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Okay I gotta say, this park is seriously really good. Warrior seriously looks like something Arrow would design in the early 80s. You definitely have talent in parkmaking and I seriously urge you to continue

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Thanks man! I really enjoy the financial side of the game and my goal for Graham Lakes is to stick to a timeline with ride additions that lines up with what the industry was offering at that point in time. This is my first park in OpenRCT2, so I've sort of learned some tricks as I've gone on. It has always bugged me seeing RCT2 parks with unrealistic, blocky layouts on coasters, so I'm glad you appreciate the layout! I wish that there was more options as far as degrees of drops, instead of 4 options (flat, 30 degrees, 60 degrees, vertical), but I guess I can't complain about a game from 2002. I'm usually a few years ahead of what is posted on this thread, so currently working on the next coaster! My plan is to take this park to 2020 or Year 50, so much more to come!

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Date: October 28th, 1981

Graham Lakes Announces New Additions


Two new rides will debut next year for Graham Lakes 1982 season. "Time Portals" will debut and take riders in a circular motion while seated in individual enclosed, futuristic themed vehicles that have the capability to rock back and forth. Also debuting next year is "Ocean Voyager," which riders will board a themed ship and sway back and forth simulating an 15th century journey across the ocean. A new eatery "Sea Cuisine" will also debut near Ocean Voyager and serve guests various sea food.


Photo Update:


Warrior in action the last operating week of the year.

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