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S&S is building something seriously weird

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By some strange twist of fate my wife and I found ourselves in Logan, Utah today. We were in town for a potential new job for myself (final interview), but since we were only a few miles away from the S&S headquarters my coaster nerd came out in full force and we took a quick drive over there late in the day.


I was expecting to see some equipment, maybe the Raptor test track, etc. Instead we were met with something that had me scratching my head. It's a small prototype with one car on the track that looks extremely wicked. The car was covered, so no clues there, but the track was definitely Maxx Force style. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but can someone explain to me just what in the heck is going on with this layout?! This looks like something RMC would design if they were on PCP.






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There were pictures of this thing on Twitter (and probably from Reddit) a few days ago. The seats looked like they were positioned well above the track and looked like they had the ability to rotate.

Sure sounds like a Free Fly X then (what they were dubbing it a few years ago at IAAPA). Glad to see some substance on this thing - I really liked the concept when I first saw it.



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This looks so cool! Is it kind of like the Free-Fly coasters in the sense that different conditions/weight distributions could affect the amount of spinning differently each ride? Or more like X2 in the sense that it flips at specific moments triggered along the track?


I've always loved coasters that give one-of-a-kind experiences. Can't wait to see one of these constructed at a park!

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