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TR: David and Bill Ride The Rails to Knott's & Disneyland!

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~ The Haunted Mansion Exhibit and A (Delayed A Bit) Blue Bayou Meal ~


After the Ears were bought and sewn up, we headed right next door to the Opera House. It not only has DL's classic "Moments With Mr. Lincoln" (he stands, he sits, he talks!), but it also contains changing exhibits and displays (and a pricy shop to buy Disney artworks and such). For most of last month and this month, they're showing an exhibit for the 50th Anniversary of The Haunted Mansion. So we wandered through there, taking photos where we were allowed to.


After being there for awhile, it was time for our afternoon meal. A reservation made at the Blue Bayou Restaurant. We were advised to get there several minutes before our time, but when arrived there was a HUGE OMG CROWD in front on the entrance! We found out, there had just been an "alarm that went off" in the building, and they had to get everyone out, including all those poor people in the boats in the Pirates attraction. Eep.


David overheard someone saying that "staff were in waders doing their job" guiding people out of the boats, and to the exits, safely. After several minutes of nobody outside knowing what to do, the staff started calling out names to get the first group (who were in there, before) back inside. Apparently a few people who didn't want to wait, left, and there turned out to be extra tables available, and then it went faster.


In the end, we got our table only 20-25 minutes or so, after we arrived there. So although it was frustrating at first, the Cast Members were brilliant in handling everyone, and when everybody was back in the restaurant, it was like the incident never happened. THANK YOU to all the Cast Members involved!


Our meal was a good one. I had the famed Monte Cristo Sandwich, while David had the Jambalaya. We shared a Golden Beet Salad to start. We also had non-alky drinks with "glow cubes" in them, and all refillable too. We skipped dessert (a lot of good food). When the bill came, I can honestly say "We Had A $100 Meal". That's what it cost us and it was worth it!


After the meal, we decided to head right over to DCA for the last hours of our first day in DLR.


But not before taking care of something, we both agreed on.


In the Lincoln Attraction, this 1955 era map of the park. But I felt it was missing something...




On my 1962 map of the park, Walt and his message are right there under the map's title.



Retro pic I found, of the HM before the back show building was built, 1963.

And Pirates is seen there, top of the pic, being built for it's 1967 opening.



Many drawings and artwork for the Mansion. Pre- and Post-Opening.


A bit busy, but I still liked it.


I really liked this one.


The Classic Room.


Other films' artwork for sale.


And Statues-A-Plenty!


These were gorgeous! I left the photo full size so you can see them better,.


We stop by the Fire Hall and I nod my THANKS to Walt and all that he's given us.


Inside the Emporium.



I'm making Pinocchio dance. Sort of. (DM)


Really, David? (DM)


Very very tempting here.


David especially liked this one. We should have bought one and eaten Heimlich! (DM)


When we arrived at the BB for our meal, this is what we should have seen. With a few guests in front. (2016)


But this is what we waited with, instead. Once they brought people back in,

it all moved fast. Just like in Japan! (o:


Like nothing happened.


Our starter. We love Golden Beets in ANY salad!


...With lovely Rosemary bread to enjoy.


David had the Lemonade, I had the Mint Julep. With the Cubes. Both were refreshing. (o;


Sweet! And Bright! With refills, too!


David had Jam. I had Monte.


Both were great, although David found his Jambalaya a bit "rice-heavy." But he ate it all up.


After the meal, we headed over to DCA for a few+ hours' visit.


But first, we had to immediately take care of something. (To Be Continued)


I asked and they posed.

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: DCA To End Our First Day at DLR :


But not before.....when we were having our meal at the Blue Bayou, we realized we'd still have 6+ hours to spend in the parks. Before our shuttle picked us up at 11:20. Knowing we couldn't last that long (the heat was getting to us all the time) we needed to change our pick up time. But without a phone, we headed immediately to where we knew we could get help: Customer Services in City Hall, right beside the Fire Hall at the front of Disneyland.


And, it worked out great! We had the phone # of the shuttle service, so the Cast Member who helped us, just dialed up the number and we took care of the rest. We asked for a change to a 9:20 pick up, which made things a bit easier for us. THANK YOU Customer Services!


And then we toured through DCA, riding a few of the flats, but not The Big Stuff.

Those, we would ride the next day. And, we did!


After getting an earlier shuttle pick up from Knott's, we headed into DCA.



Big Bear. (DM)


Even though it was hot all day, we didn't ride any water rides, including this one.


That's the way to ride it! All hands up!



Nope. If the falls didn't get us, this surely would.


This was closed when I was last here, so I definitely wanted to check it out.

(Pardon the blurry pix - hey, remember we're 'underwater', right?)




The Non-Dole Whip Ariel.


I have no idea what this is of.




The Near-Miss Kiss.


The End. It was good. AND air-conditioned, too!



Then we rode this. Nice and serene.


Then this, in a Non-Swinging car. The steel netting over all windows put me off,

of trying to get any photographs. But it didn't stop David from doing so.


Water siphons for World of Color. (DM)


What we'd just ridden before. (DM)


Distance shot. (DM)


I love this sign!


We would get to both of these attractions the next day.


G'night DL. Heading to the shuttle pick up spot.


See ya tomorrow, DCA.

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It's All DCA Today!


But first......after getting back to the Hotel the previous night, on an earlier shuttle, I looked through the rest of our DLR schedule, and decided we needed to change our shuttle pick up times, and (sadly) cancel a meal package in conjunction with Fantasmic!


Fantasmic! was only running on the Friday that week, and originally, I had reserved a Meal To Go at the Hungry Bear Restaurant, which also gave us tickets to a reserved spot to see Fantasmic! But standing only, and it was the 10:30pm show. Knowing we'd never get through it AND have to pack that same night, AND then have to get up around 6:30 for leaving... it just wasn't going to work. So back into Disneyland we went, back to Customer Services, only this time using the reservation number to cancel it all. And again, this was done with efficiency, speed, and just plain niceness on the part of the Cast Member we used.


So again THANK YOU to Customer Services, both in DLR and Knott's too! I'd left my camera in a Marketplace shop, they found it and got it to Knott's CS for an easy retrieval. Even without a cell phone, things can still be done in the parks!




Now in DCA, we started with the Tower of Terror and it was a lot of fun. The Guardians overlay was amazing and I found myself laughing on the ride itself, more than I remember with it's original theming. Great start to the day.


Then we decided to check out Mickey's PhilharMagic, and to compare it with the other versions we'd seen (Us in Tokyo and Hong Kong for myself). The theater it was in was not built to house the huge Cinerama-type screen that the others used. So they shrunk down the start of the first part, then enlarged to regular screen size for the rest of it. It worked okay. Not as "magical" as the other two versions, but it was fine. And Donald still showed up, where he was supposed to end up, at the end of the show. (No Spoilers HERE)


Then we headed up to Radiator Springs Racers and got in a relatively small queue. But it definitely built up to a longer wait, after we were there. It was then I was asked to hold a plastic card on a lanyard, and then give it to a Cast Member once we reached the load station. A simple way of checking queue times, we guessed. Racers was just as good as I remember it before, and David loved it, especially the "racing"!


After that, it was time for some food, and I knew that Flo's had a Breakfast Menu. So we split a good old fashioned eggs and bacon between us, along with a nice biscuit and potatoes. It was so good, we actually came back to the place on another day, for breakfast again.


After eating, we did a basic walk around, through Pixar Pier, took another ride on Little Mermaid, then into Grizzly Peak, and decided to take in Soarin'. And David loved it so much, he really wanted to see it again. But next time, we would get a Fast Pass for it. And then, by early afternoon, I was ready for a cocktail or three. So we literally walked into the Lamplighter Lounge (no queue to wait in), were shown an outdoor table which looked out onto where World of Color would be, and enjoyed cocktails with a couple of appetizers for an hour or so, while the rest of the world rushed around the park, lol. And the Lounge had a lot of Pixar Artwork inside the building. Which made heading to the bathroom a longer................time to get there................and back.




P.S. To put my 7 cents in about Soarin' s including the Paris shot.... In a lot of postings everywhere, it's referred to as a "horrid, awful shot/piece of film/shit"...."and the curvature of the screen doesn't help either, blah blah." Well, I didn't give a hoot about the "angled/bent" shot of the Eiffel Tower. And to be honest, when I first saw this in 2016, I actually was overcome by the entire film, and teared up when the Tower lit up. Call it fond memories of several visits there with my partner, David. We love the city and after we saw it, even David said he felt misty eyed on first seeing this, with me. The awesome music certainly helped with those emotions, too. But, we'll definitely see it (and the California one, when it comes back) again and again and...


Finally get to ride this, with only a 20 min. wait or so.


Inside and the boarding areas were amazing to queue through.


Next up was this.


This was ten minutes before the theater doors opened. More people did come to see it,

but it was a very small 'house'. And how they showed the movie was okay.


In the queue for Racers, I am given this to hand to a Cast Member upon boarding. And I did.





After exiting the ride, I showed David where his Birth Year was, on the bridge.


This one was over in Disney Paris at Ratatouille, just before you enter the show building.


Time for breakfast!


For us two, this was enough. And it was good!




David taking his shot. Note the TPR Product Placement.



Neither of us were interested in riding this. And I had ridden Flik's Flyers before. Pretty colours though.


Soarin' Take 1.


Crowded queue, but it moved pretty fast. Only one theater in use.


After a while, it was time to get some more food and drink...


With an awesome serving of Potato Skins to enjoy. These were so good,

I forgot to take a photo of the other appys we were having! Silly me. (o;


....and the drink was cocktails! Pricey ones but hey, it's Disney, right? We're at the Lamplighter Lounge in DCA.


At the Lamplighter Lounge, our view from where we were sitting. World of Color

would look great from here, although a bit...uh... "on an angle". (To Be Continued)

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~ A Sunday Shot ~


We did get a couple of shots of us in front of The Castle. But not till later in our visit there. So here's one of the two taken, by nice guests for us. And we returned the favour by taking their photo too, with their camera, the way they wanted.


Sept.12/19. "The Three of Us."

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Our First DCA Day continued, with riding a few more attractions. David didn't want to ride any more coasters there, so I used the Single Rider line on Incredicoaster. I always find this queue interesting, as you have to line up, then get into one of two elevators, first to go up. Then cross over the loading tracks to the second elevator, and take it down to the loading area. First timers doing this always seem confused with what's going on. And my group was certainly thankful "somebody" (me) knew what to do.


After my ride, we did our first turn on Midway Mania. David did way better than me on this, so I wanted a rematch later on. WE then headed back over to Cars Land, and rode both Luigi's Rollicking Roadsters and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, both themed to Halloween. Both fun, but it was obvious there were only half (or less) of the cars running in Luigi's. A cast member told me that "some of Luigi's relatives weren't feeling well" i.e. needing maintenance.


After that we headed over to Hollywood Land and joined Mike & Sulley To The Rescue. A slow ride but definitely better than what was there before. I remember reading about. (See Superstar Limo)


And then after that...after that? We still had a couple of hours until we saw "World of Color" (and my surprise for David). So we apparently timed it just right, to see the 5pm showing of FROZEN. But this time, after it's playing for three+ years, no Fast Passes were needed. Everybody just showed up within a half hour, including us, and we got these great Orchestra (on the aisle) seats for the show. (SPOILER ALERT?) But, I totally forgot how c-c-c-cold they make the building for the s-s-s-snow effects. Nonetheless the actors were strong singers and everything was just as it was, when I saw it in 2016.


When the show was over, I took us over to Smokejumpers Grill for something to eat before WoC. After all the fancy food we'd been eating both at Knott's and here, this was a very simple burger we had. First and only one for me on the entire trip. The ring things were excellent, and the vanilla shake was thick and tasty.


And when we finished, we were ready to head to an area to see World of Color. And that's when I sprung my surprise on David....



I look like I'm conducting, or something. (DM)



I would love to be a Design Imagineer, if I could come up with this!


The middle looks a bit "eaten up," but the wheels still look good.



Wait. Aren't there supposed to be more cars out there?


Photo from 2016. Even with half gone, it was still a fun ride.


How's Your Blood Type, Mater?


Yep, I would love to come up with stuff like this.


I wish Fillmore's had more than drinks, but still, my fave spot.


It almost looks like a Pop Up Shop to me. Plenty of space to just hang around.


I still am not sure what he had on his back. But I asked to take a pic, anyway. They obliged.


First we go left (Mike & Sulley); then we'll go right (Frozen).


Here we are.


In the queue, waiting to go in.


Great show again. No photos taken. I was lazy.


Dinner before dessert!


Simple burger and ring things. And the milkshake was great!


Almost done.


"When Balloon Clouds Attack Each Other"


A stroll around the Pier again, before World of Color starts. "Luxo" wasn't on, nor was 'he' moving at all.



Back of the Pal-A-Round.


And Bing Bong continually cries out candy. (To Be Continued)

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^ Well, I'll be the first to admit, it is a bit crude, eating that way. We like to call it "Informal Dining." Every hotel room I've been in, does not necessarily come with a table and chairs, etc. So I've learned to improvise, especially with food brought back to the hotel room.


And you've never seen this before, in a Trip Report? Cool! It's worth trying, by the way, if you'd rather not sit with the food in your lap, in your hotel room etc. A small face towel usually works. Why waste a larger one, hmm?


Here's three Knott's shots, David got of me while on the rides. Here's me in the 2nd car, hand up.


Front row, once again with the hand out and up (mine is the higher hand) so he can find me, heh.


Front row, on the right. (o:

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At The End of the Day, It's All About the Dessert Party!


After our meal at the Smokejumpers Grill, we had time to do a leisurely stroll around Pixar Pier, before heading to where one sees the World of Color show in the lagoon area of the park. Or in our case...sit, eat, drink and see the show.


Up to this point, I hadn't told David I had bought us two spots for the World of Color Dessert Party. I bought them nearly a month ago. And the price had gone up nearly $10 since I last went and enjoyed it, in 2016. $84 per person. Which is roughly over $100 in Cdn dollars. No matter. I knew what we would be getting, and for my $$$ it would be worth it.


So eventually, I let David in on what was going to happen. And since we were walking right by where one queues up and checks in, he pretty much figured it out. So we did just that, got seated at a great table, were joined by a nice couple from Asia...... and we ate, and drank, and watched World of Color, without having to stand around, etc. The show was great, the sweet and savory plates of food were too much for us so we took the 'leftovers' home. And after the show was done, we casually strolled out of the park, and to the pick up spot for our shuttle to take back to Knott's Hotel.


The whole day went really well for us, heat and all. And our next day would be our 2nd "Day Off" to enjoy however we wanted to. Including PIZZA!




Luxo is on over there, but he still didn't move at all.


Set up for Dessert Party and VIP seating.


King Triton overseeing the festivities.


Us at our table.


Le Menu.


Le food and drink. Very enjoyable, including our drinks.


It got dark pretty quickly, after 8pm. The show started at 8:15.


Photos from here on are fuzzy, but "interesting" we thought.


(DM) = My partner David took these shots.












Looks like a duck, right? (Smoke from the fire)


Three times she blows!



Time to head to our hotel.


A fuzzy shot.


Much, much better, this one.

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^ Yes, we're very lucky that we have the time to spread out a visit like this. I do not envy families with 1+ children, who have to navigate scheduling and cost for their vacations.


That said, and since it is Sunday (Day of Rest, right?), here's our photos from our Day Off #2,

spent mostly around our Knott's Hotel. I also decided to not take many photos that day.

Gave my camera a (partial) day off, too.


But - we did head back to the Knott's Marketplace for another look-see. And check to see if we bought enough,

um...."edible souvenirs" to take back with us. And some time in the pool and jacuzzi, too. I also discovered a

beer I enjoyed better than what I started with (Oktoberfest) on the trip...Shock Top. More "fruit flavoured"

to my liking. I stuck with that, for the few days we were still there.


And..........Pizza! I remember there being great pizza at Amber Waves in Knott's Hotel. So we did a

mid-day meal with a wonderful all-meat one. Which of course, we couldn't finish. Cold pizza in our hotel room. Yummm.


First thing that happened, was that the room clock suddenly went Star Wars at noon.

Hmmm. Is this a sign of things to come/happen? We got a new clock, eventually.


Pizza Time!


Looked awesome to us!


Yes, I use and knife and fork with (most of) my pizzas. I'm old and feeble. That's my excuse. :p


Back to the hotel room with this half. It tasted great, cold too.


Where theming goes to die. Or....gets ready for Scary Farm. On the way to Marketplace.


Working on GhostRider again. Turns out GR was pretty much closed, all of the week we were at Disney.


Outside the hotel. I just love seeing big tropical plants. We are definitely in S.California!


Shock Top now becomes my "Brew of choice". They allow you to take alcohol back to

your room, as long as it's not in any glass container. Hence, the green plastic cup.


This day ends (mostly) with David checking in on every News channel he can. I went swimming again.

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Day 3 at Disneyland - "Mono, Mono, it's the Mono, Monoraaaaiil Ride!"

~~~~~~ (And it's the ONLY time we actually Park Hopped that day, lol.) ~~~~~~


After our second day off, it was time to get back to Disney. On our previous visit, we saw that the Monorail Ride was shut down between 11am and 6 pm. Probably for the heat in the afternoon, we thought. So, that was our first ride of the day, once we entered Disneyland. Before 11am. After that, it was time to finally get a ride on Smuggler's Run. We waited the 35+ minutes in the queue, but there was so much to see in it, time went by pretty fast for us.


Then we got inside, and were given Pilot tags to fly the thing! Cool! And we did pretty good, David handing the side-to-side part, me going up and down with the controls. Our "team" got only one of "those canisters" in the end, but we didn't bang everything up too badly, heh. It was fun, and we definitely wanted to do it again.


After that, we hit Ronto's Roasters for another pricey snack and drink to enjoy.


Halloween decor in the Knott's Hotel lobby.


More tropical greenery outside.


Back at DL!


Going up the ramp to the Monorail, we saw this.


View from the Monorail loading platform.


"Do Not Touch," we were told. And....we didn't (o;


Heading through the Grand Californian Hotel. (DM)


Continuing on, to the Disneyland Hotel Station. (DM)


At the Hotel Station, we noticed "something"...


Hmmm. That must have taken a bit of work to get it on the light. (o:


Heading back to the Tomorrowland Station.


Another Matterhorn shot. (DM)


And then, we headed to Black Spire Outpost.


Great photo ops, everywhere you turned.


In the queue for our first ride on Smuggler's Run.


Eye candy everywhere in this queue!



A card game "in progress."


There was usually some filming going on, somewhere in either of the parks.



Finally meeting Hondo. Pretty cool AA.


Down the hallway to our eventual cockpit. And ...it was done!


In Ronto's Roasters. Name those fish!


Roasting the Ronto?


Fuzzy Menu. But this was our second time here, so we already knew what we wanted....


The Ronto Wrap and the Meiloorun Juice! Both great, again. (To Be Continued)

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^ It's a great idea, but it didn't work that well for me when we were there, because 1) The Happy Hour was only from Monday to Thursday. So enjoying it on the weekend we spent at Knott's park was out. And 2) It was from 4 to 7pm. Except for our second day off (the Wednesday), we were either in Knott's or at Disney during that time period. But that was okay. I got to enjoy it on that 2nd day off. And with not drinking as much as I probably do on these trips, it helped in my eventual weight loss from the trip! And half-price on the beers was a great deal!


1/2 price off this was a pretty good deal. (o:

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On The Mark Twain....And I Find a New Little Buddy.


After the time we spent in Galaxy's Edge, we headed back to the Mark Twain for the ride we were supposed to take the other day. No crowd on it, and just a perfect way to relax, take in the Disney scenery, and enjoy not rushing around, for a bit.


Then, David and I decided to split up for an hour or so. He took off to Tom Sawyer's Island, and I took off for the enjoyment of Single Rider Lines. Turns out Indiana Jones was basically a ten minute or so wait, so no single riders queuing there. And Space Mountain was another easy on and off ride, thanks to it's SR entry. And after that, I came back to Big Thunder and literally (again) just walked on, to it. This all made me realize that mid-September is an awesome time to visit DLR!


In hindsight though, I should have made a beeline to the Smuggler's Run Single Rider Queue itself. But I didn't think of it, at the time. Ah well, another visit, then.


We got back together eventually, went on Pirates one more time (and we both still took awful photos in there), then headed back to Main Street for some more browsing and shopping....and then....David saw Him. Near one of the cashiers in the Emporium. Pointed Him out to me, and I was immediately in love with the little guy. We had seen Him on other shoulders in DCA, and were told (by whoever had one) they had gotten Him from the Guardians Gift Shop. So we didn't expect this find in DL!


And then we continued on with our day, Baby Groot on my shoulder....


Here it comes.


And we're on it! Looking over at "StrollerLand".


A real 'Mine'.


Columbia was not sailing, any time we were there.


Tom Sawyer Island, Now "Pirate Size"!


Nope. Didn't want to get wet again.


Hungry Bear Restaurant. Looks beautiful on the shoreline.


They did a pretty good job of hiding those spires in Star Wars Land.


Last time I rode one of these, was in Disney Paris, 2008.



This was cool to see. Nice Disney touch.


It takes a village...


Spotted this piece of track.


Probably from the original Mine Train ride. Retro Postcard.


David on The Island. (DM)


Spotted these in the distance. Thought they were real... (DM)


...They weren't. (DM)


Indy was a literal walk on for everybody in line.



Not the same as looking at a castle, but that's okay.



The lower 'Mine!' at rest.





Still fuzzy shots of Pirates.


Better shot of The New Redhead, but still crappy at best.


We find each other! (DM) (To Be Continued)

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some really nice pics.


I've only recently taken my 1st ever ride on the Mark Twain (in TDL. . so I popped my Cherry in Japan), but we didn't make it to Tom Sawyer Island, so was excited to see pics from there.


4 days wasn't enough, I dunno how y'all do it to take breaks during the day. my brain won't let me. . I factor in that I'm there, I want to take full advantage, and can rest later. (of course, when with Nick, we do tend to do a lot of "resting", but that's usually in the park rather than going back to hotel).


I guess that's long way of saying i'm jealous y'all are able to do that

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Those single rider lines at Disneyland are amazing. Space Mountain was always my go-to Fastpass and that single rider line has allowed me to focus on Fastpassing things at California Adventure, which is important now that the parks are linked.

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^^ Well, with the way the heat was every day, we had to make sure we didn't overdo it with the walking, etc. And the only actual breaks from any park we got, was when we did Knott's. Coming back to our hotel was easy. Disney parks, not so much. So that's when we started scheduling earlier pick up times with the Knott's shuttle. In hindsight, we could have gone later in the morning and then come back later in the evening. And just because, when we visited Tokyo Disney, it was easy to head back to the Tokyo Bay Hilton via monorail, then get back into the parks after a couple of hours' rest.


And congrats on your first Mark Twain ride! My first and only ride on that one was in 2011, on a TPR tour. But it was the last ride of the night for me. And for the ship, too. And by some luck, the Captain put his cap on me for a photo op, lol.


^ Yes, single rider lines are advantageous when needed. The Matterhorn was hit and miss with using that line, and Space Mountain had the only continual Single Ride queue open, in DL. And in DCA, David and I used the SR line for Racers on our last day there. Just for the heck of it. But it was Friday The 13th that last day. So...... stuff happened.


TPR 2011 Japan Tour.

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"It's An Air-Conditioned Small World After All"


We still had some time to kill before our All Important Reservation came up, on Thursday afternoon. So in keeping with "what's a cool-ish place to spend more time in", we both decided Small World could take up a bit of that time. And once we got in the boat, and off to sing along...and sing along....and sing along... ...we actually considered riding it again, just to be in that air conditioned show building.


But we didn't. Once was enough.


Cuties looked...cute.


Saw this in a Main Street Shop...


...Which reminded me of this one on display during our annual fair (The PNE) over a year ago...


....Which then reminded me of The Wheel, Bert and I saw in the Cedar Point Museum! (2017)


The "Us & The Castle" Photo.



Yes, we're actually going to on this.


The Quarter Hour happened just as we were boarding. (2:15pm)




I kind of like the way a few of these pix turned out, with boats in the photo, too.


Italy. And Pinocchio there, too.


India. Aladdin and Jasmine were on the flying carpet above, unseen.



So cute.





Guess who?


Woody and Jessie in America.


Finale shot.


There's Canada's Guy!


And...took us 15 minutes to do it!



David takes it easy, in a non-spinning tea cup. (To Be Continued)

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^ Thanks, and.....we did! Even with The Heat, scheduling changes and a couple of missed Events, and a FridayThe13th+ bunch of stuff happening...it was a great trip. One that was definitely unique. And one we would definitely like to repeat again.... after Attraction #2 opens in Galaxy's Edge; and M&Ms Runaway Railway has opened in ToonTown...probably 2023.


Our only #1 Real Regret, was not getting a second visit to Haunted Mansion. Timing was bad, and Fast Pass times available, didn't help either. Next time, we'll work that out, better.


The 2nd shot of us w/Castle. Taken 18 seconds after the first one, that I posted earlier. Background gp is different.

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