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Robb & Elissa Go To Japan & Don't Ride Any Roller Coasters!

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Will never tire of seeing pictures of this park. Have any new favorite popcorn flavors this time around? I was sad that I never got to experience the 'get wet' mode on Aquatopia, as it was switching back to normal mode just as I got in line. Every park would benefit from having a ride like this.

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I also have that Chip and Dale car on display in my house on a shelf dedicated to my random pick-ups from Japan or the traveling exhibitions that come to Korea from Japan.


Sadly I've also come across one or two trains stopped or delayed due to 'Human-related accident'. One of my Japanese friends said it's a general term for some-one getting hurt or injured by a train somehow but nearly all the time what it actually means is some-one has thrown themselves on the tracks.

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Whenever I make it to DisneySEA, the Sindbad ride will be my most anticipated ride. I may go crazy buying all of the tiger merchandise.


If you didn't, Chandu's feelings would be hurt. You don't want to hurt the poor kitty's feelings, right?

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Quite possibly my all-time favorite Disney dark ride is Sindbad's Storybook Voyage. I'm going to post a video of it below, but I have to be honest, it's just one of those rides that doesn't seem as "special" watching on video, but it is just amazing when you are there!


Yep... Infectious song, an incredible number of animatronics, Chandu... There are few Disney attractions I would go as far as to call “perfect” but this is among them.


anamatronics that LOOK so simple, but have such an astounding amount of movement.


and that song.. oh my, that song!


I adored this ride. I think it might have been my 2nd favorite at DisneySea (behind 20000 Leagues). . .but those could adjust if I ever get a chance to ride Journey (it was down for refurb when we were there).


but agreed, the video doesn't do the ride justice, it's a stunner of a ride and could have happily ridden it a dozen more times than I did.

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I remember on my final ride (I believe I went on it three times, back then) of Sindbad's, back in the TPR 2007 Japan Tour. I actually found myself crying, when the final scene was reached (his welcome back party). This was knowing I had no idea when (if ever) I'd be back to ride it again. It turns out I got a couple more trips there (2011 and 2013) to experience it all again. But still, at the time, it was an overwhelming moment for me. The ride was really, That Good. Again and again and again.


I also specifically loved the banana scene, with the light perfume of Chiquitas throughout.


And in the 2013 trip, my David bought a Chandu Lint Remover.....thingie.



Pardon the additional for Sindbad.

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I took 2,700 photos on day one!!!


I came back from our last Asia trip with 17,000 photos... So at least 35% of those were trash can photos!


I suddenly feel better about my own photography habits.


Same here.



I love all the pictures btw. I need to get back to Japan.

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Absolutely loving the report so far. I enjoyed Japan way more than I ever expected and can't wait to go back. I'd like to go back sooner but since I can't fit a trip in time wise anyway I'm gonna try to plan a trip after the new rides and areas open up in Disney.


See you in 2023-2024! (We're planning for a 2025 Nov/Dec visit there.)

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