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Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

The Putting Zoo

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Mike 'N' Terry's Outdoor Fun Park


We like mini golf. A lot. You may already know that. We like big corporate mini golf, and we like "guy built this in his backyard out of whatever he had lying around" mini golf. This is that second one. And it's amazing.

Mike 'N' Terry's also has a go-kart track and some batting cages, which seem normal enough. (I guess?) But we're here for The Putting Zoo, two truly deranged mini golf courses that I'm still not sure I didn't just imagine.

But be warned: "For visiting Mike 'N' Terry's, we would like to make you aware that by entering our facility you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk, that we assume no responsibility whatsoever for any and all kinds of injuries you may sustain while on our premises. Please exercise caution."



It's cash only (of course). $8.50 per adult, with the second round being half price. Although, if you're reading this in the future, the price may be higher. Or the place may be closed. Or we might all be dead. (Although, if we're all dead and you're reading this...um.... I dunno. Now I'm thinking about what kind of currency ghosts might use.)



Ah, the Water Course. Featuring just as much water and the exact same number of obstacles as the Obstacle Course.



The thing is, though, even though it's cracky, it's also pretty good (even if a lot of the fairways are rather uneven).



Aren't homemade horrors better than paying for some existing IP? Yes, yes they are.



How ambitious is this mini golf course? This isn't hole 18 or something, this is like, hole 5.



I can't see my ball. Guess it must've been a hole-in-one.



You're probably not going to hit it into that hole. But don't worry: as long as you can make it over the rolled-up end bit, the river will carry your ball down to the green.



Nothing here is ADA accessible.




That's what ghosts use. I just figure it out.



Is this course great? Yes. Is the other one better? Let's find out!



Hole #19 for both courses. Hit it into the cartoon rabbit's facial wound for a free round!



We are both masters of mini golf.



Those are the batting cages on the right. Sorry, don't care. They were more popular than the mini golf while we were there, though, so I'm glad they're keeping the place in business.



The front side is exactly as steep. We called this "the hit yourself in the face with your own ball" hole.

Speaking of holes, there's a hole at the top center of that ramp, beneath the rock. And, if you hit it in there, you get to take 5 strokes off your total score for the course. I'm reasonable sure it's impossible, though. Just keeping it up and over the ramp without braining yourself was hard enough.



Yes, the horseshoes move up and down. (I mean, obviously. It's plugged in.)

It's worth mentioning--worth emphasizing even--that everything worked on these courses--even the things that look like they probably break down twice a day. Mike takes pride in his insanity.



Speaking of which...that circle of green turns.


Look, I don't normally post videos. But for this update, I'm posting two. Because y'all need to understand.



I know, everything looks disappointing after that. But stick around. It gets better.



There are koi fish in that boat. And let me tell you, they are living their best life.



Nothing here is ADA accessible. But at least it's LGBT-friendly.



It's just...I love this place so much.



Wait, what?


This can't be real.

Also, before you ask, there's no posted weight limit. And also, screw you for asking.



Oh, right, there's a go-kart track. I probably should've taken a photo of that for completion's sake.

Well, actually, I did. But this sign was more interesting, so that's what you got.

Mike 'N' Terry's can be found in a random residential neighborhood in Puyallup, Washington.

It is highly Erik & Smisty approved.


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